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Excuse me ladies and gentlemen, but this needs to go to the President's office.  The President's email address is no longer working.  This is not spam.  It is 1,000 signatures from concerned citizens.  If any of you can get this petition to the Whitehouse, we would all be most grateful.

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Subject: Letter to President Bush 1,000 signatures included

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May 1, 2004

Dear Mr. President (or whoever reads this for the President):

As instructed, my signature on the petition below is the 1,000th signature and therefore this petition is sent to you after traveling throughout the Internet gathering signatures from good people across the land who are sincere about returning prayer in schools.  The people who have signed this petition state their belief that there is a prohibition on prayer in our children's schools.  As President of this country and scholar of history as every president must be, you know that prohibition - whether written in law or merely perceived as law by the general public - has never worked and it never will.  Prohibition of alcohol didn't work and was legalized, yet prayer is forbidden?  Something is wrong with this picture.  If you are a man of God, as they say below, you must also weigh the constitutional right that protects freedom of religion as long as it does not interfere with the state and federal governments in this country.  All that means is that government cannot dictate what religion to follow, nor can it favor a particular religion in deciding on matters of governing the people.  Lifting the prohibition (or perception of prohibition) on prayer in schools does not violate the atheist's point of view, so long as those who do pray do not shove their religion down the atheist's throat against his or her will.  Of couse, this will require self-discipline by the parents of the children as part of the parent's responsibility to teach the child to be a responsible citizen who grows up to walk with honesty, integrity and compassion for others.  One does not have to believe in God to learn these qualities.  No law can mandate responsibility and integrity.  That has to come from within the individual and I think the American People could do this if such is displayed from the top of every corporation, bank, and government branch - down to the workers.  Crime is contageous.

It's time for a different way of thinking about this issue. 

The word "God" means a lot of things to a lot of different people.  The word "God" is present in the vocabularies of those who do not belong to any religion or any religious group.  "God" may be thought of differently by some as a Higher Force, a Powerful Being, a mass of energy, a blade of grass or a tree, and so the true atheist believes that all of life as we know it today happened by some incredible accident - and who is to prove that he or she is wrong, except God of course.  For the true atheist to be bothered by the idea that someone else believes that life as we know it today was created, is analogous to the believer in creation being bothered by the believer in accidental evolution.  Of course, for the evolved human being, the answer is simple: (1) the believer in creation simply prays for the believer in accidental existence to be given much wisdom until he or she can no longer find existence "accidental", and (2) the believer in existence being accidental can simply believe that the believer in creation is wrong, and then go about his or her way without starting a war.  The most violent wars are centered on "religious" beliefs and one side wanting the other side to BELIEVE as they do or be killed.  To an evolved human being, this kind of behavior is filled with earthly ego and is not "of" God, the I AM.  It is contrary to God's design.  It doesn't flow with how creation was designed to Work.  Ego has no place in this issue, for it is merely a log that is "inserted" between the cogs of the wheel to prevent it from turning efficiently.

Prayer is a powerful tool, no matter what the religion or non-religion. Half of the people pray for peace.  The other half prays for the Rapture and Armageddon.  Each believes we were created.  That was yesterday.  Today, the power of prayer has even been proven scientifically.  People who say they don't believe in creation or God (by any name) find themselves "praying" at times too.  Now that there is technical data that demonstrates the power of "prayer" even the atheist could say that Praying is good, not bad.  Your administration could get prayer back into our schools by letting everyone know that "Prayer" does not have to mean religion, but in fact "Prayer" has now been proven to have measurable effects scientifically.  This would satisfy the people who are suffering from prohibition as well as the people who believe that life, planet earth, and the entire universe are only here as a result of a really big coincidence or accident.  Today science and spiritual beliefs are coinciding more and more.  This is something new that cannot be ignored in our schools.

Sherry Swiney
(see below for address info)

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  this on 

Please Sign Letter To President Bush.... and  Forward.. Please do NOT let this petition stop and lose all these names. If you do not want to sign it, please forward it to everyone you know.

Thank you!



To add your name to the bottom, click on "forward." You will be able to add your name to the list and then forward it to your friends. Or if you prefer, you can copy and paste, and then add your name to the bottom of the list.

