Correspondence Schools & Educational Resources

Here is an address listing for Correspondence Schools and courses available to the prisoner who wants to "redeem the time."
Many are free or will assist the serious prisoner financially.

ADAMS CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS - October 28, 2005 - Bellingham, WA.  Our classes run for eight weeks each with homework and certificates. In the past, we have helped prisoners obtain new vocations which they appreciated. Our costs run from $89 to $125 for each complete course and many have been able to obtain financing through other prisoner help resources.  Sincerely, Robin C. Adams

Bethel Prison Ministry

PO Box 1286

Tucker, Georgia 30085

The courses are divided into 7 lessons, Lesson 1. A country called Heaven; Lesson 2. What is God like?;Lesson 3. The way of Victory; Lesson 4. The Word of God; Lesson 5.When Jesus comes; Lesson 6, Salvation and Rewards; Lesson 7. 4 (four) things God wants you to know. Certificate available after each set of lessons. The second set of courses contain 10 lessons on the Life of Christ, and Certificate available upon completion.

Bethel Prison Ministry

PO Box 729

Hixon, Tennessee 37343

Studies are very basic and geared to the KJV with Certificates available upon completion of courses, and one course available
on the Basic Steps Toward Christian Maturity

Cost: The studies are free to inmates.

Bethany Bible College and Seminary

2311 Hodgesville Road  PO Box 1944

Dotham, Alabama 36302

Courses are degree programs. They have correspondence courses available.

Cost: $454.00

Bible Institute of the Air

HCJB PO Box 39800

Colorado Springs, Colorado 809499800

Courses are available in English as well as Spanish, and are in 4 basic areas of the Bible Survey, Basic Theology, Bible
Exposition and Practical Ministries. These courses provide the biblical foundation necessary to enable God's people to apply
His truth to whatever situation they may encounter.

Cost: Some modest costs involved for some courses.

Billy Graham

PO Box 779

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55440

Books, tracts, tapes, and studies are available through this Ministry.

 Cost: All are free to inmates.

Christian Bible College and Seminary

9603 E. Truman Road

Independence, Missouri 64052

Study at your own pace, and the studies are fully accredited, Associate through Doctorate are accredited by ACI. The
choices are yours, and you may change courses or your major without losing the credits you have earned.

Cost: There is a $20.00 enrollment fee.

Christs's Invaders Prison Work

770 East 7th Street

St. Paul, Minnesota 331063026

Three courses offered with a free Bible from the Ministry if needed. A Certificate is issued upon completion of each course.

Cost: Course is free to inmates.

Church of Nazarene

6401 The Peseo

Kansas City, Missouri 641311284

They have a total of 36 studies. 16 are on the New Testament, and 20 are on the Old Testament

Cokesbury Seminars/Disciple Bible Study

PO Box 801

Nashville, Tennessee 372020801

They only have material for self study, but supply the following materials: books, tapes, videos, church supplies, and several
different catalogs.

Cons for Christ

PO Box 1117

Chino, California 91708

They have 32 courses, most of their material comes from the Bible League, and deals with Christianity subjects, as well as
covering the Old Testament.

Criminon West U.S.

PO Box 9091

Glendale, California 91226

We have been working with inmates and helping them to restore their self respect and dignity by offering them the opportunity
to participate in an extension course called "The Way to Happiness". The studies provides the opportunity to understand and
practice basic values such as Love, Kindness, Hygiene and Common Courtesy, The course is made up of 21 lessons, the
application of which tend to displace the "Criminal Moral Code".

Emmaus Correspondence School

2570 Asbury Road

Dubuque, IA 52001

Emmaus Correspondence School offers a basic curriculum of 36 units of Bible study. The first course "Born to Win" is written
specifically for prisoners. "Doing Time With Jesus" is for prisoners who have trusted Christ as their personal Savior. There are
courses on salvation, Christian living, prophecy, and other subjects. All courses are written on a popular level. There is a
certificate program which reflects the level to which each student attains in his or her studies.

