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Just as Canada leapfrogs over England in the quest to reduce the criminal market for marijuana, the U.S. government steps up its persecution of the sick and dying ...

  * This morning, DEA agents raided the Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana in Santa Cruz, California. This co-op grew marijuana and distributed it free to its 300 members -- 85 percent of whom are terminally ill with cancer, late-stage AIDS, or other horrible illnesses -- and was known statewide as a caring and conscientious operation. But that didn't matter to the two dozen armed DEA agents who swarmed down on the co-op, tore up its garden and arrested founders Valerie and Mike Corral on marijuana trafficking charges, taking them away in handcuffs. In press interviews, DEA spokespeople are no longer denying that they are explicitly going after medical marijuana providers. Indeed, they appear to be targeting the most conscientious and ethical dispensaries in an effort to send a message that no one is safe. Please check tomorrow (Friday) for articles that will be appearing in the Oakland Tribune and elsewhere.

  * Yesterday, the Canadian Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs released a landmark report that calls for sweeping changes in Canada's marijuana laws. The report states, "Clearly, current approaches are ineffective and inefficient. Ultimately, their effect amounts to throwing taxpayers' money down the drain in a crusade that is not warranted by the danger posed by the substance. ... As far as cannabis is concerned, only behaviour causing demonstrable harm to others should beprohibited: illegal trafficking, selling to minors and impaired driving. ... In our opinion, Canadian society is ready for a responsible policy of cannabis regulation that complies with these basic principles." This group of venerable Canadian senators is recommending exactly what MPP's Nevada ballot initiative would do. For details on the Canadian report, see .

  * Two days ago, the DEA debuted its distasteful and disgraceful museum exhibit in Arlington, Virginia, which seeks to exploit the victims of the September 11 attacks by accusing casual drug users of funding terrorism. MPP blasted the exhibit in a national
    Associated Press story, while at the same time releasing our own on-line exhibit that charges, "It is the 'War on Drugs' that promotes terrorism, and the DEA and its law-enforcement allies regularly commit terrorist acts." Please see ...


Rob Kampia
Executive Director
Marijuana Policy Project
Washington, D.C.

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