Dear President Bush:

Many of us were deeply touched to hear you recite a portion of Psalm 23 in your address to this great nation in the dark hours following the terrorists attacks. We were encouraged and comforted to know that we truly had a believer working with us and for us in our nation's highest office.

We, the people of America, are requesting that you lift prohibition of prayer in schools. As the pledge of our great country states, we are to be "One nation, under God." Please allow the prayers and petitions of our children in schools without the threat of punishment.

Currently, adults and children in the school are prohibited from mentioning God unless, of course, His name is uttered as part of a curse or profanity.

Madeline Murray O'Hare is dead. Let her legacy of atheism in our schools die with her.

Sincerely, The People of America

Mark 10:13-14 "People were bringing little children to Jesus to have Him touch them, but the disciples rebuked them. When Jesus saw this, He was indignant. He said to them, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."


1. Frankie Dorsett
2. Marilyn Hampton
3. Tommy Hampton
4. Joy Walker
5. Barbara Singleton
6. Jason Singleton
7. Aileen Berry
8. David Berry
9. Marie Dorsett
10. Becky Louis
11. David Louis
12. Chris Louis
13. Kevin Serpa
14. Jaime Serpa
15. Pat Dorsett
16 Brinda Brumley
17. Pam Hewlett
18. Josie Campos
19. Christina Standke
20. Kimberly Serpa
21. Thomas Serpa
22. Jerry Hudgins
23. Yanetta Hudgins
24. Bessie Hudgins
25. Ellen Jewell
26. Carol Haemker
27. Stephen Haemker
28. Don Alexander
29. Joann Alexander
30. Scott Gallimore
31. Lisa Gallimore
32. Diane Whitlow
33. Judy Work
34. Susan O'Dell
35. Randy O'Dell 11years old
36. Pam Dodson
37. Lee Anne King
38. Kim Carpenter
39. Candi Philpott
40. Cindy Long
41. Brenda Champion
42. Bonnie Allen
43 Jerry Hall
44. Gayla Peed
45. Vicki Trinidad
46. Michael Abate
47. Paul T. Abate Sr.
48. Mark A. Abate
49. Cynthia Abate
50 Susan DeLeon
51. Sammy DeLeon
52. Lisa Vitek
53. Christopher Vitek
54. Susan Stowell
55. Kenneth C. Yoder
56. Carey L. Dunlap
57. Gail Tondre
58 Diane Dikes
59. Patricia Nowlin
60. James Nowlin
61. Amanda Shelton
62. Mary Levingston
63. Ernest Levingston
64. Jim Spencer
65. Nikki Spencer
66. Kimberly Rhod! en
67. Greg Campbell
68. Woody Peavy
69. Cathy Cloyd
70. Cathy Salagaj
71. LaVerne Basey
72. Bonnie Shows, Texas
73. Mark Shows, Texas
74. Kelly Ferrara
75. Brand Ferrara
76. Kristen Ferrara
77. Brittany Ferrara
78. Barbara Ray
79. Garry Ray
80. Betty Ray
81. Jessie Ray
82. Rhonna Lymbery
83. David Lymbery
84. Rachelle Wigginton
85. Scott Wigginton
86. Emma Wigginton
87. Christopher Lymbery
88. Renae Wagnon
89. David Wagnon
90. Samuel Wagnon
91 Bradley Wagnon
92. Amelia Wagnon
93. James Wagnon
94. Kevin Ferrara
95. Shannon Ferrara
96. Angus Skelton
97. Deborah Skelton
98. Mary Skelton
99. Chris Skelton
100. Billie Jean Johnson
