Fresno district attorney arrested for drunken driving
Dec. 5, 2001

    District Attorney Ed Hunt was arrested Wednesday for drunken driving after his car slammed into a truck stopped in traffic, police said.No one was seriously injured in the accident that happened in the early afternoon on Blackstone Avenue, a commercial strip that runs through the north half of the city, said Lt. John Fries.Hunt was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and then brought to the police where he failed an alcohol breath test."There were obvious signs that he was under the influence of alcohol," Fries said.Hunt was driving a sport utility vehicle northbound in clear driving conditions when he rear-ended a small pickup truck stopped in traffic.Hunt was cited for a misdemeanor and released. After 20 years as Fresno County's top law enforcement officer, Hunt announced this year that he will not seek re-election.He could not immediately be reached by phone for comment.A year ago, a motorist claimed that Hunt's vehicle clipped his bumper. Police traced the license plate number to Hunt, who denied that accusation.