Audits of Federal Prisons Available from BOP
by Michael Ravnitzky ,

ACA (American Corrections Association) Audits of federal  prisons and correctional institutions are available upon request
from  the Federal Bureau of Prisons.  These ARE the property of  the Federal Bureau of Prisons and are subject to FOIA.  The ACA has stated that the audits are the property of the Bureau of Prisons and all decisions to release are through the Bureau. In addition to the audits, there are memos and meeting notes and minutes that are maintained at the PANEL HEARING that accompanies each audit, although the panel hearings may be at different times, perhaps several months later than the audit results.
Here are a list of audits:

 FPC Alderson
 FPC Allenwood
 FCI Allenwood-Low
 FCI Allenwood-Medium
 USP Allenwood
 FCI Ashland
 USP Atlanta
 FCI Bastrop
 FCI Beaumont - Low
 FCI Beaumont - Medium
 USP Beaumont
 FCI Beckley
 FCI Big Spring
 FPC Bryan
 FCI Butner - Low
 FCI Butler - Medium
 FMC Carswell
 MCC Chicago
 FCI Coleman - Low
 FCI Coleman - Medium
 USP Coleman
 FCI Cumberland
 FCI Danbury
 FMC Devens
 FCI Dublin
 FPC Duluth
 FCI Edgefield
 FPC Eglin
 FCI El Reno
 FCI Elkton
 FCI Englewood
 FCI Estill
 FCI Fairton
 FCI Florence
 USP High Florence
 USP ADMAX Florence
 FCI Forrest City
 FCI Fort Dix
FMC Fort Worth
FCI Greenville
MDC Guaynabo
FCI Houston
FCI Jesup
FCI LaTuna
USP Leavenworth
USP Lewisburg
FMC Lexington
FCI Lompoc
USP Lompoc
FCI Loretto
MDC Los Angeles
FCI Manchester
FCI Marianna
USP Marion
FCI McKean
FCI Memphis
FCI Miami
FDC Miami
FCI Milan
FPC Montgomery
FCI Morgantown
MCC New York
FCI Oakdale
FCI Otisville
FCI Oxford
FCI Pekin
FPC Pensacola
FCI Petersburg
FCI Phoenix
FCI Ray Brook
FMC Rochester
FCI Safford
MCC San Diego
FCI Sandstone
FCI Schuylkill
FCI Seagoville
FDC SeaTac
FPC Seymour Johnson
FCI Sheridan
USMCFP Springfield
FCI Talladega
FCI Tallahassee
FCI Terminal Island
USP Terre Haute
FCI Texarkana
FCI Three Rivers
FCI Tucson
FPC Yankton
FCI Yazoo City
Central Office

Here is language to get you started:

Wanda M. Hunt, Chief, FOIA Section
FOIA/Privacy Act Requests
Bureau of Prisons
Room 841, HOLC Building
Department of Justice
Washington, DC 20534
phone:  202-514-6655
fax:  202-307-0828

Dear Ms. Hunt:

Pursuant to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, we
hereby request a copy of the most recent of the following ACA
Audits held at the Bureau of Prisons.

We also request a copy of the most recent Panel Hearing for
these facilities.


Want more detail on the prison audit process with respect to
federal prisons?  Take a look at the BOP document posted on
the BOP web site at, go to the FOIA Section, and click on
BOP Program Statements and go to PS 1290.04



NUMBER: 1290.04

DATE: 4/26/2000

SUBJECT: Correctional Standards and Accreditation

1. PURPOSE AND SCOPE. To prescribe policies, procedures,
and responsibilities for management of the accreditation
process, review of proposed Commission on Accreditation for
Corrections (CAC) Standards, and participation in American
Correctional Association (ACA) sponsored activities.

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