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Except A Viable Solution
"Constitutional Chaos" by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
A Review by Barbie, ACIC, National J.A.I.L. Administration

When I first heard about the new book called "Constitutional Chaos," I was very intrigued. I like the title. And I was even more intrigued when I heard it was written by a JUDGE!  Whatever people might say about Judge Napolitano, I must give him credit for his interest in the Constitution and what it stands for, for taking the time to study it and apparently appreciate its principles, and mostly for memorializing his thoughts in his first book for the public to read and hopefully learn something from it. He even has the entire U.S. Constitution printed out at the end of the story. In his acknowledgements, he credits his helpers for whatever good the book may
cause and any government reform that may come of it. 

Well, I'm glad he had a lot of helpers in preparing this book, but the real beauty about it, as I see it, is the fact that is it written by a judge-- and that alone says a lot!  On behalf of J.A.I.L. I thank Judge Napolitano for publishing this book to at least inform the public about the government corruption that exists in this country, and lending his credibility as a judge to expose so many facets of it. What I particularly appreciated about it is that he points out how more often than not, it's the judiciary that puts its stamp of approval on government corruption by looking the other way when matters come before the court-- witnesses are "bought" for testimony that will help the government's case; judges are bribed for favorable decisions; and police and other officials routinely lie in reports and on the stand-- with the judge's knowledge. 

Judge Napolitano (hereinafter "Judge N") said that he didn't realize that the corruption is as bad as it is-- especially police and prosecutor conduct. He said words to the effect: Do you know what made me wake up to this reality?  Answer: My eight years on the bench. Prior to that, Judge N classified himself as strictly a law-and-order conservative, but since becoming an acting judge, he has learned to become "a rugged individualist" as he put it.  His moral values wouldn't allow him to accept the law-and-order brigade once he found out how they actually operated. His main theme throughout the book was "How government breaks the law in order to enforce the law." 

It's another way of saying "The end justifies the means" which is the way government works. Having worked closely with law enforcement myself for many years, I know the goal is to get as many arrests as possible, and as many felony convictions as possible. In fact, contests were run between offices throughout the county on which office would get the most convictions per month. In order to get the most convictions, the police had to be "in good" with the prosecutors, and the prosecutors had to be "in good" with the judges. I sure didn't see through this at the time, but since leaving and getting into the court battle personally, my wake up to the corruption was shocking to say the least. After more than 20 years since my "wake up," I still shake my head in disbelief.  This is happening in AMERICA! 

Judge N did a good job giving synopses of some of the most egregious events involving the organized crime of law enforcement in this country. He covered Janet Reno's escapades in Florida even before she became the top law enforcement officer of this nation which gave her plenty of experience to pull off the Waco disaster. Besides the Waco scenario, he also fully described the Ruby Ridge assault and murders and the Elian Gonzalez kidnapping in Miami, all to Reno's "credit," stating that apparently these federal officials not only have a license to kill, but also immunity from prosecution. Judge N also discusses some of the Mafia crime games, the police syndicate involving planting evidence and kicking in tail lights, false reports and testimony, and other "niceties," and an inside look at the Guantanamo Bay fiasco-- the no man's land where prisoners are allowed by our "government" to be held indefinitely without the imposition of criminal charges-- like a black hole into which undesirables are thrown because they "might be" or "could be" dangerous.

Oh, it's a real eye opener, and coming from a judge, it is truly a gripping testimony about the real criminals-- those wearing badges. And it isn't being told by a "disgruntled litigant" (especially a "pro se") who just didn't "like" the court's decision or the "way" the judge handled his case. 

Although I've read some negative reports about Judge N's personal background on the internet, that should not detract from the public service he did in writing his book "Constitutional Chaos." What he exposes in that book is what is important for the public to know and understand. 

Friends, we must give credit where credit is due, and after reading Judge N's book "Constitutional Chaos" he deserves our thanks for bringing this evil empire, and why it is so, to the people's attention. It is clear from what he says in his book that he has respect for the Constitution-- something that few judges have. He realizes that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with duck hunting, and he tells us why. He realizes that the Fourth Amendment forbids law enforcement from conducting unreasonable searches and seizures and that the Supreme Court has found a way to circumvent that guarantee. He has an entire section titled "Bye-Bye, Fourth Amendment." And he devotes a major part of his book to the violation of the First Amendment. Folks, at least according to his book, Judge N is on the right track! 

While giving credit where credit is due, and to the extent that it is due, there is one major shortfall to the book. He doesn't give us a viable solution to the vast problem he describes. I find it hard to believe that Judge N never heard about J.A.I.L. I know Bill O'Reilly has heard about it, but fails to give it any credibility. Why? We don't know. Before I realized that Judge N was a close associate of Bill's, I said to Ron that Bill probably has too many friends who are judges-- and that is a real problem with the media. They are "bought and paid for" by the judicial system and the entire law enforcement criminal cartel. So this is what the People have to deal with --and We will! It'll take a little longer without the media's help, but the People (at least enough of them) will not give up. Judge N often sits in for Bill O'Reilly on his Radio Factor show. Knowing what he knows about organized crime at the official level in this country, just maybe the judge will see the importance of J.A.I.L. If he has not heard about J.A.I.L. up to now, I'm sure he'll hear about it now, after people read his book.

In his chapter "What Can We Do?" Judge N suggests that the solution lies with Congress and state legislatures enacting legislation requiring law enforcement to comply with all the laws. Do we need a "law to enforce the law?" Would that new law be enforced any better by the same corrupt entity that "enforces" existing laws? 

What is needed is a process carried out by the People, (not more laws or more government) to hold judges accountable to the People. Existing laws on the books are fine-- the problem is too much politics and too little ethics. It's the People that must take ultimate control when the system fails. That's what J.A.I.L. will accomplish.

Judge N also suggests that the legislatures (state and federal) should make it easier to sue government officials for monetary damages. That won't happen as long as judges cover up for officials, and judges are immune from suit for their cover up. As long as the "road to suing officials" comes to a dead end with a block wall called "judicial immunity" and can go no further, it can't be done. J.A.I.L. provides the process by which the People may penetrate that absolute wall of immunity erected by the judiciary. Only then will people be able to open the way to sue arbitrary government officials for monetary damages, or any other relief provided by laws that already exist. One of our notable JAILers, Bill Gage, illustrates this premise by an analogy of judges being the alligators swimming in the moat protecting the executive/legislative castle from suit.

Judge N comes close to the solution when he talks about removing "sovereign immunity" and even "personal immunity" of government officials when they commit crime. We already have laws that remove immunity for officials who act outside of their discretionary duties. Problem is-- they don't work. Is committing crime within their discretion? 

Folks, we cannot rely on a solution coming from government-- any part of it. Government will not discipline itself, because there are no consequences to it for failure and refusal to do so. Government is renegade because it can get by with it-- simple as that! As President George Washington stated: "Government is not reason. Government is not eloquence. It is force; and, like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master!"  Government must be viewed as "spoiled children" and the most spoiled of all, needing the most oversight, is the judiciary.

Judge N, we don't need more laws by Congress or the state legislatures. We need enforcement of the laws we already have, particularly the Supreme Law of the Land, the U.S. Constitution. And this must be done directly by the People (not their legislators) who must "leash" the government and make sure it doesn't continue to go astray. As the Declaration of Independence states, it is the DUTY of the People [not their legislators] "to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security."  That will be accomplished only by J.A.I.L. Judge, will you support this vital cause?

Thank you Judge Napolitano.

ACIC, National J.A.I.L. Administration

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