Some things never change.
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From: Kay Lee
To: MRS. WANDA Valdes
Sent: Friday, May 06, 2005 6:44 PM

MILLS, GREGORY L  747233 BLACK MALE 01/20/2007 UNION C. I. 10/06/1970

Gregory Mills-- Feb 11, 2005

Dear counselor Lee,

This is an emergency letter and I am praying that it reaches your location the way I am addressing the envelope.

James V. Crosby had me seeing an illusion that almost cost me my life on Feb. 7, 2005, while standing at my cell window looking outside. At this time I was housed on C-wing (1215s).

Lt. Oscar E. Pearce approached my cell with the nurse to give me my medication. Lt Pearce verbally attacked me saying "Every time I come to your cell, you are always yelling out your door and  window."  So I told Lt. Pearce if he and his crooked administration wouldn't have lied on me in the first place I wouldn't be on disciplinary confinement. This made him very angry and he threatened to spray me with chemical agent. So he walked away from my cell and continued to make rounds with the nurse.

About three minutes went by and then the wing supervisor came to my cell. Sgt. John Bell, whom I have had problems with before, started selling me out. He called me "pussyboy, fuck boy", and even let the "nigger" word come out. I responded negatively and traded words with him. He told me that the gas was coming so get ready for it, and he walked away from my cell.

He returned with another officer whose name I didn't get because he wasn't wearing an ID card. So they kicked my cell door and talked trash to me. This went on for about ten minutes before Capt. William C. Muse approached my cell. He didn't say one word to me; he was letting the security camera system on the wing see him at my cell door, then he walked away.

A few minutes later Lt. Pearce etc. came back and sprayed me through the food flap. They returned about five minutes later to juice me up again. After a while Capt. Muse came again to my cell door and didn't say a word to me. The next thing I know my cell door opened and the cell extraction team ran into the cell. I picked up my mattress and rushed the officer with the shield and the fight was on from there. They finally brought me down to the ground and placed me in handcuffs and leg irons. I was then taken to medical. Before this though, one of the cell extraction team members threw a blow using his palm bone, trying to push my nose bone up my skull, but I snatched my head away from it and it caught me in my top lip.

When I exited C-wing they had two nurses and a stretcher waiting outside the wing. That's when I realized how close to death I had just come, once I made it to medical and the nurse checked me out. They took me straight to Q-wing and guess what cell I was placed in, Frank Valdez' cell that he was murdered in (Q2202), and that adds up to the mark of the beast.

Do you think James V. Crosby and his klan comrades are so mad with me for writing the truth about the racial abuse and discrimination within the Fla. DOC, that they are ready to kill me? The first amendment right under United States constitution gives me the right of freedom of speech. I have only used my ink pen and paper to express  the abuse that I faced and continue to face while incarcerated.

I was ten months clean from April 2004 til January 2005 and the state classification officer gave me a 90 day review. I was one week from going up for close management review and this administration sent a black officer to write me a 9-1. He straight up lied on me. They knew if he wouldn't written me any other disciplinary report I still could have made close management two, but not with the most hated Dr. on record.

Now counselor Lee, I find myself in a rough position because James Crosby has put some African-Americans in control of the colonel office and asst. warden of operation but I still find myself being a target of my enemies' abusive games physically and mentally. Counselor Lee, I need you to send this letter to anybody that will listen to my cry for assistance because I do not know who to trust and there is another story that will blow your mind. Keep me within your prayers and I will do the same for you and your loved ones. Stay and angel and thank you for caring about us inmates.

Sincerely yours,
Gregory Mills

PS: The captain position must be changed at this prison. The ones that are here have been in this position for a number of years now have many old uses of force that are very abusive. They still have that old Crosby mentality and don't mind breaking the rules.... Make sure you send these letters to the new United States attorney general, Albert Gonzales, for Frank Valdez.

Gregory Mills-- Feb. 13, 2005

Dear counselor Lee,

On Feb 8, 2005 at approximately 8:05pm I was attacked on the most secure wing in this prison. Yes, I am talking about Q-wing where this type of assault is not supposed to happen because of the audio  recording and video security.

But on the above date Sgt. T. Rhue, wing supervisor, and Officer William Shirrmacher came to my cell Q2202 for a shave. So I came out of my cell and walked out to the front where they do the shave. Once the barber started shaving me Officer Schirrmacher started putting me down out of nowhere. He stated that this is a new crew on Q-wing and things are ran differently and if I don't com out for shaves and showers once a week they will run the cell extraction team on me.

Finally I responded to his verbal attack and told him I was tired of him and his homosexual buddies trying to put me down. He ordered me to sit down and receive a haircut. I was so mad about his out of nowhere harrassment that I refused to get a haircut. At this point Officer Shirrmacher ordered me to return to my cell. As we entered the wing we exchanged a few more harsh words between each other. 

Gregory Mills Returned to FSP
(This information was current as of 5/1/05)
As I entered my cell (q2202) and walked over to the food flap opening so the handcuffs could be removed Sgt.Rhue secured the cell door. At this point Officer Shirrmacher(sp) took the handcuff off my right arm and I turned around to the front and gave him my arm with the handcuff. Once he grabbed the free handcuff this nasty officer snatched my arm up. My arm caught the edges of the grill that covers the bars. Five of the edges cut into the top inside of my forearm leaving five long bloody cuts. When he snatched my arm I told this officer clearly that the camera was right outside and he stated that it wasn't inside here. He was referring to the catwalk outside the cell. 

When Lt. McGregor arrived at my cell and he asked me what happened. I showed him my arm and told him that the officer had assaulted me. He asked me who and I said the fat one because I didn't know his name at the time. He left my cell q2202 and returned a few minutes later with two nurses. The older nurse checked my arm. She asked me how it happened and I told and showed her. The nurse then took her hand and felt through the food flap opening. Then she said okay, but my wounds were never cleaned. 

They wrote me two disciplinary reports for unarmed assult saying I spit on the officers butno one has said anything about officer Shirrmacher assaulting my arm. They have me on B-wing in cell B1201S on R-status and my arm is turning yellow and swollen.

This had to be a hit because it was a very bold move to attack me on Q-wing. Since this took place on the 4-12 shift  capt. Seacy is the guilty party of sending it at me. This captain has a history of abuse and he is a part of James V. Crosby's crew of hit men. He doesn't care if his officers are in the wrong. This guy backs everything they do. (A minority officer cannot hold this position here at FSP and when they do move up in rank from Lt. to captain they are to be transferred away from this prison before an inmate gets out with the wrong mentality and hurts a lot of innocent people.) Even the minority officers are being oppressed by the white power organization that controls the Florida DOC.

Take care of yourself and stay beautiful!!

Gregory Mills
Florida State Prison
7819 NW 228th St
Raiford, FL 32026

PS Capt. Seacy is the last Crosby hitman left here and he has a number of forces with chemical agent on these mental inmates. His record is very shocking.


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