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  Sherry Swiney - Journal Notes:

My Gateway Voyage
March 6-12, 2010


There were 24 students who arrived for the Gateway Voyage, which is maximum capacity for a class. Each student arrived within the timeframe of Noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday March 6, 2010. As we arrived, we were shown our CHEC booth. CHEC is short for “Controlled Holistic Environment Chamber”. See photo of my CHEC booth. There were two booths in my room. The room has a skylight which is very nice. As you can see, the booths are wired up with headphones as well as wall speakers. There’s a black curtain that closes up the front of the booth. Inside are three lights behind a translucent pane: green, yellow and red. Each is controlled by a dimmer switch so you can adjust the lighting to what is comfortable to you (or resonates with you)

My roommate’s name is Louise. She is a nautical archaeologist (scuba diving) from California, who is a world traveler (China, Egypt, Israel, Turkey, India and Eritrea (which is in the southern part of the Red Sea – in Ethiopia, Africa). She restored a 1947 airplane and is an aerobatic pilot. What a remarkable young woman she is.

Everyone had such interesting backgrounds and stories to tell. Professions included Registered Nurse, Professor of Philosophy (PhD), Artist, Financial Planner, Engineer, School Teacher, Nautical Archaeologist, Student in College, Entrepreneur, etc. Ages ranged from my age (65) to 24 years old. It was such a pleasure to see people being so aware at a young age. It took me until I was 50 before my eyes opened up to what cosmic lessons are all about and how important it is to seek answers to the larger questions that will eventually lead me to finding out who I am, and then what to do about that once I break through this holographic reality I’ve created in the Energy Matrix we call The Universe. I know that one cannot find out who they are until they manage to release all the programming that is in the mind and body from life’s experiences. In the past 15 years since my eyes started opening to the realm of energy and where it comes from, I continued to study and then eventually experience more and more wonders that require my attention and understanding.

In these years of exploring the-previously-unknown-to-me, my childhood memories that had always been there were being remembered with much more clarity. I thought I had remembered traveling out-of-body when I was around 6 years old but these were foggy memories at best for most of my life. I wondered if I had imagined or merely dreamed that I traveled out of body back then. In 1973 a friend gave me Bob Monroe’s book “Journeys Out of the Body” (I was 26 years old at the time). Around age of 30, I began to experience Flying Dreams all the time. They were great! I had one flying dream where I flew to Saturn. On my return to Earth, I came to a screeching halt at the Moon to look at Earth from a space perspective. I had seen photos of Earth taken by the astronauts in outer space but that was no where near as awesome as seeing it in person – even if only in a dream. I even wrote a poem that relates to that experience. It’s called “Nimbus” and can be found at http://www.patrickcrusade.org/nimbus.htm

In recent years, I wondered if those were flying dreams or out of body experiences. I have tried to go out of body on my own without much success. However I now know that “trying” is inappropriate for metaphysical things, whereas “letting it happen” works much better. Last year, when my husband died, I finally understood the message that – contrary to popular belief – “letting it all go” (meaning letting go of all the crapola that’s in our mind – which turns out to be everything we’ve been taught about how this world and life is supposed to work) and letting the next thing just happen works much better in the metaphysical realm. I worked as a construction engineer for a long time – construction engineers don’t ever let things “just happen”. They are very left-brained and they only know how to work hard to “make the project happen” on schedule and under budget in the physical realm. So letting go like that was new territory for me. When my husband died, my life changed. It was more than losing him, which truly cracked my heart and soul into little pieces. It was also a huge cosmic 2x4 smacking me into wakefulness. Despite the fact that he was intentionally killed by a system that we have all been taught is in place to be of service to humanity, I knew a true letting go was required if I was going to survive this one successfully. What a wondrous lesson that was for me. We both knew there is no death and no time…human beings just made that up and now they believe in Death and Time as though it’s real – but it’s not real. Patrick’s transition brought that reality home for me, and for that, I am truly grateful. So, it is I who can rest in peace knowing he is fine where he is now.

I signed up for the Gateway Voyage because I had a feeling the Hemi-Sync technology would allow me to experience being energetically or spiritually out of body again. As noted below, I did have that experience during this program. Many of the students reported seeing each other out of body in different places during some of the Hemi-Sync sessions, though I cannot blame all of this on Hemi-Sync. For me, it was the combination of Hemi-Sync technology coupled with a wonderfully enlightened group of people and two awesome instructors. We had a group photo taken on graduation night. It seemed to me that we all bonded like family, and we hated to say good-bye as we each headed our separate ways back to the life from which we came…I think everyone benefited from this program.

