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Sent: Sunday, March 09, 2003 12:18 AM
Subject: [patrickcrusade] The Life of David Gayle Movie!!!

My husband and I just got back from seeing this movie and I think every American should HAVE to watch it!!

I literally stayed in my seat and cried ten minutes after the movie was over.....I know I'll have dreams for days....I cant even put in words yet the way it touched me...I won't tell anything about it to give it away...but it is one movie you should not miss!! I can't believe that it isn't getting more attention than it is....makes me mad movies that are mind numbing and stupid are raking in the ratings and the media are all over the dumb ones...this movie sends such a powerful message and I think I know the reason it is not being talked about should make us ashamed!!!

Go see it!!!!

God bless


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Subject: [patrickcrusade] The Life of David Gayle Movie!!!

I had to go see what this movie is all about:

It looks like  a movie worth checking out.

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Subject: Re: [patrickcrusade] The Life of David Gayle Movie!!!

That was very good reading!!!  I hope everyone visits the website... displays 'The Life of David Gale' and you can click on the selection to have Amazon notify you when the film is on DVD or VHS.  Clicking on 'Showtimes' indicates the following:
Carmike 10 (Carmike)
3441 Lorna Rd
Birmingham, AL 35216
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