Cost: All courses are free to inmates.

Family Radio School of the Bible

PO Box 2140

Oakland, California 946219802

The King James Bible was used in preparing most of the studies. Although other versions may be helpful for further
understanding, There are three areas of study available, Associate of Religious Education degree; Bible Certificate Program;
and Spiritual Enrichment Program . Practical Biblical Theology. Old and New Testament Surveys; and I Corinthians. A more
detailed list is available upon request.

Cost: Many courses are free to inmates.

Follow Up Ministries Correspondence Bible Course Ministry

PO Box 2514

Castro Valley, California 94546

These are 2 courses of study available; the "Scripture Investigation Course" is designed to offer help in personal investigation
of the Scriptures. . A CERTIFICATE of completion is awarded to those completing all 28 lessons.

Cost: The lessons are available FREE of charge as the Lord provides.

Freedom Flyers Ministries

Attn: Correspondence Dept.  PO Box 562

Bellville, Illinois 62222

Basic Doctrine, Advanced Bible Doctrine, Christian Growth I and II, John, Acts, and Proverbs. These are geared to the King
James Version and are Baptist in doctrine. A certificate is given upon completion of each course.

Cost: Several courses FREE of charge to inmates.

Fuller Theological Seminary

135 N. Oakland Avenue

Pasadena, California 91182

Has correspondence courses.

Full Gospel Assemblies International

PO Box 1230

Coateville, Pennsylvania 19320

(610) 8572357

The Graduate Bible Study Program. External Theological Training for Ministry. Preparing and developing men and women for
the ministry through indepth study of the Bible. National accredited Graduate Program through correspondence.

Cost: The cost $15.00 per course the 1st and 2nd year, and $20.00 per course for the final 2 years.

Good News Jail and Prison Ministry

9401 Mathy Drive #100

Fairfax, Virginia 220315311

There are 136 lessons available covering 10 books of the New Testament, all keyed to the King James Bible, on a basic to
intermediate level.

Cost: FREE to inmates.

Good News Outreach

PO Box 11

Bishopville, South Carolina 29010

Studies are available in English, as well as Spanish, and Portuguese.

Cost: Studies are free to the inmates.

Gospel Echo Team

PO Box 125

Sherridan, Oregon 97378

Certificate is earned at completion of each of the advanced Courses, and a special certificate is given when the whole series of
these 8 courses is completed.

Gospel Ministries Bible Course

PO Box 126

Pittman, New Jersey 08071

The studies are basic but thorough, and certificates are given for successful completion, while bible memorization is stressed.

Cost: Free to inmates.

Harvesters Christian Fellowship

PO Box 87A

Chelsea, Oklahoma 74016


Has God called you to the threshold of ministry and you need the key to open the door? We offer these services: Ordination,
IRS nonprofit affiliation, School of Ministry Correspondence Dept., HCF Benefit Program. A full Gospel, Charismatic, Faith
Ministry, NonDenominational.

His One's Bible Mailbox School, Inc.

PO Box 1061

Dunedin, Florida 346971061Certificates on completion and Bibles to inmates when needed

Studies are free to inmates.

Home Mission

4200 North Parkway

Alpharetta, Georgia 302024174

HM has 48 lessons in 19 volumes covering the entire Bible for self study only. Certificates available after the completion of
each volume.

Home Mission Board, SBC

1350 Spring Street NW

Atlanta, Georgia 303675601

The Correspondence Bible Course available from the Southern Baptist Convention is a detailed study of the Bible. The
complete course is 19 volumes divided into 48 lessons, but the courses are not available for credit.

Cost: Studies are free to inmates.

Home Mission Division

8855 Dunn Road

Hazelwood, Missouri 630422299

One course titled:Born in the fire, it is the study on the book of Acts, and is broken into 28 lessons.

Homestead College of the Bible

PO Box 1

Orlando, Florida 32802

Homestead offers Bible Studies covering all 66 books of the Bible including lectures on cassette. All courses can be applied
toward a regular or graduate level degree.

