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From: Taoss - Sherry Swiney 
To: Governor Riley 
Sent: Friday, May 09, 2003 9:32 PM
Subject: Yet Another Death Row Inmate Exonerated!

Dear Governor Riley,

I know you are for the death penalty, as a lot of citizens are.  Here is the 108th case of a person spending decades on death row when he didn't commit the crime.  If the criminal justice system were not broken, there wouldn't be so many of us out here fighting for a moratorium on the death penalty to give you time to research all the cases of claimed innocence and to see just how utterly broken the system really is.  Alabama is the worst in the nation when it comes to a judicial system that has fallen apart and is out of control.  Prosecutorial misconduct seems to be in Vogue here.  It appears that prosecutors strive for winning at all costs, even to the point of hiding or fabricating evidence to convict when there is nothing they can use to "get their man".  The public cheers this on while the press showers these thieves-of-lives who put on their show in the courts.  There is nothing remotely resembling truth and justice AND THE AMERICAN WAY inside our courts any more, and this must change.  108 exonerated from just death row! Can you imagine how many innocent people are behind bars who are not on death row?  The DOJ itself estimates the number to be 5% or more.  That's 5% of 2 million people.  I pray you are actually given this message to see with your own eyes.  I have my doubts that you will be made aware of this message at all, but I believe in miracles and that's why I am sending this to you.

Sherry Swiney
P.O. Box 1891
Alabaster, AL 35007
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Subject: Yet Another Death Row Inmate Exonerated!

An Alert from The Moratorium Campaign!

It's happened again - a wrongfully convicted man sent to death row.  Louisiana inmate John Thompson is just the most recent example of a death penalty system in crisis.  Exonerated on May 9, 2003 Thompson served 18 years for a crime he didn't commit; sixteen of those years he awaited execution on death row. 

Thompson's exoneration brings to 108 the total number of wrongfully convicted inmates found in our nation's death penalty system in just the last three decades. Click the link below to send a message to your legislators today. Let them know that we can't keep watching innocent men and women fall through the cracks. It's
time for a moratorium now!


For those who live in states without the death penalty, you can still take action today!  Write to your U.S. Senators in support of the National Death Penalty Moratorium Act of 2003!  Click the link below to send your support for a nationwide moratorium on the Federal death penalty!


More on the Thompson case: 

John Thompson was convicted of the 1984 murder of Ray Liuzza. Several times, he was within weeks of execution, though he always maintained his innocence. His sentence was reduced to life without parole in 2001, and last year the courts granted him a new trial. By this point, police had lost the murder weapon, several eyewitnesses had come forward saying Thompson was not the killer, and defense attorneys showed that the prosecution had withheld evidence exonerating Thompson. Thompson testified on his own behalf and the jury deliberated for less than an hour before acquitting him. 

The Moratorium Campaign will keep you updated as the list of those wrongfully convicted continues to grow.  We depend on you for your continued involvement and support.  To become a member of The Moratorium Campaign, click below.



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