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Yes, this particular unit needs some pressure applied from the top.  The last time we applied pressure it helped so I believe it will again.  Of course, it only lasts for a while but at least it lets the women see that there are people writing and caring. Thankyou!!!   Have a good evening  Kathleen

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    Do you think it would be okay to post this on PC website?
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    A couple of years ago at Layne Murray, four women held a fifth down in the field ...They were part of a hoe squad...They beat the fifth woman in front of everyone.  The guards ok'd it.  The woman who reported it to me..was ........  She tried to get other women to make statements but everyone was too afraid.    Today I received another very disturbing letter from the Layne Murray Unit.  Below is a statement .  I am posting this without names .
     " On 1-30 I went to UCC Unit Classification.  They put me in medium custody.  There are two side (A side and C side)  I told them when I went that I had problems with a couple of people on A side.  Instead of listening to me, they tried to be funny and put me on A side telling me that if  I really was serious about changing I would make it work.  Well, It's obvious I was serious because I have been case free, not even a minor case, in over six months.  The very next day, 1-31, I was at work at about 10:30am.  I was bent down with a grubbing hoe digging the dirt.  There was no one around me when I bent down.  Someone called my name to my right , I looked to my right and was hit with something hard on my left side of my face (lower cheek area).  I asked who the fuck hit me.  No one said nothing.  Two people I had problems with were there along with several other people.  I couldn't exactly say who it was that hit me.  I immediately told my boss.  She, Boss ......., called Sgt .......  I said I wanted to go to medical so it could be documented.  He said , Yah, and if they clear you, you're getting a refusing to work case."  Instead of telling medical I was hit, he told them I refused to work.  Soon as I got to medical the nurse seen my face and was upset. She measured the circle etc and told me I was hit with the end of an aggie.  I was given pain meds two times a day and an ice pack to stop swelling.  Sgt. ....... couldn't write me up.  I filed a life endangerment because I felt I was not safe in that pod.  I was told to go back to my living quarters and they laughed at me.  I said that I was not going back there and if I had to that I would refuse housing.  Major ........was going to move me to C side but first she asked who my lover was on C side. I told her that I did not have a lover on A,B,or C and she could ask the work bosses  and anyone else.  I started crying because I was honestly trying to seek help.  My face is badly bruised and swollen.  Could someone please call Warden Dean and explain this??   I just want to be moved out of the pod so I can stay case free.  One of these people extorts money by bullying people to pay her and I have always refused to pay so she is going to continue this.  I am not safe.
    "A lot of abuse goes down in hoe squad and bosses turn their eyes away.  A few weeks ago, .........(she's a psyche patient)  was beaten with an aggie to the point where blood was running down her leg by offender .......  The law seen this on the hoe squad.  I was watching the law watch this.  ..... was one of her picks, she did nothing when ........ was finally tiered and couldn't take any more she finally hit ....... back and guess who  was handcuffed and taken to seg.  ...... and she was given a major case as well.  Her leg is messed up and the boss swore she didn't see this.  Some months ago, .........was hit in the mouth.  Blood was everywhere.  She had to get stitches.  No one saw anything.  Captain ...... investigated both of these incidents to no avail cuz no one ever see's anything.  When the inmates are asked, we are too scared of retaliation, of being crossed out so we say, "I didn't see nothing" just like the bosses do.  I am in transit waiting to go to UCC for my life endangerment with a case pending for refusing housing cuz I was scared to go back in that pod and back to work on that squad. ........ was hit twice the same day I was but she hit the other girl back.  This went back and fourth all day.  The law never seen this either. ...... another woman was struck while turning out for work this same day.  The law never seen this ...yet they know about it all.  Today is 2-1-06
    Warden Dean
    Layne Murray Unit
    1916 N Hwy 36 Bypass
    Gatesville Tx 76596

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