Cost: Cost is $30.00 per month.

Hope Aglow Ministries

PO Box 3057

Lynchburg, Virginia 24503

There are 16 biblically sound courses available. The lessons are very thorough, with good background information and lots of
Scriptural references.

 Cost: Free to inmates.

 Institute for Christian Counselor Training

 382 Redemption Rock Trail

 Sterling, Massachusetts 01364


 Students become certified/licensed as pastoral counselors and can earn an undergraduate or graduate degree. All courses are
home study and Biblically based. ACT accredited.

 International Seminary

 PO Box 1208

 Plymouth, Florida 3327681208

 Doctrinally sound degree courses are offered which can lead to an AA, BA, MA, or PHD. There are two different types if
courses, each taking about eight months to complete.

 Jack Van Impe Ministries

 PO Box J

 Royal Oaks, Michigan 480688908

 They have Bible studies for prison inmates

 Cost: free to inmates.

 Jerry Savelle Ministries

 PO Box 748

 Crowley, Texas 76036

 This Bible course is a 12 month study, one lesson per month.

 Cost: Is free to inmates but carry a waiting list.

 Knotty Oak Baptist Church

 11 Knotty Oak Road

 Coventry, Rhode Island 02816

 This study is called "Source of Light" There are 100 lessons in the course. program is in English as well as in Spanish.
Diplomas are mailed after each course is completed.

 Cost: Studies are free to inmates.

 Lamp and Light Publishers

 25 Road 55 77

 Farmington, New Mexico 87401

 They have 9 courses with a total of 58 lessons. They have strict grading, so this is for the serious student only, studies on the
following topics: The first step; Steppingstones to God; Seven Steps to Obedience; The life of Christian Stewardship; The
heavenly Pilgrimage; Instep with the Prince of peace; the faith Worth Dying for; Fasting; and Discerning God's Will.

 Lamplight Studies

 PO Box 88

 Brooklyn, New York 11229

 They have 4 courses covering the following: Gospel of John, 22 lessons; Genesis, 22 lessons; Exodus, 18 lessons; and
Messianic Prophecy, 13 lessons. The last 3 are a great Old Testament study for new converts.

 LOOPS Ministries

 Correspondence Course

 PO Box 14953

 Odessa, Texas 79768

 Gospel of John, 1st Corinthians, 2nd Corinthians, Book of Job, Book of Genesis, Book of Acts, Book of Ephesians,
Essential Bible Truths

 Cost: All correspondence courses are available to the inmate free.

 Lutheran Hour Ministries

 2185 Hampton Avenue

 St. Louis, Missouri 63139

 They have 2 courses for selfstudies. These are : Real Life and Listen up. Both of these courses have 8 lessons.

 Mailbox Correspondence Course

 PO Box 337

 Alief, Texas 77441

 They have 10 courses for the inmate and their families. The courses have up to 12 lessons each.

 Midway Correspondence

 19537 US 6 Rt. 1

 Weston, Ohio 43539

 Bible studies for prison inmates

 Cost: These courses are free to the inmates only.

 Moody Bible Institute

 820 N. Lasalle Street

 Chicago, Illinois 606103284

 We have 3 different levels of study to choose from. College Credit, which you will receive an Associate of Biblical Studies
DEGREE. Scofield and adult courses can earn you a CERTIFICATE for adult Bible Studies. When you write for a catalog of
course description, include a letter of recommendation from your chaplain.

 Cost: Cost ranges from $19.00 each for the Adult courses; $470 for the entire Scofield courses; and $90.00 per semester
hour for college courses.


 PO Box 201

 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901

 Correspondence courses available for the inmates

 Cost: free to inmates

 Set Free Prison Ministry

 PO Box 5440

 Riverside, California 92517

 They have over 100 courses and are obtained from Moody, Emmaus, and Navigators. They will send one course each week,
and expect you to send one back in each week. There are 25 courses for slower readers, and 50 courses in Spanish.

