The war ain't over!  Please take a minute to hunt down URL's for background on terrorists and/or freedom fighters in Yemen, Somalia, and the Philippines, which appear to be the next stops in our global geography lesson.

Bin Laden Translation Omitted Sections That Would Embarrass Saudi Arabia

Broad Effort Launched After '98 Attacks

leftist rant against thoughtless leftist opposition to the war
(in the old days, the left couldn't wait to make war on fascists)

Voices From Behind the Veil

long two-part radio story about Arabs' views of the United States

Why Are They So Angry At Us?

entertaining rant about Osama bin Laden

FBI Investigates Possible Financial Motive in Anthrax Attacks

the United States harbors terrorists
(you will recall that George Bush even pardoned one of them)


very creepy interview with the guy who's implanting ID chips of people
(you must hear his list of potential scenarios for using them)

A Pitch for Smart Postal Stamps
(someone's law: everything in the world is growing a digital shadow)

Smarter Driver's Licenses
(someone else's law: say no to anything that's "smart")

"a look at the FBI's computer surveillance scheme"

When Jail Is No Alibi in Murders
(this is why we have trials, appeals, and all that)

Strategies for Complying With Australia's Privacy Principle

Australian Agencies Get OK To Read Private E-Mail

the murder of Mexican human rights activist Digna Ochoa


"is it OK to talk about the recount yet?"

the Republican "stimulus" bill leaves me speechless
(it's like something out of the 19th century)

The GOP's New Lobbyist in Chief

New Rules Called Loopholes to Pollute
("grandfathering" under the Clean Air Act is a long-running scandal)

Freedom, Openness And Presidential Papers
(this is wonderfully Orwellian -- librarians should not read it while eating)

Bush is protecting the FBI over its involvement in organized crime in Boston

Perry Defends Appointment of Ex-Enron Official

Enron: A Complicated Collapse
(remember to say "alleged" whenever you talk about them)

jargonheads think in stereotypes so primitive that one fact can prove anything
(it's a wonder they can feed themselves)