From Darkness to Light

Sacred dream of sacred earth unfolds before our waking eyes. Day breaks on "the land beyond the sea" ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN 

Heaven on Earth is Now. 
Through focused, united invocation, world events may be altered. 

Group invocation by people of good will everywhere opens a channel for 
spiritual energies of divine love to flow and heal in more ways than we can 
imagine. Group invocation is a means of transforming the spiritual climate 
of our planet.
"Ask and ye shall receive."
*Queen of Heaven holds sacred dream of sacred earth for 13 centuries. Now, at the end of the great Cycle, she unveils it before children of earth. *

Evil forces and vested interests have conspired to bring the planet to the 
brink of nuclear catastrophe for the sake of profit. These agendas have been 
foisted upon an innocent, largely naive and unwary population. 

Material forces are not the only forces being manipulated , however. The 
dark agenda are also working on the inner to try to bring about a climate of 
fear in order to darken planet's energy fields and tip the scales towards 
chaos and destruction.
The sword of TRUTH shall be raised in every land to expose iniquity. We have the power to shift the balance towards the light by acting now. 

Vortices of energy in various parts of the globe are apparent to sensitives 
and light workers around the world WHO ARE CALLED UPON TO ACT NOW. 
Go to these vortices in your prayers, and in these holy temples of energy 
ASK for the highest good of all to manifest for all beings. 

On the shoulders of the light workers and the New Group of Word Severs, 
falls the huge responsibility of invoking divine intervention from beloved 
Master Jesus and beloved Master St. Germain as well as other members of the spiritual Hierarchy. They will not intervene unless we ask them to because humanity is endowed with free will. 

When the light becomes bright the darkness manifests for the whole world to see. We have the duty now to be aware of and expose corrupt politicians and their dark agenda manipulators, using the media in our particular region of the world and the powerful tools on the inner that we have already been given. 

Isaiah 12.10. " For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall 
not give their light: the sun shall be darkened in his going forth and the 
moon shall not cause her light to shine." 

"And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause arrogance of the proud to cease and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible." 

"I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even man than the golden 
wedge of O-phir. Therefore I will shake the heavens and the earth shall 
remove out of her place in the wrath of the lord of hosts and in the day of 
his fierce anger." 

The more people who go into the present and experience heaven on earth, the more the scales tip from darkness to light. The climate of earth changes and it becomes warmer physically and psychically.
Scales justice are tipping in one direction or another until either desire 
or spiritual aspiration weighs the balance down enough to show the way that humankind must go at the time. 

On the level of humanity, the entire human race is involved not just an 
individual. The weight of mass desire will turn the scales either up towards 
spiritual decision or down towards material and selfish ends. 

In spite of challenges, the realisation that the world has a spiritual 
destiny is growing. World service takes place through power of divine love. 

Influence of divine will makes its presence felt when we begin to get a 
sense of right direction, guidance. Then there is a direct inflow of divine 
energy and we are linked up in a creative way to source of divine supply 
*One day animal-man picks up a rock and, for the first time, visualises a 
tool within that rock. 

One million six hundred thousand years later in the information age, we pick up another 'rock', visualising the tool of light, sound and colour, linked 
with intent, thought, feeling and sensation. 

We are now in the process of realising what this tool is and what it can do. 
We are in the midst of greatest quantum leap in human evolutionary history!
We use the power of communication technology to focus mass consciousness 
and feeling on spiritual perfection, creating and attracting heaven on 

The End is as the Beginning
In 1993, the U.S. Supreme Court almost unanimously ruled in favor of 
Farmers' Union claims that American banks were fraudulently foreclosing on farms with collusion of the government, and that the income tax amendment was never properly ratified. An extremely strict gag order was placed on everyone directly involved, court case records sealed, and docket number case details revised until after the Court's reformation rulings are 
To implement reformations, five Justices spent years negotiating "Accords" 
with U.S. government and other parties. Because the Accords process did 
not work, the Justices authorized the reformations be put into the form of 
a law named the National Economic Security And Reformation Act (NESARA) 
which was passed secretly in March 2000. Secrecy was maintained by 
revising official records and strict gag orders. News of NESARA came out 
of U.S. naval intelligence in June 2000.
NESARA requires: 1) end of income taxes; 2) forgiveness of credit card and 
mortgage debt as remedy for bank frauds; 3) U.S. Treasury Bank system and precious metals backed Treasury currency; 4) restoration of Constitutional Law, and more. Bank presidents and stockbrokers know about the U.S. Treasury bank system.
This Act returns America to Constitutional Law. Other countries are 
scheduled to follow into Constitutional Law after Nesara is announced in 
America. This Act is the key to the Golden Age.

NESARA was to be announced at 10 a.m. EDT on September 11, 2001. The 
attacks occurred on 9/11 to stop NESARA's announcement.
Each time Nesara has been scheduled to be announced on the major media, 
those of the dark agenda have used every means to stop it.
We need NESARA.
The powerful forces of light that are protecting our world at this extremely 
critical time have asked that Americans and people from all over the world send post cards supporting NESARA to papers, radio and television stations, and to:
U.S. Supreme Court, 
One First Street, Washington, D.C. 20543
On 10/14/2002, the Justices removed many gag orders; it's time that our 
voices be heard.

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