AKA Fondly as J4J
A Condensed History by Kay Lee

The only reason I have to write this history is because James Dawson, who kindly kept our first three Journey websites (Ohio, Wisconsin and Florida) has disappeared along with his Freedom Page website.

I webmastered the Texas Journey at www.journeyforjustice.org but when my sponsor forgot to pay the bill once, the November Coalition, not knowing I had been working there, bought the domain for their 100 city J4J and all history was lost. Since I wasn't doing a journey at the time and everything on the past journeys was already gone, we agreed they would keep the site, and they continue to host J4J marches there to this day.

Since there is no history and many people don't know there were journeys before the November Coalition did their 100 city tour (which was actually the 5th [Drug War] Journey for Justice), I'll try to summarize the four journeys that I participated in.

The upcoming Journey for Justice Seven scheduled to begin April 7th will be more in the mode of the early journeys: See http://www.angelfire.com/planet/bikeride. Ken Locke will ride 3300 miles on a bicycle against the prohibition of cannabis.  When he needed it, he found out it was a wonderful, gentle, natural yet illegal medicine.  Of course all the journeys carry the message of a better way, be it medical, prison or drug war issues.

I could turn this into a real book, but I'll try to be as brief as possible considering all that went into planning and carrying out the J4J.

Previous J4J Kickoffs

Well, for the first J4J in Ohio lead patient Dan Asbury's front yard began to fill with reporters just after dawn, We came out of the house with paper bags over our heads that said, "Unknown Patient".  The only one without a bag was Elvy Musikka because she's legal.  In that manner we showed the press how the rest of us had to hide from what Elvy can do with govn. supplied medicine.  We finished interviews and took off down the street turning in front of a long row of cop cars.

The Ohio Journey For Justice - #1

For the second J4J in Wisconsin, lead patient was Jacki Rickert, whose doctor had fought to his death to get her on the IND program, had actually secured her govn. prescription, only to have them shut the program before filling her prescription.  We gathered in the graveyard at the doctor's grave.  Press gathered to film us doing our morning energy circle around his grave before takeoff.

The Wisconsin Journey For Justice = #2

For the third J4J in Florida, we gathered in the empty field next door to the prisons where I always protested.  We decorated our vehicles as prison staff came down to see what we were doing and reporters just milled around interviewing the lead patient Kathy Jordon and other journeyers.  Then we took off down the road past the prisons with their white vehicles parked all along the road watching us.

The Florida Journey For Justice - #3

The fourth J4J was Texas, (the only journey where our lawyer rode along - Kevin Zeese is a real warrior).  I was the trainer for Jodi James and Kevin Aplin on this journey.  The organizers rode from Florida into Texas, where we were joined by all the Texas folks from DPF.  We had a rally at a community center and that evening we had a hemp fashion show and dinner.  These events were where the reporters did their interviews.  The next morning we were up and on the road while everyone who wasn't going waved us off.

The Texas Journey For Justice - #4

J4J 6 & 7 were totally different and I didn't have anything to do with the organizing, just helped publicize them.  I did attend J4J7 in DC.  You can read more about them on the November Coalition's J4J site.

November Coalition's 100 City J4J6 and Roberta Franklin's J4J7 in Washington DC.

Journey Notes

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