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From: Nick Szuberla 
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2004 1:55 AM
Subject: a holiday radio show for prisoners 

Prisoners and Families. Artists and Friends. Community Radio and You. 

Dear Friend,

On December 20th voices from rural and urban communities are coming together though the airwaves to speak to the incarcerated of our country, while holding a mirror up to our burgeoning criminal justice system. 

The media arts project Holler to the Hood is producing Calls From Home, a special holiday radio call-in show that broadcasts greetings from families of prisoners live on the air. This year the program will be offered nationwide through the Pacifica radio network and to community radio stations around the country. We are asking you to suggest other stations for us to share this program with.  We need your help.  See how at

Calls From Home will air on December 20th from 7-10pm (Eastern). We encourage you to call. The toll free number to call is 888-396-1208. You can learn more by going to and you can also see a clip of the soon to be released documentary "Holler to the Hood", brought to you by the rural media artists who created
hill-hop (hip-hop meets bluegrass).

For more information, please call Nick or Amelia at 606-633-0108 or email us at


Nick Szuberla and Amelia Kirby,  Holler to the Hood media artists 


Funding provided by Funding Exchange, Albert List Foundation, and the Appalshop Production and Education Fund.

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