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From: Margi Crook 
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Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2003 8:40 AM
Subject: Response to request for letters

Dear Editor,

New Prison Commissioner Donal Campbell says that he needs  $146 million and years to correct the problems in the Alabama Prison System.    I say we need Libertarians in office to overturn the injustice and corruption in the system.

So---we got a change of Party in power in Montgomery, and a new prison commissioner, but we have the same old staff carrying on the same old policies.

We have the prison industrial complex where prisoners earn 25 cents an hour, where families pay outrageous fees to speak to their loved ones by phone, where prisoners have to pay for doctor and nurse visits, for medication, for their clothing.    Someone is making a killing on those who are incarcerated and who very well may be innocent - really innocent, not just technically "not guilty."

The Bible says, "For it profiteth a man nothing if he gain the world and lose his soul."

The NACDL, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers states that Grand Juries would indict a ham sandwich.   Wake up jurors!

Also in scripture,  God hath given medicines from the earth and a wise man will not abhor them.    More people die from prescription drugs than from illegal drugs.   What happened to America the land of the free where we are responsible for ourselves and in control of ourselves?

Alcohol prohibition did not work, neither does drug prohibition which is unconstitutional.    Government did not even bother to pass an amendment to the Constitution for drug prohibition as they did for alcohol prohibition.   Prisons are overcrowded with people who should never have been tried, let alone convicted, in the first place.

The movie, Guilt by Association, showed how far government has gone when a single mother answered a social call for her boyfriend, and broke up with him when she learned that he dealt marijuana.    She was sentenced to 20 years because she did not know anyone to turn in to the prosecution.

Thank you for the opportunity to state an opinion on this subject. Incidentally, I do not have a family member in prison.   I just hate injustice.


Margaret L. Crook