Judges    LIE    To    Jurors

Judges Lie To Jurors - all the time in criminal trials, especially when the law is unpopular or abusive. Judges are guilty of destroying the most important function of trial by jury - which is the elimination of foolish, unnecessary and freedom-stealing laws.  Judges try to steal the jury's greatest power and turn independent jurors into puppets. Thus, judges protect bad government and enable government abuses of power to continue.

When you serve on a jury in a criminal trial, you have the right, the power and the duty to vote as your conscience and common sense dictate.

Because the conscience and common sense of jurors is the whole reason we have jury trials in the first place!

Yet judges routinely lie to jurors and try to manipulate them into ignoring conscience and common sense - and doing what the judge wants. This is called "jury tampering", which is a felony. But judges get away with it simply because not enough people understand what is happening. 

John Adamswho later became the 2nd U.S. President, in 1771 said of the juror: "it is not only his (the juror's) right, but his duty.to find the verdict according to his own best understanding, judgement and conscience, though in direct opposition to the direction of the courtQuoted in Yale Law Journal, 74(1964): 173.

"The law itself is on trial quite as much as the cause which is to be decided." Harlan F. Stone, 12thChiefJusticeU.S. Supreme Court, 1941.

John Jayfirst ChiefJusticeU.S. Supreme Court, In Georgia v. Brailsford, 1794:4, said: "The jury has a right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy".

(On the Internet you will find dozens more similar quotations from America's greatest statesmen and judges supporting "jury nullification", "jury veto" or "jury independence". ) See:  http://www.freedomlaw.com/JRYQuot.html  and http://jctmac.tripod.com/jurynull.html   among other sites

As a juror, you are the final safeguard against bad government, foolish legislators, freedom-stealing laws, abuses of power, etc. If you feel that the law is bad . or there are other factors that would make you regret a vote to convict (even when the defendant clearly broke the "law"), you have the right, the power and the duty to vote "Not Guilty". 

This is known as "jury veto power" or "jury 

nullification". Jury Veto Power is the most powerful and available tool the people have to control their government. Americans have forgotten that the jury is in fact a "Fourth Branch of Government" and has veto power over all the rest of government. 

Government abuses power in only one way: by 

enforcing bad laws.If bad government cannot enforce its bad laws, then bad government will soon be out of business. Take a moment and think of all the foolish, intrusive, abusive and unconstitutional laws that exist today. Think about all the things about government that make you angry. Think about anti-gun laws, anti-vitamin laws, anti-business laws, phony environmental laws, failed drug laws. Think about government attacks on freedom, justice and common sense everywhere! Think about government agencies, bureau_rats, prosecutors and judges who use bad laws to intimidate and harm innocent Americans. Jury Veto Power is the deliberately hidden solution to all of this.

Jury Veto Power is the Achilles heel of bad government. Jury veto power is your greatest power as a citizen - far greater than your power as a voter. Jury Veto Power gave the nation of England Freedom of Religion and of Assembly (1670). Jury Veto Power gave America absolute Freedom of the Press and of Speech (1735); helped end slavery (1850's); gave workers the right to strike (1880's-90's; ended prohibition (1930's) - to mention only a few. Jury nullifications are the people's peaceful method of "pruning away" government abuse and stupidity. 

Thomas Jeffersonin a letter to Thomas Paine, 1789, said: "I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution."

The problem is judges lie to jurors and manipulate jurors in a deliberate attempt to stop the jury from performing this most important function.  Why does government seem to only get worse, no matter who gets elected to office?!  Simple -- we forgot about the power of the jury and we believed the lies of judges.

The problem of lying and jury tampering judges is not new. For centuries, some judges have tried to cover up the jury's power and manipulate jurors. The best judges and statesmen resisted this usurpation of power - and we have many excellent quotes to prove it. In 1894, immoral and corrupt judges won the "debate" within the judiciary with a bitter split decision (Sparf) in the U.S. Supreme Court (quotes available).

Today, most judges seem to feel that since they "got away" with this crime a long time ago, they should not be confronted and exposed today. It's embarassing for judges to admit that they are liars and jury tamperers. Some judges cowardly smear jury nullification, but they will not publicly debate experienced jury educators. They can't debate; they have nothing to stand on but lies and sophistries. A few judges and many lawyers want to tell the truth publicly, but they are afraid of career-destroying retaliation from the legal establishment. As always, fundamental reform in government must come from the people. That means the solution is you.

WARNING: Judges are very skilled at bluffing and intimidating jurors. They use "instructions" and "jury oaths" that are fraudulent and unenforceable. During jury selection, they try to find out who knows about jury veto power and throw them off the jury. Do not be afraid of the judge. As a juror, you are superior to him - the judge rightfully is the servant of the jury. (Watch the judge stand up when the jury enters the courtroom.) You can defeat the judge and vote your conscience and fulfill your sacred duty as a juror - but you mustknow how.

Your verdict of "Not Guilty" to veto a bad law cannot be overturned. It is absolutely final. You cannot be punished for your verdict as a juror. The judge cannot force a jury to change their verdict or to keep deliberating when a jury is truly and sincerely deadlocked. This proves that the jury has boththe right and the power to veto bad laws. But the judge will try to trick and bluff the jury into doing what he wants. If you know how, you can be a real and powerful juror and not a mere puppet or stooge. 

Jury veto power is a solution to many serious problems. Therefore, this is your opportunity to be part of that solution. No new laws are needed; no politicians are needed. We have the power now to peacefully eliminate all bad laws. More "jury educators" are all that is needed. You can easily become a "jury educator". You can help create a peaceful "jury revolution", whether you are ever on a jury, or not. Are you smart enough to understand this? Do you have the courage to do something constructive and powerful with this information? Do you care enough about your country or about your children and grandchildren to take effective action now?

What Can You Do?    Learn a little more and then tell others - a few or many people - whatever is right for you. Be a "jury educator". That's all that is needed. Copy this flier or other similar material (from the internet) and give it to others. Use e-mail, fliers, talk radio, etc. Use your imagination! You will be very glad you did. If you personally know a judge, learn more and then confront him, as a true friend should. Tell all his friends and family too. Tell his church and his civic and social clubs. If you know anyone who knows a judge, give them this information. This is an extremely serious moral failure among the judges. Judges are trapped in a web of denial, lies and vicious peer pressure. Some judges suffer from great arrogance and pride. Some fear the loss of undeserved power, prestige and respect. Some may fear being prosecuted for jury tampering. All judges fear "professional retaliation" from other judges and the "legal industry" if they were to openly tell the truth. 

If judges are going to tell the truth, they are probably going to need the intervention of church, family and friends - who know the facts and can't be fooled by denials and excuses. And they are probably going to have to face many jurors who "call them" on their lies in court and veto bad laws.

The Internet is loaded with information. Some good web-sites are:   http://www.juryduty.org  ; http://www.fija.org  ; http://www.freedomlaw.com/fijalink.htm  ;  http://www.levellers.org/jrp  ; http://www.freedomlaw.com/JRPTransformA.html  ; http://www.freedomlaw.com/JRPSTUPID.html


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