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Subject: Feds Indict Two in Prison Probe

Feds Indict Two in Prison Probe 
Peoria Journal Star 

An ongoing probe into drug smuggling at the Pekin federal prison in Illinois has netted two federal indictments, and more might be coming. 

U.S. Attorney Jan Paul Miller announced the indictments February 26, calling the drug smuggling a "violation of the public trust." 

"Anytime you have a conspiracy with individuals who are working at a federal prison - or any prison for that matter - it's a serious situation," he said. 

Named in the 12-count indictment were Cassandra Inez Cooper, 32, and former Pekin inmate Beau Hansen, 29. They allegedly were part of a two-year conspiracy to smuggle cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine into the Pekin prison. 

Additionally, an unnamed staff person and inmate were listed as co-conspirators. Miller declined to say anything about them except that the staff person no longer works at the prison. 

The indictments, handed down two weeks ago but made public February 26, charge Cooper and Hansen with conspiring to provide inmates with prohibited objects. Cooper faces five additional charges of providing inmates with prohibited objects. In addition to the conspiracy charge, Hansen faces two counts of providing inmates with prohibited objects, one count of witness tampering, and three drug possession charges.

If convicted, both face substantial prison time and large fines.