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Editorial: Payback time
Corrections harasses whistle-blower again
- (Published July 30, 2004)
If you want proof that little has changed at the California Department of Corrections, look no further than the experience of whistle-blower Richard Krupp.

Not only has this career public servant been pushed around, now the department has sent a July 2 letter - signed by Julio Valadez, chief of the Community Correctional Facilities Administration Institutions Division - announcing an investigation of Krupp's wife, who has worked in the department for 25 years. Valadez's letter is dated nine days after Krupp testified before the Senate Rules Committee about management abuses in the prison system.

In other words, the retaliation grows.

In 2002, both the State Personnel Board and the Office of Inspector General found that high-level managers in the department retaliated against Krupp when he exposed and documented out-of-control sick leave and overtime use by prison guards - and tried to convince the department not to mislead the State Auditor about these rising costs.

Instead of fixing the sick leave and overtime problems and punishing the retaliators, the department has pursued litigation against the personnel board and Krupp in an attempt to overturn these findings - at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to taxpayers.

Who continues to authorize this litigation? Krupp is a hero. He should be held up by the administration of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as displaying the kind of honesty, openness and courage expected in the new Department of Corrections.

At the end of his rope - with the prospect of endless department-initiated litigation against him and now an investigation of his wife - Krupp has turned to U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson. Henderson has threatened a federal takeover of the California prison system.

In a July 26 letter to the judge, Krupp wrote, "The administration(s) have refused to discipline their own managers found to have retaliated by two independent outside entities (State Personnel Board and Office of Inspector General). Not only did they refuse to take appropriate action, they mount a legal battle against the victim and his family. This is unconscionable behavior."

And just what is the investigation of Krupp's wife about? In his letter to Henderson, Krupp writes that she had written to her supervisor in May saying she believed the unit wasn't complying with car fleet expectations, and she recommended corrective action. Nothing happened. But nine days after Krupp testified before the Rules Committee, the Valadez letter announced an investigation against her. Given all the things that could be investigated in the corrections department, this choice of inquiries is astounding.

Since the department won't act to protect the whistle-blower and punish the retaliators, the governor's office needs to step in to end the litigation against the whistle-blower and examine the circumstances surrounding the investigation of Krupp's wife.

Otherwise, Henderson will have yet more grounds to consider federal oversight of the California prison system.


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