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       Sent: Sunday, November 03, 2002 11:16 PM
       Subject: [patrickcrusade] Harry Bout - citizen of the Netherlands imprisoned in the USA

       Patrick Crusade received another letter from Mr. Harry Bout.  It is typed below.  But first, here are some links to brush up on his case...  perhaps some of our Michigan and Netherlands members can assist.  If not, maybe there is "someone" on this list who will reach out - I pray so.  Obviously, as one indiviual, I cannot handle *all* of our cases.  Please see below.

       Newcast regarding Harry Bout [RealPlayer required to listen www.real.com]

       The case of Harry Bout

       The Harry Bout Story

       Eyewitness discredited by false police testimony

       United States treaty violations a factor in Michigan murder conviction

       Harry Bout is a citizen of the Netherlands. His parents moved the family to the United States, and ended up in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He had a business of buying wrecked houses and renovating them for profit. 

       ===========latest letter=============
       September 25, 2002

       Dear Mrs. Swiney:

       Enclosed please find copies of my new revised flier and explanation of the "proof" page, along with an info slip on how you could see the TV broadcast that was done on Dutch National TV :-).  The Grand Rapids Press did a front page article on my case May 23rd 2002 in the region section, and the TV Broadcast came shortly after that.  Obviously, I could not have seen the broadcast, but I've heard it was good.

       I have not heard anything from you in what seems quite some time.  I have not heard from anyone else connected with P.A.T.R.I.C.K. Crusade. Would you please post some more alerts on your website and remind your worldwide membership about me?  I would sure appreciate it.

       Since the one press article and the Dutch TV broadcast, there has been no further publicity that I am aware of, and I'm really concerned that if I don't get more publicity I'll be forgotten again.  Please help me in any wa you can.  If only I could bet the abolition moement to ecognize the significance of what exposing my case could have toward their efforts. Exposing what the cops did to me proves that the system does knowingly frame innocent people.  Make the U.S. public aware of this pfoof and even supporters/proponents of the death penalty will have a change of heart.  When that happens, those they elect into office will have a change of heart.

       The problem is getting the abolition movement to recognie the potential of exposing my case. Do you happen to know any of the abolition movement people?  Ones that are respected and have the ability to influence the others?  If you know anyone, please tel them about my case and even send them a copy of the enclosed and help me convince them to make my case their "poster-boy" case.  They would not regret it.  My case proves their point.

       I hope to hear back from you soon.  Please make a note of my current address here at Carson City, MI.

       Harry Bout
       180741 Carson City CF
       P.O. Box 5000
       Carson City, MI 48811-5000

       P.S. Did Court TV ever reply to your letter?  I have not heard anything.
       [note by SS: no Court TV never replied]
       Dear Sir/Madame:  Harry Bout was framed of a murder over 17 years ago.  Please see the factual proof which was put up for this purpose.  It's a very short video, only 46 seconds long.  You will see that Harry is truly an innocent person.


       More than 17 years ago, Harry Bout's rights under international law (the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations) were violated by police officials in the City of Grand Rapids, hometown of former President Gerald R. Ford.  After his requsts to contact th Dutch Consulate were denied, the police and prosecutor proceeded to frame him for a crim which they knew he could not have committed.  After 17 yhears of wrongful inprisonment, Harry was finally able to hire a lawyer named James Sterling Lawrence, of Detroit.  Attorney Lawrence found photographs whic prove that the police officers lied to frame Harry.  This evidence can now be seen in a 46 second video with sound track.  Please see


Attorney Lawrence has also found further records which prove that the Prosecutor knew that his witnesses were testifying falsely.  Harry needs the media spotlight onto what happened in 1985.  Harry's case is the prime example of why the Death penalty should be abolished in the United States.

       For anyone interested in putting together a doumentary, making a movie, writing a book, publishing articles, radio broadcasts, or otherwise helping to publicize this horrible injustice, please contact Harry or his attorney:

       Harry Bout, #180741, Carson City facility, PO Box 5000, Carson City, Michigan USA 48811-5000

       Attorney James Sterline Lawrence, 717 Penobscot Bldg, Detroit, Michigan 48226 USA Phone: 313-965-4189

       Email address for Harry Bout: harrybout@yahoo.com [set up by his sister]