February 3, 2002

I have recently become involved in the International Forgiveness Day Initiative campaign and I would like all of you to decide to participate in spreading the word about this campaign to everyone on and offline that you know. The day will be August 4, 2002.  The website on this may be found at please browse these pages so you will know what we intend to do around the world.

Forgiving is healing and that's what this world needs.  Though we are advertising it here, and speaking on topic here, it is not only prison reform activists who will be participating. This is for everyone, offenders, victims, their families, churches, schools, lawyers, politicians, sports fan, business professionals, military personnel, entrepreneurs, grassroots activists for the homeless, for the constitution, for the environment, fishermen, mail carriers, grocery clerks, bar tenders, bus drivers, accountants, college professors, physicians -- everyone. The more people participating from all walks of life, all ages, all views of thought, and all experiences, the better.  I hope you will pass the information on, as you see fit, and leave no one out of this important world-wide event.

One staunch supporter of the International Forgiveness Day Initiative is Aba Gayle who is the mother of a beautiful daughter who was brutally murdered. Her web page is at's.htm and it is very moving.  Aba Gayle is one of the prominent spokespersons for Parents of Murder Victims who does not favor the death penalty. It seems to me that those who have been hurt the most, are the first to be willing to forgive.  Everyone receiving this email has been hurt in their lives, in one way or another.  Let us all be an example to a society that presently doesn't give a damn about anything but themselves. Through our love and caring, through our acts of forgiveness, we can change this apathy to empathy, to compassion and finally caring enough to forgive everyone who has ever hurt us or someone else. The International Forgiveness Day Initiative - If you think forgiving is a good idea, please pass this on.

Blessings to all,
Sherry Swiney
It is the inability to experience the suffering of another human being as one's own, that allows gross suffering to continue on planet earth.


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