About the Author

Curriculum Vitae

Kenneth James LambertonDOB: November 8, 1958

2424 S. San Joaquin Ave.DuluthMinnesota


Phone: 520-622-0755 

Email: kjlamb@mindspring.com 

Academic Experience: 

1. Bachelors of Science Degree in Biology, University of Arizona, 1980 

2. Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing, University of Arizona, 2002 

Professional Experience: 

1. Public school teacher, 1981-1986 

2. Freelance writer, 1986-present 

3. Editor, The Sonora Review, 1996-97, Walking Rain Review, 2001-present 

4. Author, Wilderness and Razor Wire (Mercury House, San Francisco), 2000 

ChiricahuaMountains (University of Arizona Press, Tucson), October 2003 

Beyond Desert Walls (University of Arizona Press, Tucson), March 2005 

Honors and Awards: 

1. May Clayton Hayes Award for Creative Nonfiction, 1997 

2. Pushcart Prize nominations: 

"Raptors and Flycatchers" (Snowy Egret, 1997) 

"Of Swallows and Doing Time" (Manoa, 1998) 

3. "Notable Essay" mentions in The Best American Essays series (1999, 2000):

"Of Swallows and Doing Time," 1998 

"Queen," 1999 

4. Alligator Juniper prize, Second Place for "Weeds," 1999 

5. 2002 John Burroughs Medal for Wilderness and Razor Wire

Publishing Résumé: 

When Ken Lamberton published his first creative nonfiction book Wilderness and Razor Wire (Mercury House, 2000), the San Francisco Chronicle called it, ".entirely original: an edgy, ferocious, subtly complex collection of essays.".He has published more than a hundred science and nature articles in magazines ranging from Bird Watcher's Digest and New Mexico Wildlife to Tucson Lifestyle and Arizona Highways.His essays are appearing in literary journals like ManoaSouth Dakota Review, Northern Lights, Alligator Juniper, Green Mountains Review, Puerto Del Sol, and the Gettysburg Review, and, most recently, David Quammen's anthologyThe Best American Science and Nature Writing 2000 and Scott Slovic's anthology Getting Over the Color Green.

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