Calipatria State Prison, California - Regarding legal mail

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The men housed at Calipatria State Prison in Imperial County California are running into major problems
regarding their legal mail.  Warden Sylvia Garcia is denying indigent inmates the necessity of having their
cases or any legal information copied to send to their attorneys.  To add to the men's burden she denies them postage as well as envelopes to get necessary information to the attorneys.  Equally forbidding
them envelopes and postage if they as well as the ability to have their cases copied to send to their attorneys.  She will assist the men only if the mail goes directly to a court.

Only the men who can pay are able to send information out.

When the Anthrax scare was at its peak no incoming or outgoing mail was allowed.  Many of the men had deadlines that they were unable to make.  Many men didn't get attorney and court mail for as long as 15 days after the rule was lifted.  Now what happens to them?