Colorado News Articles
POST FURMAN BOTCHED EXECUTIONS - April 17, 2005 - WARNING - Graphic! - by Michael L. Radelet, University of Colorado.  This article depicts botched execution stories of a number of people from 1982 to 2001.  The information includes methods of executions and description of execution methods.
OFFICER TESTIFIES TO TAKING PART IN PRISON BEATINGS - April 16, 2003 - A former federal prison officer broke down in tears on the witness stand in federal court Tuesday, then testified that she had taken part in beating inmates at the U.S. penitentiary in Florence seven years ago. Charlotte Gutierrez, 31, fidgeted, squirmed and then cried before testifying against three of her former co-workers. They are among seven who are on trial for allegedly conspiring to deprive inmates of their civil rights in 1995 and 1996.
WHY NEGLECT EDUCATION FOR PRISONS? - Janury 30, 2003 - No matter how irrational the course, how futile the effort or how dire the projections, politicians continue to push a tough- on-crime message because it sells, and elected officials commit political suicide if they suggest anything less than unflinching toughness toward criminals.
GOING ELECTRONIC, DENVER REVEALS LONG-TERM SURVEILLANCE - December 21, 2002 - After the police decided to share the fruits of their surveillance with another local department, someone leaked a printout to an activist for social justice, who made the documents public. The mayor started an investigation. People lined up to obtain their files. Among those the police spied on were nuns, advocates for American Indians and church organizations.