 Tennessee Temple University

 1815 Union Avenue

 Chattanooga, Tennessee 37404


 The TTU School of Undergraduate Studies offers 2year, 3year, and 4year programs in a variety of majors. Associate
degrees are available in: Biblical studies; Church Education; General education; Home Economics; Pastoral studies;
Secretarial science; and Sign language interpretation. 3 year diploma programs are available in: Church education and Pastoral
studies. 17 programs are available in the 4 year Bachelor Degrees.

 Wels Special Ministries

 PO Box 452

 New Ulm, Minnesota 56073

 They have 4 bible correspondence courses for inmates

 Cost: Studies are free of charge.

 Wheaton College Graduate School

 Extension Department

 Wheaton, Illinois 60187

 Correspondence courses are available to inmates

 Zion Faith College

 PO Box 804

 Caldwell, Idaho 83606

 We have 2 courses. There are 48 lessons in the first course with a test after every 4th lesson. You need only to return the
tests back to us. There are a total of 12 tests.


 PO Box 12268

 Dallas, Texas 75256

 All courses are of JewishChristian nature.

 Cost: 12 courses costing $30.00 each or $150.00 in advance for six, $300.00 for all twelve

Blackstone School of Law, P.O. Box 701449, Dallas, Texas 75370 (800) 8269220 offers a wellknown paralegal program.

CLEP (College Level Exam Program), CN 6600, Princeton, NJ 085416600 College credits for selftaught knowledge.

Emmaus Bible Correspondence School, 2570 Asbury Road, Dubugue, IA 52001 (319) 5888000 offers free Bible courses to

Emmaus Bible School, P.O. Box 12155, Augusta, GA 30919

Grace Bible College, PO Box 5008, Cary, NC 27512. They offer courses that are affordable and easy to follow
recommended for an inmate graduate.

National Home Study Council, 1801 18th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009 Write for a list of schools and courses that are
offered to prisoners by mail.

The Paralegal Institute, 3602 West Thomas Rd. # 9, Drawer 11408, Phoenix, AZ 850611408 (602) 2721855 Associate
Degree program available. Accredited by the D.E.T.C.

CrossWays Ministries

P.O. Box 1954

Auburn, WA 980711954

Phone: 2538870946

Fax: 4259621136



International Prison Ministry

P.O. Box 63

Dallas, TX 75221



Prison Fellowship Ministries

P.O. Box 17500

Washington, DC 200410500

Phone: 7034780100



Prison Mission Association / Bible Correspondence Fellowship

P.O. Box 2300

Port Orchard, WA 98366

Phone: 13608760918

Fax: 13608760972



Prisoners Of Hope

P.O. Box 600026

San Diego, CA 92160

Phone: 6197414673



The International Fellowship of Chaplains, Inc.

The International Fellowship of Chaplains, Inc. (IFOC) is a non profit, providing training, recognition, certification and
information in the varied areas of Chaplaincy. We also interface with the secular and ministry worlds for the purpose of
promoting tolerance and understanding, as well as, provide professional, trained and dedicated Chaplains in the various fields
of need.

The work of the Chaplain differs greatly from the work of the Pastorate. The Pastor cares for the Spiritual needs of the
congregation; whereas, the Chaplain must care for the needs of the Secular World as well.

There are several fields of Chaplaincy, some of which are easily recognized. Others are not. The IFOC endorses all types of
Chaplains and recognizes the need for Credentialed Coverage. Some Chaplaincy areas of note are, Police, Fire, Hospital, Jail,
Industrial, Transportation, Search & Rescue, Sports, Collegiate, Hospice, Nursing Home, Motor Cycle, and the list goes on.
All are valid in scope and design. All need Education, Credentials & Guidance to do the work their hearts desire.

 Resources: Training Schools

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 ACTS  American Chaplaincy Training School


 Taylor University , 1025 West Rudisill Blvd.

