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Wed May 18 08:54:14 PDT 2005

High Desert State Prison Inmate Kenneth Lee Smith (C-31506) wrote in a letter to several of us:

Please help.  Get me out of here.  They (correctional officers at HDSP in Susanville, California) are Beating me Everyday, SHOCKING me in my Penis & Balls.  Blood is coming out of my Penis & Rectum.  They are sticking things in my rear-end & ears. They won't let me sleep.  They have made me A CONFIDENTIAL SLAVE.  They are trying to make me commit suicide.

He said he wrote local DA OFFICE and the DA ofc called HDSP only to be told nothing was going on & they would take care of the matter.  Things got worse thereafter.

We (friends & family) have written 10s of people on his behalf (including CDC, YACA, IG, Governor's office etc).  YACA responded saying Kenneth was interviewed, video-taped.  He refused to say anything of abuse and medical exam revealed no signs of abuse.  Further, due to budgetary constraints, no transfers were being granted.

How many people do you know who would give the names/describe the above atrocities when they know they wil be remaining in the custody and care of the perpetrators?  Would you?

Please help Kenneth.  He is a lifer and carries w/him all that tag implies; no credibility.  Who will believe anything he has to say?  He has been in prison most of his adult life, is far away from home, receiving no family visits because of the distance.  He has never once before complained to us of any abuse.  Speak for him where he can't.  Give him a voice.  Don't allow the badges bestowed upon those sworn to uphold the law shield them from accountability.

Write/Call/Email/Scream to anyone who will listen/help/forward this email (1)attorneys, 2) congressman - state & federal, 3) talk show hosts, 4) ACLU, 5) NAACP, 6) newspapers, 7) prison advocates, 8) your friends & family etc)

Thank you
jasmin jackson

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