Judges Issue Restraining Order Against BOP
January 31, 2003

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Subject: [patrickcrusade] Judges Issue Restraining Order Against BOP 

Eleven federal judicial districts have now issued temporary restraining orders stopping the BOP from moving inmates to BOP facilities under the order issued in December by the Department of Justice.  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is considering a preliminary injunction against the Bureau of Prisons and has issued a stay against the BOP to prevent them from moving an inmate in a CCM in California. The United States Sentencing Commission will meet on Feb. 25-26, 2003 to decide what announcements they will place in the Federal Register for public comment. At this time, there is no indication that they will address the CCM issue.  A number of US Senators have expressed interest in the CCM issue.  The Soros group looking at ways to reduce the federal inmate population will continue looking at ways in which various groups can exert influence in order to impact the outcome of this issue.  Anyone knowing of an inmate who has lost halfway house time because of this ruling, please contact Federal CURE.  If we are to indeed take this to Congress, then we need to know these stories to provide proof of how this Department of Justice/Bureau of Prison's halfway house policy changes is affecting federal inmates.  Please email us at 
director@fedcure.org or mail us your story at Federal CURE, Inc., 
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From: Federal CURE, Inc. <director@fedcure.org
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Subject: [patrickcrusade] Federal Inmates Lost Halfway House Time 

If your loved one is serving a 60-month or less federal system, they will no longer be eligible for 6 months in a halfway house.  Under the new Dept. of Justice interpretation, their halfway house time has been cut.  Federal prisoners can expect to receive halfway house placement for no more than the last ten percent of their sentence up to six (6) months total (e.g., 24 month sentence = 2.4 months or less in a halfway house).  The BOP is now calculating the 10% eligibility by the following formula - 

Sentence Length in Months                  36 months =  1,092 days 

- Good Time Earned                        -  159 days 

______________________                  _____________________ 
  Amount of sentence eligible             933 Days or 31.1 months 
for halfway house consideration 

31.1      X  10%  =  3.1 months or less of halfway house time 

Under prior BOP procedure, an inmate serving a 36 month sentence 
would have been eligible for a 6 month halfway house stay. Now that same inmate will get 3 months or less of halfway house time. 

The only inmates exempt from this are those in residential drug programs or in the ICC (boot camp) program. 

If this applies to your loved one, we need to hear from you! Please contact Federal CURE at director@fedcure.org.  We need ALL of you who have been affected by the change to let us know how it will effect your lives.   The only way we can convince Congress to reverse this DOJ ruling is to tell them your stories. 

Please post this notice on all available message boards so that we can stop the Dept. of Justice from taking your inmate's halfway house time. 

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