Montgomery, Alabama march - next weekend!

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Subject: Montgomery, Alabama march - next weekend!
Roberta and all,
I will get the flyer and other information on our website and pass the word widely.  With all the abuse and deliberate indifference in our over-crowded prisons in Alabama, it is time for the federal government to take over the prison system like it did around 1990.  Things got better during that time; I'm sure Alabama had to agree to continue the practices of humane treatment that were in place when the feds gave the prison system back to the state.  Today, the practices in Alabama's prisons have gone back to where they were before the feds had to take it over around 1990, only worse!  I think we need to speak to this at the march when speaking on the topic of prison abuse.  The Habitual Offender Act will help reduce the extreme overcrowding and thus a lot of stress inside the prisons -- which wouldn't be as bad as it is, if prison abuse and medical neglect were not so rampant.  These guys need to get off the dime with their butts puckered, and fully enact the Habitual Offender Act as amended by the State several years ago!  What's the hold up?  What? You don't have enoug ten dollar bills, orange shirts and khaki slacks to issue to the prisoners who qualify under the new Law that was passed years ago and not yet implemented, especially when faced with dangerous over crowding?  Do these people even know how to do this math?  Do these people think that ignoring a law is lawful?
Meanwhile the stress of the prison system in Alabama is compounded by the ridiculously high charges by the prison telephone system.  The Families of Prisoners may not be "officially/governmentally" stamped as a Class of Citizens but they are indeed just that.  The prison system discriminates against this Class of Citizens by gouging them every way imaginable, and where does all this money go?  Nobody can say.  Isn't that interesting?
The march this coming weekend in Montgomery, Alabama has a lot of backing as you can see below.  Anyone who has not heard about it and who can get themselves and as many friends and family as possible, please be there.
God bless us all,
Sherry Swiney
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From: Willie Belle Poole Kemp
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Good morning,

It's certainly wonderful to hear from you all. I'm making plans to attend and hopefully I will be able to bring some others with me. I will be looking forward forward to meeting all of you great supporters that I don't already know. Ms. Franklin has been a God sent person to my family: she is definitely a great supporter of inmates and their familes. I want to do whatever I can to assist you all in helping us with the various issues concerning the inmates and their families.

Looking forward to seeing you all next weekend.

Willie Belle Kemp

I'll be there with as many supporters as I can gather. Currently I have 10 people who have committed to coming and bringing as many of their family and friends as they can persuade with them.

The Libertarian Party has put out the call to it's members to come out and I have alerted all of my college campus connections and sent the flyer file for distribution.

Roberta and I pushed hard for this march on the radio the other day.

I have announced on all of my lists and hopefully before the day is over

I will have a page about the march up on my website with the flyer available for printing.

If there is anything else I can be helping with please let me know.


Michael Blain wrote:

Hey Sister,

I am going to turn out a bunch of my folks for this so we should talk about the agenda, signs, technical assistance, etc...I can get us some free airtime down in Mobile which should help in getting that bus filled up.

Also, don't forget there is going to be a health fair at the same time right over on the ASU campus that is expected to have literally
thousands of people getting the free services of the 100 doctors that will be in attendance. . My staff will have a booth there passing out
literature and getting petitions signed, but will pop out for the march.

 Let me know if there is anything else we can do.  

 Michael A. Blain
 Director of Public Policy
 Drug Policy Alliance
 70 West 36th Street-16th Floor
 New York, New York  10018
 212-613-8032 office
 212-613-8021 fax
 646-335-2241 cell

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 Please do not forget the march, this September 25th at 11 am in downtown Montgomery. We need all of you there to continue to focus on the ills of the Alabama prison system. The high cost of phone bills is only a small fraction of the problem. We need to focus on the Habitual Offender Act, the antiquated drug laws and the unfairness of the Alabama Judicial system. There are 28,000 inmates in prison and thousands of those could be at home or in community corrections programs. Please continue to get the word out to radio stations and churches and all family members of inmates.

 Roberta Franklin