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Full Name: Alba Carrasquillo
Street Address: 3827 Seabridge Dr
City, State, Zip: Orlando FL 32839


I live 5 hours from Broward County were my son was sentenced, so I don't know anyone there that witnessed what happened that day. I also can't get help finding out about what happened to the video tape. According to the Broward County police they can't find it. In Broward County Florida 2004, Daniel Carrasquillo DCx12521 was sentenced for life in prison. He did not kill anyone, he did not rape anyone and he did not kidnap anyone. Yes, he broke the law and he had to be punished, but not life in prison. According to officer Diaz he assaulted him, but it was not proven in court. The police video was never brought to court on Daniel's behalf to prove that Daniel dragged officer Diaz. No hospital record; not even a scratch on the officer's body or any scuffs marks on his clothes was found. Daniel’s sentence was based on his prior record. They did not give Daniel a fair trial; the jury already found him guilty due to his prior convictions. We are asking for a lawyer to help me in my son's case. Please contact us at Thank you and please let me know if we could start with this.
In 2005 my friend found me a lawyer and she ask us for a downpayment of $3,000 at front and pay her $300.00 monthly. My husband and I have been making our payments as agreed every month, she wants more money to finish the case. We do not have that amount of money that she is asking so she said that she can't continue with the case. I feel that she has charging us too much money for this case. We provided her with the court transcripts when my son first got arrested. She also went to court to appeal his case because he was in jail cloths the first day of court, instead of appealing for evidence that wasn't presented when he first went to court. She also charged us for phone calls that she made to my son's ex-girlfriend that had nothing to do with this case. We have a balance with her of $87,000.00 and my son is still in jail with no hope at all to be out or reduce his sentence of life in prison. We need help. At this point I dont know what we can do. If you know anyone that could help us please let me know. Thank you very much for all your help and God Bless you.