101. Jeramy Johnson
102. Jessica Johnson
103. Larry Walker
104. Mike Bazar
105. Debby Lankford
106. Robert Lankford
107. Mason Alfred
108. Wanda Alfred
109. Gary Johnson (Texas)
110. Jennifer Johnson(Texas
111. Lisa Jones (Texas)
112. Clinton Freeman (Texas)
113. Louria Freeman (Texas)
114. Linda McRee (Texas)
115. Troy McRee (Texas)
116 Joe McRee (Texas)
117. Tony McRee (Texas)
118. Joanna McRee (Texas)
119. Ruby Gorney (Texas)
120. David Gorney (Texas)
121. Sherie Groney (Texas)
122. Christi Gorney (Texas)
123. Jerry Gorney (Texas)
124. James Buckelew (Texas)
125 Carol Buckelew (Texas)
126. James E. Buckelew (Texas)
127. Lynne B. Ditto (Texas)
128. Terry Bice (Texas)
129. Mary Larson (Oklahoma)
130 Dawn Oliphant (Texas)
131. David Oliphant (Texas)
132. Krysten Oliphant (Texas)
133. Lindsey Clapp (Texas)
134. Dorothy Thompson (Texas)
135. Richard Thompson (Texas)
136. Rose Rabata (Texas)
137. Victor Rabata (Texas)
138. Karen Sikes (Texas)
139. Billie Love (Texas)
140. Nellie Rhene McIntyre (Texas)
141. Marilynn Lee (Texas)
142. Mary Calvert (Texas)
143. Joyce Gilbert
144. Syble Yost
145. Opal Cooper
146. Francesca Jenneman
147. Gabrielle Taylor (Texas)
148. Fran Harmon (Texas)
149. Suzanne Schlabs (Texas)
150. Dale Garner (Texas)
151 Tina Garner (Tex! as! )
152. Sandra N. Elliott (Midland, Texas)
153. Leslie K. Shive (Lubbock, Texas)
154. Rose Shive (Texas)
155. June Crosby (Texas)
156. Brenda Copeland (Willis, Texas)
157. Wanda Drake (Conroe, Texas)
158. Kathy Irwin (Conroe, Texas)
160. Tommy &Peachie Walker, (Conroe, Tx)
161. Evelyn Woodard, (Montgomery, Tx)
162. Cindy Ocker, Texas
163. Susan McKennon, Humble TX
165. Kathi Ellis (Oklahoma)
166. Margaret Lanning (Oklahoma)
167. Irene Simmons (Oklahoma)
168. Shirley Troxell (Oklahoma)
169. Jerry Troxell (Oklahoma)
170. Tony Troxell (Oklahoma)
171. Wen y Troxell (Oklahoma)
172. Regina Diamond (Oklahoma)
173. Donna B. Smith (Oklahoma)
174. James B. Stoner (Oklahoma)
175. Sheila Stoner (Oklahoma)
176. Leslie O'Neal (Oklahoma)
177. Bill W Stoner (Oklahoma)
178. Joy Stoner (Oklahoma)
179. Marie Stoner (Oklahoma)
180.. Barbara Newkirk (Oklahoma)
181. Cloyce Newkirk (Oklahoma)
182.! Barbara Stoner (Oklahoma)
183. Charles Stoner (Oklahoma)
184. David R. Walker ( Oklahoma)
185. Mary M. Walker (Oklahoma)
186. Ed Walker (Oklahoma)
187 Charlene Walker (Oklahoma)
188. Johnny Johnston (Oklahoma)
189. Pamela Johnson (Oklahoma)
190. Michelle Williams (Kansas)
191. Jay Williams (Kansas)
192. Mike Glenn (Oklahoma)
193. Leah Glenn (Oklahoma)
194. Alicia Glenn (Oklahoma)
195. Diane Glenn (Oklahoma)
196 Clarica Wall (Oklahoma)
197. Linda Moody (Oklahoma)
198. Tim Ginter (Oklahoma)
199. Kim Ginter (Oklahoma)
200. Tami Brody (Oklahoma)
201. Robert Brody (Oklahoma)
202. Maria Hoffman (Oklahoma)
203. Wil liam Hoffman (Oklahoma)
204. Mark Hoffman (Oklahoma)
205. Staci Hoffman (Oklahoma)
206. Anna Richards (Oklahoma)
207. Brian A. Tromblay (Az)