The Gateway Voyagers traveled from everywhere for the experience: California, Delaware, Ohio, Illinois, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Florida, New York, Minnesota, New Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, and India.

Scott and Franceen are our instructors. They both graduated from the Gateway Voyage just like we all did on the last night. Scott has been with TMI for about 10 years or so (I can’t remember for sure). Franceen has been a trainer since 1986. She worked with Bob Monroe until he died in 1995 (of course, we don’t actually die – so “die” is just a figure of speech). It is more accurate to realize that he made his transition from physical to non-physical. Our instructors have taken all the courses and what excellent instructors they are! They speak from experience, rather than from conjecture based on only intellectual understanding where there is no “been there, done that” under the belt. Scott and Franceen provided such insights into what we were each experiencing with each session.

By the last evening when all 24 of us were together in the White Carpet Room with our instructors, many of us felt strongly that we knew each other from another time.

The White Carpet Room (WC) is the briefing and debriefing room. No shoes allowed and sitting was on the floor. Each morning would begin with a Yoga class followed by breakfast, then followed by gathering in the WC for instructions before going to our CHEC booths. After each CHEC booth session, we returned to WC for discussion (debriefing).


Day 1 Saturday March 6, 2010 – I arrived shortly after Noon. Classmates, Julia, Orton, Richard, and Louise, were already there. The 5 of us decided to walk down to the Crystal while waiting for the rest of the students to arrive. See photo of the Crystal. It came from Brazil and was a gift from one of the residents of the New Land who originally had it on his property. It is actually one piece of a much larger crystal which broke into three pieces. We each leaned our backs against the crystal in a circle and held hands to feel the energy. It was powerful. We all felt it.

After feeling all charged up from the crystal, we took a 1/2 mile hike through the woods to the lake. We had to climb over a fence to get there. In the woods, there was still snow on the ground in some places. We rested at the lake for a bit, wearing our heavy winter coats with the sun shining in the chilled air while dangling our feet in the freezing lake water like a bunch of kids joking with each other. Richard (from Canada) is a hoot! I’d say he is in his mid-30’s. He was so funny…later, when he connected with others from Canada their combined sense of humor had all of us laughing. Anyway, back to the Lake in present moment, we all had a great time getting to know each other. We didn’t dangle our feet too long – that water was COLD!!! After enjoying the difference one’s feet feel when dry and back into warm socks and shoes, we hiked back to the main building. This time we took the easier route that was cleared of trees and no snow on the ground – just cow manure here and there through a cow pasture. Thankfully there was only one cow there and not a bull. Ms. Cow stayed her distance as we passed her. She mooed at us in disapproval, even though we spoke ever so nicely to her and had no intention of getting into her space – as Patrick would say: “Women! They’re all the same. Temperamental.” :-) We also passed by two calves in another pasture. They were so cute. Their hides were still furry. By the time we got back, everyone had arrived and was settled in. We spent time introducing ourselves in the General Area where there is a large dining room table, living room area and a snack and coffee area. The dining room table was covered with hors d'oeuvres of fresh raw veggies and different dips, chips and cheese, pretzels, and so forth. A couple of feet away there is a beverage table (coffee, tea, lemonade and water). Across from that there is a fruits and nuts table (bananas, pears, oranges, apples, cashews, peanuts, mixed nuts, dried peas laced with hot spices, and so forth). The living room area is wall to wall living room furniture and a beautiful glass-topped coffee table that must weigh a ton. The inside of the building is beautiful. With 24 students and 2 instructors all in one place, we each tried to connect with everyone. Most of us were feeling like it would be a surprise if we could remember all the names right away.

From the General Area, we were asked to meet in the conference room in the next building, where we were asked to interview one person and then state to the group what was especially interesting about that person. I interviewed my roommate, Louise.

They kept it short, recognizing it had been a long day for most everyone. After this briefing, there were no rules. Some elected to return to the General Area for more food and visiting, and others turned in for the night. Whatever we were doing, we were all anxious to begin our trek into the unknown the following day. Scott and Franceen expressed that they would like all of us to be well rested for tomorrow’s Hemi-Sync experience so they suggested we didn’t stay up too late. Before we were dismissed, Scott explained that we were about to step into a different realm of Time (reminding us that there really is NO time because we – humans – invented it), therefore there would be no need for watches or any other form of time piece, which Canadian Richard jokingly labeled contraband. :-) We all laughed and with that, Scott carried a small nicely carved and leather wrapped Treasure Chest around the room, wherein we each placed our wrist watches and cell phones, or any other time-keeping device we had. Not to worry about what time it is, said Franceen. Here is how it worked.

