The day you know the truth but cease to speak it is the day you begin to die."
~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As you may have read in many Florida newspapers, the FDOC is currently being investigated by the FBI and FDLE for steroid abuse among guards, inmate labor on private projects, pilfering large amounts from the recycling fund, and hiring people who get paid for not working, just playing ball. And you, fellow citizens, voters, taxpayers, are as usual, swallowing the losses.

These are just a minor sampling of all the illegal and immoral activities going on in the department.  Although most of the activities looked at so far have involved recently 'retired' Region Director Allen Clark and his personal favorites, the ballplayers, there is so much more and so many more that should be investigated and charged or fired or retrained.

And it all has to go back to Clark's friend, relative and admitted mentor, James Crosby, the man who was told about guard Timothy 'Big Red' Thornton's proclivity for beating prisoners before Thornton helped brutally murder inmate Frank Valdes at Florida State Prison in 1999. Crosby was the warden there at the time.

Crosby chose to ignore the warnings, and shortly after the jury let all the murdering guards go free, he was promoted to top dog, secretary of the Florida DOC.  All too often that's is how it goes in the DOC.  The guards get promoted over professional officers.  If officers complain, they get the worst shifts and duties, are shunned or get fired.

Allen Clark's reign of terror is over, thank God. But Crosby, the little man with no compassion, is still in his position of unearned power.  He went publicly silent for a couple of weeks when all the poop hit the fan, but behind the scenes he's been running around threatening anyone who might talk.  He was definitely shook.

We almost had his resignation last week, but he got an unexpected reprieve from the man who hired him in the first place.

Florida's governor Jeb Bush, little brother to George, has expressed total support for his protégé, advising him to ignore the people giving him grief. I don't know what he says to him in private, but Bush publicly has nothing but praise for the little man with the big temper who shirks his responsibilities, allows criminals to wear the uniform of professionals,  and uses the department for his own personal gain.

Bare in mind, James Crosby forces department employees to support the governor with donations and coerced attendance at political functions.

Members of the legislature are claiming that Crosby is a nice fellow (as if that's the quality that makes a good warden) whom all employees like, despite the fact that every letter I get and every phone call the reporters of several newspapers get from correctional officers ends with "don't use my name, I am in fear of retaliation".

Florida's spineless legislatures have decided to turn their backs on all the information we've been giving them, on all the people who serve in a prison system with no focus on ethics, in order to support the governor's man.  These officers need and deserve the legislator's intervention, but so far it's been withheld.

So, with Jeb Bush's blessing, Crosby feels he is back in the saddle again.

After his meeting with Jeb, plans for damage control have most likely began in earnest.  What you see from here on is most likely orchestrated, at least in part, by Bush or people who are experts at making weak men look powerful and bad men look good.  It'll be a professional attempt to protect someone who doesn't deserve protection.

How obvious does it have to get?  When the man at the top is nasty,  the wall of silence wraps around him like a cloak and everything about the system begins to stink. The Florida prison system has become a cesspool of corruption, nepotism, favoritism, and racism, with a core of good and professional officers trying desperately to hold it all together with no help from their superiors.  Among these employees moral is rock bottom, fear is sky high, and an air of defeat is immanent.

Crosby is trying to get things together for a big public relations campaign.  He's going to try to counter all the negative things that's been exposed.  It is possible Jeb is going to try to let him skate.

For that reason, I must emphasize to the officers that if you really want a safe and fair place to work where you move up according to your own efforts, now is the time to push harder. I know some of you are thinking of giving up because you believe that Crosby is going to survive, that the bad guys are going to win again, which is exactly what James Crosby wants and desperately needs you to believe to keep his job.

Remember Crosby's favorite saying, "If you go after the king, you better not wound him"?  Well, we've wounded him.  We can't walk away now and hope for the best.  We've got to forge ahead full force.

Right now you've got media attention, legislators under pressure and the boss stressed out. Where before no one would listen, you've now got a real voice!   If you don't do this now you will never know your power.   We need you, we're counting on you, and we can amplify your voice.  A few more leads, a little more truth and you'll see, all things are possible.   And when you win, and the department begins to do the things it takes to get dignity back into corrections, we'll go after pay raises.

STAY AWARE:   There are meetings planned for next week, ordered by Crosby, where Wardens and other high level administrators will be made to submit positive things from their facilities, This isn't the first time Crosby has coerced your support.  

BE PROACTIVE:  I believe there is one topic that can expose James Crosby's abuse of his position to the satisfaction of the legislators. I am particularly interested in the illegal political activities.  That is a crime that can't be covered up.

I know many of you have felt the pressure to be supportive of Jeb Bush at your own expense and/or on your own time.  Are there any of you who will confirm the allegations in the packets below?  Please offer any information that I can check out through public records or other means of investigation?


Opening page of Packet

Extortion In It's Many Forms

To Area Ministers and Local Leaders

To The Florida Democratic Party

To Bill Warner, FSECC Fiscal Agent

I can offer you anonymity, I can get the public records requests done, the media is more than ready and willing to run with it, we just need your input.

If you have any information on illegal activities, please contact me, Kay Lee, at

Kay Lee
2683 Rockcliff Road Southeast
Atlanta Georgia 30316
Forum: http://www.floridastateprisons.net

Or contact these concerned reporters:
Florida Media Steve Bousquet, SP Times <bousquet@sptimes.com>
Florida Media Marc Caputo Miami Herald <MCaputo@herald.com>;
Florida Media Karen Voyles, Gainesville Sun <voylesk@gvillesun.com>;
Florida Media Follick, Tampa Tribune <jfollick@tampatrib.com>;
Florida Media Bill Cotterell, political editor, Tallahassee Dem. <bcotterell@tallahassee.com>

Palm Beach Post svdate@att.net

Florida Media Kathy Johnson, Bradford County Times   tcnews@gtcom.net

Florida Media Crystal Cameron WMBB TV ccameron@wmbb.com


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