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From: Christopher Taylor 
Sent: Monday, October 11, 2004 9:15 AM
Subject: Justice Needed
I have looked over your website and appreciate you taking the opportunity to help so many people who have gotten caught up on the bad side of the system.  I always tell people I know, you never realize how flawed the system truly is until you are affected by it.

Two of the major facts that point to his innocence is the fingerprints at the scene of the crime did not match, the photo's clearly show it is not him, and the key that the bank robber used with his bare hands sat in a detective's drawer for over a year.  When asked if it had prints he said the key had no prints.  This is a case that should have been investigated by the FBI since bank robbery is a federal crime.  Instead, it was investigated by the San Jose Police Department.  His lawyer we hired for him did not show up at his sentencing because he failed to tell anyone that half way through the trail he had been disbarred for over 29 counts of misconduct.  This alone should guarantee him a new trial but the appeal has been denied.   Despite all of the facts that point to my son being innocent of this crime the jury convicted him to 12 years.  I have just created a website for him that includes pictures of my son and the bank robbery suspect.  The pictures clearly show it is not my son (nose, ears).  If you are interested and can help his case in any way it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks So Much for your efforts!! 

The Taylor Family :)