208. Linda Tromblay (Az)
209. Gladys Olsen {AZ}
210. Jennifer Regensberg {AZ}
211. Joyce Danielson {AZ)
213. Glen Foutz,OH
214. Kim Hampton,MO
215. Melody Hampton,MO
216. Ryan Hampton,MO
217. Sara Sandoval,MO
218. Judith Cartwright,OH
219. Janice Fishbaugh
220. Jewel James,OH
221. Tenia Johnson,OH
222. Wava Mitchell,OH
223. Pat Swaney,FL
224. Julie Bassitt,OH
225. LuAnn Lause,OH
226. Debbie Schultz,OH
227. Dennis Schultz,OH
228. Jeff Schultz,OH
229. Rhonda Schultz,OH
230 Peter Stolly,OH
231. Paul Stolly,OH
232. Tom Eley,OH
233. Tony Jackson,OH
234. Molli Jackson,OH
235. Glen Wiseman,OH
236. Dona Wiseman,OH
237. Greg Rochte,OH
238. Maryclaire Rochte,OH
239. Rosanne Fenstermaker,OH
240. David Fenstermaker,OH
241. Dena Hayden
242. Becky Raber
243. Carl Ross, OH
244 Betty J. Ross, OH
245 L. Don Neumeister, OH
246. Norma M. Neumeister, OH
247. Barry S. Neumeister, OH
248. Roxie Neumesiter, OH
249. Terri Snyder, OH
; 250. Robert Snyder, OH
251. Merlyn Crisler, OH
252. Nancy Crisler, OH!
253. Jon R. Garber
254. Patricia Garber
255. Mary Ann Kolenich
256. Mary Bucceri, FL
257. Joyce Eklund, TX
258. Sherry Denton, TX
259. Lance Graham, TX
260. Christine Hinson, TX
261. Paul E. Arrington, TX
262. Candi Arrington, TX
263. Paula R. Guthrie, TX
264. Lori A. Mangus, TX
265. Rob D. Mangus, TX
266. Tammy Strait, TX
267. David S! trait, TX
268. Joyce Stinson, TX
269. Mary R. Brown, TX
270. John P. Brown, TX
271. Marleta R. Philley, TX
272. Charlotte Roberts, TX
273. Debbie King TX
274. Kent King TX
275. Tina Chenault TX
276. Sonya Maxwell TX
277. James King TX
278. Nicky McCulloch TX
279. Bryan McCulloch TX
280. Ann Lowrie TX
281. Shane Lowrie TX
282. Tina Gilbert TX
283. Bruce Gilbert TX
284. Euell Allison TX
285. Jenoise ! Allison TX
286. Nancy Miles TX
287. Jendy Smart TX
288. Kim Lowrance TX
289. Coda Riley TX
291. Bobby Schuman T! X
292. Polly Schuman TX
293. Mary Ballenger TX
294. Billy Ballenger TX
295. Christy Ballenger TX
296. Louann Ballenger TX
297. Gary D Murphy, TX
298. Vickie Lee, Ok
299. Jackie Duncan, OK
300. David Whitehead, TX
301. Patty Whitehead, TX
302. Mike Peterson
303. Leda Petersen, CO
304. Lois Allen, OK
305. Merline Hathcoat, Ok
306. Joan Marshall, FL
307. Carolyn Hogue, FL
308. David Hogue, FL
309. John Dickinson, TX
310. Betty Dickinson, TX
311. Bob Burns, TX.
312. Dale Gilliam, BEDFORD, TX
313. Cindy Parker, Abilene, TX
314. Bonnye Isenhower TX
315. Bob Isenhower, TX
316. Adam Isenhower, TX
317. Duncan Isenhower, TX
318. Carolyn Foust, TX
319. Danny Foust, TX
320. Patti Foust, OK
321. Gene Foust, OK
322. Cheri Dunn, OK
323. Eric Dunn, OK
324. Danny Lovelace, Gainesville, TX
325. Jim Brewster, Ardmore, OK
326. Jeanie Brewster, Ardmore, OK
327. Mike Harris and Debbie Harr! is!
328. Marilyn A. Nance, OK
329. Alisha L. Raney, OK
330. Gina L. Black, Lone Grove, OK
331. Mary Franz Ada, OK
332 Dana Murray Broken Arrow, OK
333. David & LouAnn Lively Durant, OK