Each night Hemi-Sync “super sleep” would be playing in the CHEC booth wall speakers – volume settings are up to each individual. Wow, that works extremely well for a relaxing sleep.

In the morning, super sleep disappears and we hear soft ocean waves, enough to break the sleep cycle gently, and then Bob Monroe’s very mellow voice says wake up, stretch, and then he starts the day with positive affirmations for us to mentally repeat: “I am more than my physical body…etc.”

Getting up, washing up or showering is followed by Yoga class, followed by breakfast, followed by gathering in the WC. Bells are used to tell us when the next “something” was going to take place. For example, there is a gentle chime used in the dining room to get our attention and then either Scott or Franceen would ask us to meet in the WC or let us know what’s happening next. Each day after the last session, we all met in the next building in a conference room where either a movie is shown or a speaker shows up (which I will get into below).

On the deck that overlooks the forest there is a large bell similar to a Monastery Bell. This bell can be heard by someone who is down by the crystal some 300-400 feet away, or if someone is out in the front of the building walking around, or even if someone walks down to the fence – maybe 700 feet away – which is a few hundred feet from where the cow pastures start on the way to the Lake. This bell is used whenever the classmates are scattered around the grounds. For example, it is used to let us know Yoga class is about to start.

Day 2 – After breakfast we were asked to meet in the White Carpet Room for a short briefing, and remember “no shoes” in that room. We all sat down on the very comfortable white carpet around the room while Franceen introduced a game to help us remember everyone’s name. She held between her hands a stuffed ball that was covered with a cloth world map. It was the size of a small beach ball, and it felt like it was stuffed with small pieces of foam rubber. The game consisted of saying our name then saying the name of the person you are going to toss the ball to. Between all of us, every name was spoken twice. For example: Franceen calls out her name and tosses the ball to Julia. Julia calls out her name and tosses the ball to Sherry. Sherry calls out her name and tosses the ball to Grant until the ball has gone around the entire room. The game was hilariously funny as the ball was tossed around the room!!! Especially with the Canadians and their wit on board :-)

We also learned some TMI terminologies and we were briefed on what is called Focus 10. But first, Scott asked the students if anyone forgot to turn in their contraband. :-) A few had their cell phones in their room last night and brought them to the WC this morning. One student asked about laptops that have the time and date at the bottom of the screen. Scott found some yellow sticky notes that could be used to cover that corner of the screen. It worked well.

For entering Focus 10 we are asked to do this with “beginner’s mind” even if some students had done the home program. The difference is that none of the students had gone to Focus 10 with a group of 24 people, or even if they had, no one had gone to Focus 10 with “this” group of people in this particular place at this particular moment.

In Hemi-Sync Focus 10, in the CHEC booth with headphones on, we are guided on how to totally relax the body and keep the mind awake and cleared of any “debris” like past, present or future distractions which means you place all those things in an imaginary Energy Box so that during the session you don’t have any distracting energy going on. So “body asleep, mind awake” is the state of being in Focus 10. The process seemed to take a long time. Once Focus 10 is reached, visuals, audio, or a sense that something beyond the 5 senses is happening becomes apparent. In F10 you don’t feel your body at all. You are just mind thinking. When the session is complete, Bob Monroe brings you gently back to C1 focus where you are totally grounded and back together again as a physical being so you can jot down notes or write in length to capture everything while it is fresh. This is like jotting down or writing about a dream. Only we were not dreaming – we were eyes closed and mentally awake. To be in that state is an interesting experience. :-) I sketched two visions I saw to help me remember for the briefing. One vision was an oval shaped pool of water that was surrounded by shiny ebony black figurines who were nodding “yes”. The next vision was that of a high cliff with a giant clam shell sticking out from the edge about half-way down the cliff. The clam shell was cupped to receive flowing water. These two visions represented, to me, approval to continue the exploration and advice to just let these experiences happen without trying to make anything happen by force of will.

Day 3 – We went to Focus 10 then we entered Focus 12 which is “Expanded Awareness” of what is beyond the 5 senses. Here is what I saw. I met my guide. I just saw his Indian face, so I asked for permission to get to know him. “Yes, Finally!” was the reply. I got so excited about seeing this that I jerked myself out from Focus 12 back to C1 and had to start over again. This time I saw two people in feathered costumes. I was viewing them from behind. These two characters were skipping on a gravel/dirt road in the woods. I’m not making this stuff up! In the WC, students told what they saw, heard or felt. In a couple of instances there was a break-through of something which made the person weep. As a result there were tears from others around the room that were experiencing deep empathy for the person. Scott and/or Franceen were so very helpful in all instances. The level of trust among the students and teachers was instantly there and it was profound. It was truly a safe environment to experience all things whether personal, bizarre or profound.

