Grafton Prison Demonstration!!!
Strength In Unity! 
Stop the Prison Industrial Complex 

Event: Demonstration 
Location: Grafton Correctional Institution, Grafton Ohio) 
Date and Time: December 29, 2002 / 11:00am to 2:00pm) 

Join us in front of the prison December 29th to show our opposition to the growing Prison Industrial Complex.  We are protesting the injustices that are inherent in the prison system, such as: 

Private Prisons 
Brutality against prisoners; 
Corruption and dereliction of duty of guards and staff; 
Exploitation of prison labor as slave labor; 
Visiting conditions and policies; 
Inadequate Medical Treatment and the Hepatitis C Epidemic; 
Inadequate Grievance Procedure; 

This demonstration gives us the opportunity to reach three prisons with one demonstration and we will be getting our message out to a small rural town that has long benefited from the exploitation of prisoners. 

Guest speakers will be announced and a sound system will be available for those who wish to speak. 

Help us spread the word of this demonstration. Bring your friends and families, and if you have a friend or loved one in either of these prisons, let them know that we will be out there on that date and time. 

Bring your signs, banner and bullhorns.  Dress warm, it will be a cold and windy! 
Coffee and Hot Cocoa will be provided. 

Sponsors of this demonstration: Prisoners Advocacy Network - Ohio, CURE-Ohio, Community Organizing Center, Ohio Prison Reform Unity Project, Students for Sensible Drug Policies. 

Driving Directions: From Columbus - From Columbus - Take I-71 North to S.R. 83 (Lodi-Burbank Road). Turn North. Institution is eight miles north of Litchfield on west side of road. (2500 South Avon Beldon Road.  (Prison phone #440-748-1161) 

For more information and transportation contact Dan or Ida or Christy at: 
(614) 224-3466 (CURE-Ohio office)

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