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Nebulous auto-replies to my queries have now been replaced by...nothing.

In the beginning I was overjoyed to find Independent Media.  It was in fact what I had searched for that night, those exact keywords.  INDEPENDENT MEDIA. My first post to the newswire was a book review I had done on the book -- Barry And The Boys: The CIA, The Mob, and Americas Secret History. My review went up on the newswire sometime around 5 AM Eastern Standard time, September 11, 2001.  Do you remember where you were that day?  I do of course.  I was sitting in front of my computer posting my book review to hell and back.  I went back to Indymedia right before I shut down the computer, to see where on the news wire the review was at.  I wanted to see how fast the news moved off the front page.  It had been a few hours since I posted, but I never really did look at my review on the newswire, because the top of indymedias page showed this big ass jet flying into the world trade center, or the aftermath thereof.

     Bush killed Kennedy, the older bush, at the behest of the rothschild and other british/israeli banking interests, way back when, and the book Barry And The Boys: The CIA, The Mob, and Americas Secret History, which I had reviewed, detailed all that. DEEP detail. Needless to say, the morning of Sept 11 2001, I was a little paranoid.  But I got over it, because bush is SMALL, in his mind and in his soul.  He is simply a lying international terrorist, and so are all his hirelings and the brotherhood in the CIA, which follows his familys orders with NO accountability required.

    I continued to fight bush until I hit the road a year later, to record chemtrail activity and research Directed Energy Weaponry, and EM weaponry being used on Americas Populace.  ALL of this has been downplayed everywhere, and it is BIG.  WAY bigger than watergate or anything any of the other criminals representing israel as American presidents have done.

     When I came back to the net, I could no longer post on Indy media. There is something about site certificates, and I notice that several other of the indy sites are now issuing incorrect certificates.  It would seem to me that this would be easy to fix, but there has been no answer forthcoming from any of the techs at IM.  My emails are now ignored, and I guess they hope I will just go away.  Truth hurts eh?  Well, there is NO chance I will go away, and this article is just the beginning.  And I am finding out that there are many other sites much BETTER as far as freedom is concerned, than the once decent indy media.

     Has anyone else had this problem?  It looks a lot like selective censorship.  Has Israel bought this news source too?
Write bgstuff (No spaces), if you can help me overcome this apparent censorship.  Thanks, billder, hachita nm.

Barry And The Boys
The CIA, The Mob, and Americas Secret History
Daniel Hopsicker

This book traces a small group of people who have existed since before World War Two and before, whose main goal is said to be
Intelligence Gathering, although said intelligence is of such a nature as to be totally unavailable to the taxpayers, and sometimes, if not often, this sensitive material is classified for decades after the death of the concerned parties, then destroyed.  This type of information represents special interests of a Very High Kind, and took a lot of doing by the perpetrators, which means lying, conniving, cheating, and most of all -- killing.  This subculture within America, this Spoooooky shadow government, has become so developed that it is not far off the mark to stipulate they actually control a large portion of the apparatus of government.  This is all spelled out plausibly and efficiently as we follow Mr. Hopsicker through his investigation.  For a long time now things have not been right in America.  Mr. Hopsicker does a good job of showing us why.

Great care has been taken with the documentation that has been laid down in this 518 page book (Over 50 of the pages at the back are heretofore unpublished documents tying events together) and I am sure Daniel Hopsicker would agree that much of his work entailed chasing papers, a many times thankless and uninspiring activity at best, which can even turn dangerous on occasion.  Mr. Hopsicker plowed through the pitfalls and misleads like a bull, while wisely making use of expert help along the way.  He worked hard at gleaning facts, and where conclusion is not possible he says so.  This is a necessary attribute in a researcher, because as a rule, nothing ever fits together perfectly in the real world, and if it all comes together too perfectly on paper,  it is usually a fabrication.

 Barry And The Boys is nothing like fabrication, it is a chronology of events with the paperwork to back it up.  Consider also that Great
expenditure of taxpayer dollars has gone into the governments secrecy machine, to keep things secret, and it can then be understood what a formidable task it has become to pursue the truth in this country.  Without people like Mr. Hopsicker and those whose references he cites, we would be well into a form of Naziism unimagined even in Hitlers time.  They have had time to refine, you see? 

The book itself is fun to read, which is about the best thing I can ever say about any book.  If its fun to read, thats the best it can be.  Hopsicker has a sometimes biting humor, and one should expect this from a person who goes delving after truth.  There is a quote of Lilly Tomlins in the book, a poignant reminder of what truth seeking can lead to: "I get more cynical by the day, but I never seem to catch up", or something along those lines. Certain catch phrases appear at just the right time throughout the book also, barbs perhaps, bringing particular points home full circle in many different instances.  There were goosebumps on occassion.  For Real.  And never before have I read a more apt description of the American Viewing Public than in "Barry And The Boys", where Mr. Hopsicker refers to the poor deluded sheople of this nation, mesmerized by geegaws and flash, as "The chumps in the cheap seats".  Thanks Daniel.  Thats the type of thing that really gets around, and thats not bad at all. Truth is Good.

This book is valuable historic record, at a time when history has become mired in secrecy, advertising, public relations campaigns, and straight out propoganda.  It is interesting beyond belief, Barry And The Boys, and stays well away from theories, dealing only in evidentiary conclusions.  That, my friends, is enough by far, when poring over the evidence concerning this social phenomenon here in America today, something social scientists label the "Elite Deviant Class".  This book is about the people in this grouping within our society, this class of deviants, who believe the law is only for the little people, and can be modified at their whim, or broken at will.  Its about your government, and how they really are, how things really are, unembellished and properly presented.  It is by no means pretty, but it doesn't have to be pretty to be the truth.

Two words describe Daniel Hopsickers book "Barry And The Boys -- The CIA, The Mob, And Americas Secret History", and those two words are Valuable, and Important.  In my opinion the book should be in every library in America, from the high schools up.

Visit for more info, and to order.