May 1, 2002

Carol Miller 157591
TPW #13 Death Row
3881 Stewart Lane
Nashville, TN 37218-3302

To Whom This will & Does Concern:

I was given your info by Tonya Sullivan.  She's very aware of my situation!  I have sooo much paperwork that will and does substantiate my abuses over these pat 5+ years.

I'm currently at TN Prison for Women in Nashville.  I was sent to MLCC in Memphis on November 3, 1999 for allegedly trying to escape into a sally port!

I was in Memphis, summer of 2000 where record breaking temperatures were present for almost 1 month straight.  I was basically kept in a hot box in the upstairs segregation Unit.  No ventilation, air conditioning, ice, showers, outside exercise. Needless to say I became very very ill.  I ended up being given I.V. fluids only to be returned back into the extreme abusive conditions.  I still am anemic and have mental/emotional problems.

A Capt.. J. Lewis was told by the Warden of MLCC to give me and another Max 1/m an ice cooler full of ice and showers every day.  This Capt. placed the coolers out in the hall outside our cell doors out of our reach and sat in the seg office with 2 other employees and laughed.  She constantly harassed me!  MLCC mental health director Dr. Wells had me transferred from MLCC June of 2001 to DSNF in Nashville.  It was already reaching temperatures of 90 degrees+ then and he knew I'd never make it another summer.

Dr. Wells, Dr. Preghoff and Mickey Tidwell on numerous occasions had written TDOC Commissioner Donald Campbell advising him of my seriously declining health and Commissioner Campbell stated, "I don't give a damn and don't want to hear about Carol Miller."  Or he chose to ignore their letters, emails and visits.

I was sent here to TPFW in January 2002.  Before I came here, I wrote this warden (Cherry Lindamood) and notified her of several employees I'm incompatible with.  Since being here I've been lied about by these incompatibles on my permanent paperwork.  Denied Kotex for 3 months and therefore forced to use socks, towels, etc., for my excessive menstrual cycle and laughed at, and I was written up by an incompatible that I refused to follow sanitation procedures.  Yet, they denied me proper feminine hygiene items so that I could not comply!  This was very humiliating to say the least for me.  My menstrual cycle became crazily heavy and irregular the summer of 2002 in Memphis.  I've been told by many health employees stress like that is what did it??!!

And then on February 4, 2002 an incompatible employee, Capt. Tyrone Henry assaulted me while my hands were cuffed behind my back!  This was in front of 5 eyewitnesses as well as medical being called and I was treated for several scratches, bruises and knots!  I was totally ignored by shift commanders when I asked for internal affairs and pictures taken.  This is standard procedure in any assault.  A Lt. McClusky, Internal Affairs, spoke to me briefly.  I gave him the 5 eyewitnesses names and as of this date, not one has been interviewed!  Yet, his grievance response was during his investigation - no evidence was present to substantiate assault.  I was written up for refusing an order by Capt. Tyrone Henry to try and legitimize his improper conduct, after I told him I had him for assault an I wasn't letting this one go. 

So all these "dirty" employees pulled together including this warden and allows and assisted this man to slam me into wall repeatedly and choke me.  He was listed as incompatible prior to my arriving here.  This administration has dogged me since 1994 when I expired my sentence and came back and cut my then lover out of here.

I did it again after expiring my time in 1997.  They have taken it personal and basically made it well known "Do whatever you want to Carol Miller and we don't see it."

You've got a unit manger in this building that has had a personal problem with me for years.  She's prejudice and an addict.  If she was given a blood and urine screen, it'd blow up!  And let me say this - these employees run in packs and the covering up is ridiculous!!

I've been on Max going on 3 calendars now.  Yet so many others have done no Max time or the latest Joyce Lindsey did 1-3/4 months for actually trying to escape.  I've never escaped!  My crime is facilitation of an escape.  This is not escape.  This alleged attempt to escape that I'm on Max for no, came only after this aforementioned unit manager had been trying to have me locked for months via bogus write ups.

At the time I supposedly tried to escape, I had a write up on me for sexual misconduct and assault on an officer.  Proper/standard procedure is to be locked in segregation for assault.  But I was not. As a matter of fact, I was gathering information on the write ups for my JOB as an inmate advisor.  That morning (November 1, 1999) the medical director, Norman Crawford, did in fact state, "Deborah Johnson's write ups were unfounded and based solely on false statements." Deborah Johnson is the unit manager.

I don't have the stamps to send you all the paperwork but I'd really appreciate if you'd help me!  An attorney, H.C. Barry, was a friend's legal advisor and he found out abut my cruel/inhumane treatment in Memphis and drew up a petition but it was never filed.  But he is familiar with a lot of my abuses.  His telephone number is (615) 444-0064 and address is: 106 South College Street, Lebanon, TN 37087.

To be honest, these employees continue to send this Capt. Henry on this unit and due to my past abuses it really truly nerves me when he's up here by himself, because I know he can do anything and nobody would do anything except laugh.

My birth mother is here and they refuse to let us visit, although policy says we can.  This is nothing but cruel punishment.

I need to stop here but believe me, I've got a LOT MORE to speak about!!!

I pray you'll help me!!  To be honest, all this time in isolation, these cruel/inhumane abuses and being vulnerable concerns me very much.  I've seen too many end up dying in here.  These people would love that.

And also in November 1999 Commissioner Campbell stated in a memo that I was no to be at TPFW ever again!!!  But I'm here.

Please let me know your decision.


Carol Miller 157591
TPW #13 Death Row
3881 Stewart Lane
Nashville, TN 37218-3302