ALABAMA----re: jury override---new execution date set: 

       Alabama execution date set---Court sets execution date for Anthony Keith Johnson 

       The Alabama Supreme Court has set an execution date of Dec. 12 for Anthony Keith Johnson, convicted in a 1984 robbery and killing in Morgan County. Johnson, 46, who has spent more than 17 years on death row, was given the execution date Tuesday. He was convicted in the March 11, 1984 slaying of Hartselle jewelry dealer Kenneth Cantrell. 

       The jury at Johnson's trial recommended by a 9-3 vote that he be sentenced to life in prison without parole, but the trial judge sentenced him to death. 

       Federal courts have stopped several scheduled Alabama executions in recent months while judges review a U.S. Supreme Court decision that threw out an Arizona death sentence because it was given by the trial judge and not the jury. Johnson could become the 1st person executed in Alabama by lethal injection. 

       The Alabama legislature in April passed a law making lethal injection the state's primary means of execution rather than the electric chair. Johnson's execution is scheduled for 6 p.m., a change from the state's traditional 12:01 a.m. time for executions. Corrections officials said the change was made to reduce stress on execution witnesses and to reduce overtime costs for the department. 

       (source: Associated Press)