German president slams Bush's justifications

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read what the German president and one of his predecessors in office say.,3367,1429_W_821855,00.html

German president slams Bush's justifications 

  German President Johannes Rau has sharply criticised religious 
justifications for the war used by President George W. Bush. Rau said no society had received a divine omen to liberate another. Such a belief was a misapprehension. In contrast, said Rau, the Pope in his urgings for peace, had spoken for the whole of humanity. Rau said the war in Iraq was horribly reminiscent of the Second World war and he still did not comprehend U.S. justifications. Iraq could have been disarmed by UN inspectors instead of resorting to war.,205,&item_id=30041

Former German president attacks Iraq war 

28 March 2003 
BERLIN - Former German president Richard von Weizsaecker said Friday 
that the U.S.-led war against Iraq was a clear violation of the UN Charter. On Deutschlandradio Berlin, he said that under the United Nations Charter, only the U.N. had the right to decide when force should be applied. The United States had helped to draft the charter, he noted. "There can be no doubt that the opening of the Iraq war breaks this law and that now power has been put in place of the law," von Weizsaecker said. Von Weizsaecker, 82, was president of Germany from 1984 to 1994. DPA