That evening when we met in the conference room in the next building, speaker Joe McMoneagle told us of his journeys with Remote Viewing. His stories are revealed on his website at http://www.mceagle.com/. What an interesting and amazing man Joe is.

Day 4 – We went to Focus 10 & 12 then we entered Focus 15 which is “No Time”. In this place you are free to go anywhere – past present future – or just BE in no time to see how that feels or what happens there. In Focus 15 you think of your intent. Intent is very powerful in an altered state of consciousness where you have stated your intent in the now with gratitude as though it has already occurred.

My intent was to meet my Indian guide again. Instead, I saw a very tall being. He looked to be about 8-12 feet tall. He was wearing a creamy white cloak with the hood on so I couldn’t see his face. He picked up a tray with fruit on it and floated outside an ancient-looking stone building that had balconies filled with people. This reminded me of all of us standing on the deck of the current building. As this being floated in thin air, the tray enlarged with more food on it to serve everyone who was there. After I told this vision, Scott advised that this was a vision with profound meaning and that I should explore this further. He told me that – if this were his vision – he might consider one possible meaning: The more we give the more we receive. In other words, there is plenty for everyone on Earth, and that scarcity is a false lesson that is fed to humans. This equated to me as The Venus Project which is based on a resource-based economy for planet Earth instead of a money-based economy and is now the focus of my new home page at http://www.patrickcrusade.org

We were brought back to F10 and then we did a second round to F15. On the way between F12 and F15 this time, two things happened. First I was standing at the edge of a narrow chasm, looking down into it. Next, I felt overwhelmed by the destruction that is going on with the dolphins, the earth, and Mankind. I prayed for Open Eyes and affirmed LOVE energy.

Then we did a Free Flow guided tour in F15. This was a very long session. Mind you, with each trek back to F15, we met in WC first then returned to our CHEC booths. On the free flow, we were guided to a sandy beach and asked to imagine a steam there and to follow that stream to the mouth of a cave that’s just ahead. Once at the mouth of the cave, we were asked to go inside the cave. Well, I saw the sandy beach and got the image of the stream and followed it to the mouth of the cave. I saw lots and lots of footprints – they were barefoot impressions – in the wet sand at the cave entrance. However, when I went to go inside the cave, I found myself inside an ancient pyramid in ancient time. I saw people bustling about in a market place – lots of people. I tried to get down close enough to see if I could see any faces but I could not zoom myself down from the birds eye view I was experiencing.

Day 5 – In the silence. This was getting to each Focus with Hemi-Sync, being there for a while and then the Hemi-Sync being turned off so that students were at each focus in complete silence. We were reminded of a book titled “Oversoul 7” (a Seth book by psychic author Jane Roberts originally published in the 1980’s). Many of us had read the Seth books. We were brought to Focus 15. In this state of consciousness we were asked to expand our spirit body and become larger until we could hold the whole planet and then the solar system in our hands and be aware of everything while expanding. This was really strange and good at the same time. I got the sensation that I was not here – as in I somehow had vanished. I was thinking about others in the group who are experiencing emotions that I was not experiencing – except that I am aware that I am not here. It was a strange knowing, yet good at the same time.

In this silence, I jotted down notes as follows: “I love the silence so far and being peaceful in my own thoughts. Only thoughts are here (no body just energy) yet I am holding a pen and writing this down…smoking a cigarette…drinking water…and feeling like meditating in the sun…this is bizarre. It brings home to me the idea that I am a figment of my own imagination in this holographic universe, but then the question is: who is doing all this thinking?”

In our next Focus session, we were guided to ask what the 5 most important messages are for us. For the 5th most important message, I saw classmate Sartaj at the fruits and nuts table. For the 4th most important message, I saw classmate Janie and thought of my sister who’s born name is also Janie (she has changed her name since then). For the 3rd most important message, I saw old faces of people. For the 2nd most important message, I felt extreme heat. And for the 1st most important message, I saw images of fruit and water. At present, I have no idea how to translate these messages.

At mid-day, the TMI store was opened for browsing. I purchased three of Joe McMoneagle’s books, one book by Paul Rademacher, several Hemi-Sync CD’s, and some T-shirts with the TMI logo on them as a remembrance of this whole experience.

Day 6 – Focus 15 – Riding the Sound. Going in, I rode the vibrational sound in Focus 15 and had to open my eyes to see if I was still visible (and I was). On the ride back I saw a huge open structure with mighty pillars that had ancient carvings on them. This morphed into the shape of a throne which then morphed into a wall of stone.

