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From: Kay Lee
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Sent: Friday, September 09, 2005 10:48 PM

    After all the work done on the FDOC employee AC Clark and his ballplayers pages on MTWT, I received the payoff today.

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    Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 3:23 PM
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    "It's breaking news, unless you've heard it already, but here goes. According to the receptionist at the DOC Region 1 office in Sneads, several FBI agents came in late yesterday afternoon, flipped out their badges and proclaimed that they were here to "get" Clark, Frye and Bowen.

    It has been verified that Allen Clark had submitted his resignation last Thursday with an effective date of Sept. 15th. Apalachee CI Warden Al Solomon has been made acting Region 1 director until further notice. I'll let you know more when I hear it."

    This is excellent news!!!! A very good birthday present. My computer was broke down for over a week.  During that time, I received two calls concerning AC Clark. One was a recording left by a woman who left no name or number, just a message that said, "What do you know about AC Clark's arrest?"

    The second call came from a non-FDOC ballplayer who was angry that his newspaper picture was included on AC Clark's page (I mistakenly thought all of them were FDOC players).  Anyway, he  talked about AC Clark's arrest and that he didn't want to be associated with Clark and didn't work for the FDOC, but because of my page, he had been answering phone calls all evening from people who thought he was.

    But I knew no details until today, not even that Frye and Bowen were arrested too.

    These men have behaved quite despicably, using public resources for their personal gain.  I hope something good comes from this:  A message to unprofessional officers who think they are invincible.  If you know anything more, please keep me informed.

    Kay Lee

    AC Clark and his FDOC ballplayers

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