Alabama Police Leave Force as Brutality Charges Hurled

February 8, 2002 Montgomery, Alabama - Times Headlines,
Associated Press.  MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- Five Montgomery police officers have resigned and three have been put on unpaid leave following allegations of police brutality, officials said Thursday.
An internal police investigation was begun Monday after an officer fought with a juvenile suspect he was transporting. City officials said the probe has uncovered questionable police conduct dating back several months.

Seven of the officers are white and all the victims are black, said Larry Armstead, assistant to Mayor Bobby
Bright. "Obviously . . . that's something that concerns me," Armstead said. The officers are accused of abusing
their positions of authority, mistreating citizens and falsely reporting incidents. Specifics of the allegations were
not released, pending completion of the probe.

Officer Michael Clark, 32, who resigned Wednesday, has been charged with criminal use of Mace after
scuffling with a 17-year-old prisoner he was transporting. Police said an argument prompted Clark to stop the
car and a shoving match ensued.

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