 Fort Wayne , Indiana 46807


 (219) 4562111



 Provide specialized knowledge and skills needed to minister in the criminal justice system.

 Cost: Introductory session $480.00

The Prison Connection" provide's affordable bus transportation to State Correctional Facilities in NY., Fla. and Tx., and is
now beginning in California starting the first week of July, 2001.

Price's are less than greyhound and we go directly to the Prison gate and/or visitor center. In most cases meals are provided.
Make alot of friend's with other inmate families and loved one's, relax and let us do the driving.

We provide free gift's to all our riders and if there is something we can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask. We provide
many recreational and religeous supplies to the Chaplains at the prison's. We are all Family.

For Information on Price's and scheduling please call the reservation center toll free 18882188464

General info & contact


Bible courses, video & Audio

Mike Main

Mailing Address:

PO BOX 600026

San Diego, Ca. 92160

Phone Number


Prisoners of hope

Free Offers

We offer correspondence courses to inmates.

Our courses are designed to teach the full counsel of God by having studies through the whole Bible, Chapter by Chapter,
verse by verse.

Send Bible's and other Christian Books.

Offer cassette and video Bible studies.

The media studies are from our Sunday morning services were Pastor Barry Teaches through the Bible.

Counseling to family members.

We offer counseling by email, phone or in Office. Our office is located in San Diego California.

12 page newsletter to anyone, inmate or free person. Newsletter is full of stories, testimonies, poetry by inmates, exinmates,
Christian writers and Pastors

For any of our resources email us @poh info

Set Free Prison Ministries

P.O. Box 5440

Riverside, CA 92517

Phone: 9097879907

Fax: 9097870486



Christian Faith College's correspondence courses, prison inmates are reading the Bible for credit. The school solicits
donations to pay for the classes, which are for the inmates' personal use to help them in their religious growth, says Shirley
West, an administrative assistant at Christian Faith. For classes such as "Old Testament Survey I," "Book of Acts," and
"Foundations of Christian Doctrine," students are responsible, through the use of wordstudy books, topical Bibles, and
commentaries, for researching subject matter for themselves to see what Scripture actually teaches about the subject. The only
admissions criteria is simply the desire to do the work.


 22952 Alcalde Drive

 Laguna Hills, CA 92653

 T 800.542.5543 x248

 F 949.461.9557

Correctional Education Program, 9199622648 or 8008625669.

Independent Studies participates in several programs designed to assist persons in the North Carolina prison system who are
interested in pursuing collegelevel work. Outreach to Inmates enables qualified inmates to enroll in correspondence courses at
no charge. EconoCollege for Inmates, located at Orange Correctional Center in Hillsborough, provides a combination of
services including correspondence courses, onsite classes, enrichment activities, academic advising, and studyrelease on
campus. Onsite instruction and related activities are also available at the NC Correctional Institution for Women in Raleigh, at
Johnston Correctional Institution in Smithfield, Dan River Prison Work Farm in Yanceyville, Harnett Correctional Institution in
Lillington, and Polk Youth Institution in Butner. Additional onsite instruction is provided at Foothills Correctional Institution
and Western Youth Institution (both in Morganton), and Craggy Correctional Center in Asheville through an agreement with
UNCAsheville; at Eastern Correctional Institution in Maury, Hyde Correctional Institution in Swan Quarter, Pender
Correctional Institution in Burgaw, and Southern Correctional Institution in Troy through an agreement with East Carolina
University; and at Sandhills Youth Center in McCain and Morrison Youth Institution in Hoffman through an agreement with
Fayetteville State University. For more information about any of these programs, contact the Correctional Education Program,
9199622648 or 8008625669
  Windham School in Texas
  HUGE RESOURCE Correctional Education Association

Choose to Change  12 steps to recovery

Contact Eileen Cable at:

Phone: 204  725  3532

Fax: 204  725  3537


Or Write: 375 Smithfield Road, Brandon, Manitoba R7A 5Y5
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