John Two-Names (A.K.A. Andy J. Riendeau)
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 Here in L.A...Michael came across this web site, he knows the guy and I met him a couple of times on the visiting yard.  He was a sweet kid.  Anyway, I thought that you might be interested in this, maybe post it on the list and link it to your PATRICK web site. Hope that all is well with you.  We are fine!  My best to Patrick. love,linda 
Free all political prisoners 

Appeal for John Two-Names

John Two-Names (A.K.A. Andy J. Riendeau) is and American Indian Political Prisoner currently being held hostage by the State of Alabama. He has been incarcerated for the past 4 ½ years for crimes he did not commit. He was (and continues to be) a victim of conspiracy set-forth by Sheriff's Department of Cullman County, Agents of the A.T.F., and two ambitious politicians.

On September 5, 1996, John was arrested for supposedly burning down two white schools and committing a string of burglaries. He was charged with two counts of Arson 2nd degree, four counts of burglary 3rd degree, and one count Unlawful Breaking and Entering.

After a highly publicized trial marked with evidence tampering, jury tampering, perjury, and testimony from a jail-house snitch, Two-Names was convicted on all charges and sentenced to 90 years and ordered to pay over 5 million dollars in restitution and fines. However, many witnesses stepped forward to speak the innocence of this brother, and to refute the testimony of the states only evidence, their witness.

Upon entering the gates of prison, he quickly noticed the discriminatory practices of the Alabama D.O.C. regarding the spiritual and cultural traditions of the Native American population. He thus educated himself, as well as family and friends, and with their help started the Brothers in Tears Warrior Society of Turtle Island, a prison activist group designed to address the needs of Native Inmates, as well as develop and effective strategy to stop the exploitation, forceful incarceration, and total dehumanisation of Native American people as a whole.

After attending a lecture in the prison chapel held by revolutionary sister Angela Y. David, he and other inmates formed The Social Consciousness Development Group. They quickly forged an alliance between themselves and began to work as a collective body of people to make their voice heard among the voiceless. They merged with activist from the free world and began to create newsletter, fliers, and forum letters attacking the unjust practices of the Board of Pardons and Parole.

As he began to get a little time under his belt, two incidents occurred that would shock him as well as family and friends. The first incident occurred when he was brought face-to-face with the man that he had testified against him. After running to prison officials, the jailhouse snitch told a high-ranking officer that he lied and did it to receive probation for his rape case. The second incident, happened after John acquired a 432-page document from the A.T.F. regarding the investigation. Although 132 pages were withheld from him, he quickly discovered reports that would further his cry of innocence. In a report issued from the Department of Forensic Sciences in Birmingham, it was states that no accelerates had been detected in the fires. This is indirect conflict with the states theory that he had started the fires by using gasoline.

Because of his investigation into the misconduct of the State and Federal agencies, him and his family have become targets of retaliatory actions. In less than a year apart from his mother's house as well as his grandmother's house were burned to the ground. No investigation as to the origin of these fires were ever conducted. His then girlfriend has had to move over three times in two different countries, due to harassment by law officials. John has had his mail withheld for periods of up to a month, mail returned to senders stating that he has refused it, and other various scare tactics. Although there is conclusive evidence as of the innocence of John Two-Names, he remains confined to the Iron-House of Alabama's Prison Industrial Complex. As of now, he is engaged in a battle with the court system in an effort to win his freedom. Please show support for this brother by contacting the following organizations to see how you may help.

PO Box 310955
Brimingham, AL 35231

Brothers in tears warrior society of turtle island
PO Box 163
Logan, AL 35098

Andy J. Riendeau (John Two-Names)
193786 G-5-12T
Station Correction Facility
PO Box 56
Elmore, AL 36025-0056