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The senator spells out a lot of what I am feeling about this war.


Arrogance of Power
Today, I Weep for my Country...
by US Senator Robert Byrd
Speech delivered on the floor of the US Senate
March 19, 2003 3:45pm

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Imagine the guts it took for Senator Byrd to stand up before the Senate and say what he has.  Byrd has come up against a brick wall as he cries for reason with the Senate, House, and especially the administrative branch 
hungry for the blood of Iraquis.  How many times can he say "where's the proof?"  How many times can the United Nations say, "where's the proof?"  If the US CIA had proof they would have provided it.  However, 
they resorted to bad forgeries as proof.  How long will the rest of the senate, house, and American citizens sit by idly as Bush pushes his own insane agenda on the rest of the world?

Bush didn't even provide any proof that al Queda was responsible for 9/11.  Americans didn't demand proof.  Americans sat there, watching propaganda TV and believing what they were told regardless of the fact that 
any reasonable person would not have believed the tales being spun on CNN.  Seeing the way that Americans did not bother to demand any proof about the al Queda story, this administration went one step further (and 
this will NOT be the last step) with attacking Iraq without proof and against UN sanctions (sanctions that the US set up in the first place).  But the US is above the law.

Other nations must follow international law but not the United States.  In the US we incarcerate people on a 10 year mandatory minimum sentence for possession of cocaine yet Jeb Bush's daughter walks free!

The Cold War taught America nothing!  We lived through 30 years of nuclear war potential as the US and Soviet Union held the planet in a balanced grip of fear.  Kennedy came dangerously close to the ultimate nuclear destruction that was headed off, in part, by the creation of the Berlin Wall.  Now the Soviet Union is gone.  The US has only our own destructive potential remaining.  THE REST OF THE WORLD IS NOT STUPID!  Other nations know that there is nothing to keep the US in check.

George Bush is not the first president to steal an election.  But he is the first president with the potential and the will to carry out world domination through terror tactics.  Clinton was blasted in the media and the senate for actions much less horrendous than Bush has carried out.  In less than 3 years, Bush has increased the size of the federal government beyond anything this nation has ever witnessed.  So much for the conservative republican!

The current world situation is not about liberals and conservatives.  It's about an administrative branch gone completely unchecked by appointed representatives and the people of a nation that was once free.  Al Queda 
and Hussein did not take that freedom.  We willingly gave it away.  Getting our freedom back will take nothing less than impeachment of Bush and a decade of work earning the respect of other nations.

Be very, very careful....the ass you kick may be your own!


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Subject: Vote To Impeach Bush

 <<Vote To Impeach Bush.url>> You got to see this.