Ohio - wants pen pals
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Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2003 6:05 PM
Subject: [patrickcrusade] penpals wanted

Donald Palmer A215-600 
Mansfield Correctional Institution
Death Row
PO Box 788
Ohio 44901

Donald is known as DUKE and his Kenny's best friend. He needs some penpals.
If you can commit yourself to would be great. He has been let down so many times. He is really nice guy whom I love to bits.

Karen and Kenny.

All updates on Kenny's case are on The Message Board
The Innocent Scot on Death Row
"I am sure that most of the world's leading forensic scientists in this field would be horrified if they saw the chromatograms used to convict Kenny Richey. If Kenny Richey were executed on the basis of this scientific evidence, then these chromatograms will become historical documents, examined by scientists all over the world to show just how wrong forensic evidence can be. it would be a great tragedy for the future of forensic science." Tony Cafe Arson Expert.