Please help
Please visit the link at the bottom of this message and read the information about people in Canada being displaced, homeless, because the Canadian government refuses to help.  It apears that governments all
over North America are willing to take tax money from the citizens and incarcerate citizens  but not willing to do anything FOR the citizens. The governments are good at breaking up families, like those in Nova Scotia in the message following.  When are governments going to be made accountable to the PEOPLE?  I say the answer to that is "NOW".

Imagine for a moment that you'll go to bed this evening knowing that tomorrow morning when you wake, your home, your children, and all of your possessions will be gone. None of this happened due to any fault of your own. What would you do? Where would you go for help? Surely for most of us this unpleasant event would be just a bad dream that we could pass off as fiction and move on with our lives. For some in the Truro area however, this image of uncertainty and loss will be all too true in just a few months' time.

In July of 2003 over twenty families will be evicted from the trailer court located on Millbrook First Nation land. Many of us, if faced with this situation, would shrug our shoulders and find a new home or apartment to live in before next summer. To the affected low-income, non-Native families who have no tribe to provide assistance to them, and no government agency to turn to, this option is not financially possible. Sadly, most of those who own their trailers cannot afford the cost of moving them to a new trailer court. Those who could afford the move would then find that they could not have their trailers anywhere in the county of Colchester due to restrictions on the books prohibiting trailers of a certain age from being placed on lots. If losing your home and possessions is a bad enough thought, imagine going through that in a community like Truro with no homeless shelters. Imagine government social services stepping in to take away your children because it's not
safe trying to raise a family on the streets.

What can be done to help these people who wish to stay close to their friends, their jobs, and their community? To this date the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia have not stepped forward to provide assistance or assurance to the affected families. Many solutions exist ranging from the government funding relocation expenses, or renovating buildings and turning them into low-income apartments and homes, to converting land
into a new trailer court. The government of Canada could also reclaim the land that the current trailer court rests upon and reimburse Millbrook First Nation with a parcel of equal or greater size unused federal land currently bordering the reservation.

Will any of these solutions come to pass, or will Ottawa and Halifax wait until July hoping that the problem will disappear on its own? Remember how you'd feel if you were faced with losing everything. Spend a few moments of your time and write to your local, provincial, and federal government representatives and urge them to do what it takes to keep these families from this preventable, unnecessary homelessness that they face in a matter of months.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers. Contact your church, synagogue or mosque, or pagan group or whatever community club you are involved in. Tell organizations you think may be willing to help. Put a link to us on your website, add our website to your email signature. However you do it - tell people. The more people we have involved, the more likely we are to prevent these families from becoming homeless. Telling people about this situation is a much needed and much needed activity.