Unpublished CDC response to CCWF complaints
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Sent: Thursday, May 27, 2004 2:31 AM
Subject: [patrickcrusade] Unpublished CDC response to CCWF complaints

Hello friends,

I was able to secure a copy of a letter sent to Senator Vasconcellos, from CDC, in answer to several complaints from prisoners & their families brought before the dear Senator.

If you ever received an "of the wall" response from CDC yourself, reading this will make you realize that lawmakers are not exempt from CDC's idiotic replies. 

The letter is 12 pages long and the file is about 1MB. It's way too large to post here.

Therefore, I uploaded it to the web as a PDF file for everyone to see and save a copy if you like.


*Please remember that you have to have Adobe Reader installed to view PDF files. 

You can download a copy from the manufacturer here:


I'm told that this letter can be used by prisoners to file 602's if the institutions are not following what the letter states. 

So get a cup of coffee or some soda and kick back while you read this long stream of garbage... 

Hope this will at least help some of us!

Heidi Jones