Day 6 – Focus 21 – The Bridge. This is the bridge between physical and non-physical. To get to Focus 21, it is necessary to reach F10, then F12, then F15 and then travel through the colored realms of the remaining Focus states. F15 is blue; F16 is red; F17 is yellow; F18 is rose; F19 is green; F20 is purple and F21 is white. We were instructed to observe, explore, perceive and experience Focus 21. Here in F21, we can meet with loved ones who have passed on to their next transition. We can meet what is called by Bob Monroe as “I-There” which represents other beings that are actually part of ourselves. We can meet with each other in this realm. And we can ask for guidance.

We were asked to create a bridge in Focus 21; to create a meeting area to invite communications and contact and to discover the Bridge Café that is in Focus 21.

From F15 to F21: I saw a giant dolphin and I told him how sorry I am about how some humans are treating them in some places in Japan. Dolphin turned to me as he was hurtling over a short stone wall and said, “Remember there is no Time. Follow me to Focus 21 and I will show you.”

I traveled along side this giant dolphin and on the way I saw a very dark bridge with lots of people who were working like a chain gang. They were struggling. This place was filled with very dark energy. It reminded me of the horrors many humans are unnecessarily experiencing on Earth. We hovered there for a few moments. I prayed for Open Eyes again and told Dolphin I wanted to move away from that toward the White of F21. I got to Focus 21 easily and created a bridge and then I saw the Bridge Café ahead. I entered the café and it was filled with all kinds of different people. It reminded me of the café in the Star Wars movie. :-) Suddenly I saw a being with the face of a Wolf. I like wolves and think they are beautiful. Patrick’s favorite animal is wolf. In fact, there is a beautiful poem written about that called “The Howling” written in 2001 by a women in Norway that can be foud at the following web-page: http://www.patrickcrusade.org/howlingpoem.htm

I went over to this being and asked, “Who are you?” He didn’t answer. Well, I don’t know how to speak Wolf so I said good bye and continue browsing the Bridge Café and other parts of Focus 21.

In the very bright white of F21, I first called out to see if Patrick could hear me. There was no response. Then I realized I was approaching this the wrong way and decided to ask some questions. That approach was more successful.

First Question: Is Patrick here?
Answer: Yes.
Q: Can Patrick present himself?
A: Yes
Q: Okay - Will he present himself?
A: Yes, but not now.
Q: Okay, thank you. I look forward to meeting him to ask how things are going for him and what it is like for him now.
A: He will meet you on the bridge later.

After all of us returned from Focus 21, we met in the WC to discuss our experiences. Most all of them were so cool! Many of us saw each other along the way and we laughed a lot about this. Holy Cow! We were really there at the Bridge Café!!!

We were then asked to meet at the conference room in the next building where a movie was shown called “Global Brain” by Peter Russell which is on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_73aFQGLcgQ. This is an amazing film illustrating the evolution of consciousness, which I will add to my new home page.

Day 6 – Superflow. This included a silent walk around the TMI grounds where we were not to speak to anyone and avoid eye contact. We were instructed to say in our minds, “1-1” while walking so that we would remain grounded. Then we were to go to Focus 10, then 12, then 15 and then 21 keeping our eyes open. We were advised that movement is an important part of this process and that we are the magic. After this session, we all met for lunch each taking turns at our respective tables, chatting about what we experienced during the silent walk. Each of us experienced the sounds of Nature in our own special way and each experience was that of being one with all of our surroundings and each other. It was a wonderful way to end the sessions of our Gateway Voyage and prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s journeys back to the world from which we came. http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2009/12/15

That evening we all met in the conference room in the next building where Paul Rademacher spoke. Paul is the director of TMI. I told him that I had listened to him on Coast-to-Coast Radio at in December 2009 and that this confirmed my decision to come to TMI for the Gateway Voyage. Paul is such a nice man…very humble and yet very knowing at the same time.

After Paul was finished speaking to us, we all gathered together for a group photo and then graduation whereupon we each received a Certificate of Graduation. See photo of our group.

I learned so much from this journey and recommend it to anyone who is interested in searching for and experiencing the personal exploration of human consciousness. I plan on returning to The Monroe Institute for further education. Thank you so much, TMI and everyone, for the wonderful and insightful journey.

Next time I will take better notes, as I missed writing down many wonderful things that happened and have no doubt gotten some of the events on the wrong days or slightly out of sequence.

Love and Hugs to all,
Sherry Swiney

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