334. Greg & Kelly Boudreau Stillwater, OK
335. Troy &Joy Hensarling, Edmond, OK
336. St! evin and Esther Helin
337 Ginnie &Bill Helin, WI
338. Judy and Jim Fillback, WI
339. Paula Julson, WI
340. Rick &Pam Heaton, WI
341. Trina Slack, WI
342. Donn Speth, WI
343. Michelle Speth, WI
344. Annette Drury, WI
345. Kathy Lenz, WI
346. Peg Greenberg, WI
347. Jolene Mudra, Rockford, IL
348. Kim Erickson, Beloit, WI
349. Cate VanLone Taylor - Green Valley AZ
350. Henry Taylor- Green Valley, AZ
351. Janet M Weindorf - Green Valley AZ
352. Don Weindorf -Green Vall! ey, AZ
353. Don O'Connor - FL
354. Michelle O'Connor - FL
355. Margaret Boyle, NC
356. Kristina Boyle, NC - 12 years old
357. Melissa Boyle! , ! NC - 9 years old
358. Robert M. Sanders, Tampa, FL
359. Brenda J. Sanders, Tampa, FL
360. Benjamin M Sanders, Tampa, FL
361. Elizabeth R. Sanders, Tampa, FL
362. Gary W. McCall (Jax, FL)
363. Connie R. McCall (Jax, FL)
364. Betsy Straughn, Tallahassee, FL
365. Scott Straughn, Tallahassee, FL
366. Jayne L Free, Tallahassee, FL
367. Tracy Michelle Sweeney, Tallahassee, FL
368. Nelson I. Sweeney III, Tallahassee, FL
369. Judith A. Livingston, Tallahassee, FL
370. Charles C. Livingston, Sr. , Tallahassee, FL
371. Wesley "Pete" Doll, Tallahassee, FL
372. Shirley ! Keesling, New Smyrna Beach, FL
373. Deborah Griffin, Winston-Salem, NC
374. Karen King, Nettleton, MS
375 Judie Shelton, New Albany, MS
376. Mary Jo Kent, Minot, ND
377. Wanda Bergan Minot,ND
378. Maureen Wanner, Hazen ND
379. Lisa Engebretson, Hazen, ND
380. Dawn Anderson, Walcott, ND
381. Rick Anderson, Walcott, ND
382. Dora Meier, ND
383! Damian Meier, ND
384. Jayne Pochant, ND
385. Clark Pochant, ND
386 Jaime Berg, ND
387. Heith Pochant, ND
388. Gary Fuchs,ND
389. Cay Guthmiller, ND
390. Melinda Wills, ND
391. Mark Wills, ND
392. Joyce Els, ND
393. Terri Walth SD
394. Jan Jallo MN
395. Kathy Johnson SD
396. Judy Forquer IowaA
397. Laurie McBet! h, IA
398. Barba! ra Carmon, IA
399. Claudia Coberley, IA
400. Rita Mann, IA
401. Don Duncan, IA
402. Fred Kaufmann, IA
403. Dorothy A. Briggs, Iowa
405. John D. Briggs, Iowa
406. Phyllis Bishop, IA
407. Debbie Searcy, Iowa. Thanks for hearing our prayer.
408. Sherri Coons, TX
409. Jaye Bumgardner, NM
410. Joe Pearcey
411. Karmen Pearcey
412. Jeremy Pearcey(Japan)
413. Marsha Pitchford, Ga
414. Anne Barber, GA
415. Martha Grice, GA
416. Mona W! hatley, GA
417. Sam Whatley III, GA
418. Ted Seawell, NC
419. Anne Seawell, NC
420. Alan Seawell, NC
421 Stephen Wyant, NC
422. Ed Wyant, NC
423. Debra Johnson, NC
424 Rufus Johnson, NC
427. Peggy P. Buchanan
428. John F. Buchanan
429. Ethel Braun
430. Donald Braun
431. Ronald Dunlap Hudson, Fl.
432. Carol Dunlap Hudson, Fl.
433. W.E Dunlap
434. Mary Dunlap
435. Jim Wood, FL
436. Betty Wod, FL
437. Danny Latham, SC
438 Charlotte Latham, SC
439. Cin! dy Lambreth, TN
440. Bradley Lambreth, TN
441. Clifton Lambreth,TN
442. