The Associated Press
11/21/02 4:49 PM 
CREOLA, Ala. (AP) -- A prison work crew has been pulled out of Creola after a complaint that they were not properly supervised. 

But Department of Corrections spokesman Brian Corbett said the inmates had been verbally abused and prison officials did not want to be drawn into a dispute between the mayor and city council. 

Mayor Cleo Phillips said the town of 2,000, north of Mobile, will suffer without the free inmate labor to clean streets and ditches. 

The city's deal with the prison says that supervisors must watch inmates constantly, but Phillips said he thought it was appropriate for the supervisor to leave the job site long enough to haul away debris. 

The warden wants to make sure prisoners are supervised, but he didn't like hearing reports that the inmates had been verbally abused while on the job, Corbett said. 

J.O. Davis Correctional Facility warden Jerry Ferrell met separately Wednesday with Phillips, council members Joe Enzor and John Grimes, and a city resident, Corbett said. 

The resident, James Bryan, had complained to the governor's office that the inmates were not being supervised all the time.