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Hello Everyone,

I have a little story I'd like to share with everyone. I hope you don't mind.

Today I received a letter from an inmate by the name of Danny Quinn, who is housed at Cheshire. Danny has been writing to me for a long time now. When ever I see a letter from him I open it ASAP....Why you might ask! Well Danny is the type of young man who never once wrote me with any complaints...He's the type that most people would call happy- go- lucky and handles things in the best way that he can, and never complains about anything. 

Danny is always interested in what is happening with in our organization and I write often about the things we are working on. A few weeks ago I told him in a letter that I had finished our News Letter, and that I had hoped to be able to send out over 1,000 to inmates all over the state. But first I would wait for donations to help with the printing and stamps. 

As I opened his letter I took notice of a Department of Corrections Check made out to me. As I started to read his letter I was overcome, mostly with tears to see that an inmate had sent money to help fund our News Letter, an inmate who has very little in the way of funds for himself. Yet he cared enough about our News Letter and our organization to send what ever he could afford to send. It's amazing how the people who can't afford to send are the ones who send, yet the people who are in the free world always want something for nothing. And they say that inmates have no heart or feelings. I remember that not long ago an inmate from Connecticut sent a donation to some organization here in Connecticut; I believe it had to do with the flooding in some country and it was placed in the paper. Never say that an inmate has NO heart or that he or she is good for nothing...because there are many loving, caring, good hearted inmates all over this country, who would do anything to lend a helping hand.

Thank You Danny for your generous donation.

Anyone wishing to send a donation to our News Letter fund can send it to 


                                                        P.O. Box 16897

                                                      Stamford, CT 06905


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