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  Check out our new web site for Christmas Angels. http://www.christmasangeltree.com
 We are needing volunteers for this program, and hope that you will spread the word to other groups you may be on about it.  This is a very worthwhile program, and we're hoping it will be a success.  These children are not the typical children, as through no fault of their own, people tend to overlook them, treat them as lepers, they are outcasts in schools where other children are told not to associate with them.  These are the children of death row inmates.  They have a long hard road to go to adulthood.
This is most unfair as these children have no control over what a parent may or may not have done.  They are children after all, most of the time very poor and now they are faced with the loss of one parent.  Most of the time, Christmas time will not bring many presents and for the very young, they do not understand why Santa gives so little to them, while at school they see the many gifts friends get.
It is my hope that we will be able to give these children a great Christmas and bring a little joy and happiness in their lives. This program will be going on year round from now on. There are many angel trees out there for other kids, and for prisoners kids, however, I wanted to do this for the children of death row prisoners.
 No matter what the world thinks of those on death row, the little children are innocent.  I know first hand how cruel school and the public can be to these kids and I'd like to make a difference. If you can help, or volunteer, or donate either toys, gifts, or money it would be a great help. It takes a lot of money to mail the packages each year and we try to get more than one gift per child.  All the information is on the web site.  Thanks, may God bless you.   www.christmasangeltree.com

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