Received November 12, 2004
From:  Grover G. Allen
A.I.S. #132096 (F1-47B)
Bibb County Correctional Facility
565 Bibb Lane
Brent, AL  35034-4040
Re:      Illegal Incarceration/ Denial of Constitutional Rights/
            Reverse Discrimination/ Illegally Using Inmates for
            Personal Gain.
I have an alleged life sentence for a non-violent property crime that never occurred; there was nor trial held; there was no plea agreement entered; and there is no required signed Explanation of Rights Forms.
Paul Whaley of the Alabama Department of Corrections, who has a proven track record of criminally conspiring with the Alabama Courts, has submitted (in writing) that I am in prison due to "false PSI Reports" of the Alabama Parole Board.  This is a common practice in Alabama and a major cause of the overcrowding of Alabama's prisons.
My brother has even bragged and admitted to calling the Alabama Parole Board and Department of Corrections and telling lies on me to keep me in prison; so that he (my brother) and his wife could force my mother and father to sign their house and land over to them.  They know that I would never let that happen and even though a criminal conspiracy has been made aware to the Courts, the Department of corrections and to the Board of Pardons and Parole, I am still being discriminated against and illegally incarcerated.
I have a minimum custody and have been used for personal gain on special projects by the Department of Corrections and on private property for personal gain of the D.O.C., Wardens, Deputy Wardens, Captains; including federally funded FEMA projects that myself (and others were used for the personal gain of Warden Cheryl Price, Deputy Warden Dewayne Estes, Prison Commissioner Donal Campbell when I have never been lawfully convicted of any crime). In short, neither I nor any of the others were paid and this is Institutionalized Slavery for personal gain.
My and all the other WHITE inmates are discriminated against by this predominantly black, racially, controlled, prejudicial Alabama Department of Corrections and Alabama Parole Board (when I and other like me have never even been lawfully convicted of any crime).  I was even illegally held on Death Row for harassment of this alleged non-violent property crime that never occurred.
The ALL black administration and the ALL black Classification at the Bibb County Correctional Facility willfully and deliberately, discriminate against ALL white inmates and deny ALL white inmates the same privileges and rights that they afford VIOLENT black inmates.
My mother is now old and ill of health (as is my father) and in an effort to prevent contact with my parents; my brother has a block placed on their phone to prevent me from being able to contact them.  My mother was forced into a nursing home by my brother and sister-in-law and is asking to see me before she is forced to her death by those two.  Because of the racially prejudicial Alabama Department of Corrections and Parole Board, who are criminally conspiring with my GREEDY and VINDICTIVE bother and sister-in-law, there is a strong possibility that I will never see or talk to my mother alive again (when I have never been legally or lawfully convicted of any crime and NO crime ever occurred).
This clearly shows the injustice of the corrupt Alabama Judicial System, the Alabama Department of Corrections and the Alabama Parole Board.  If ever an investigation was warranted, clearly one is needed in this instance now without further delay.  I ask that you please read this and PASS THE WORD.
Thank you.
Grover Allen

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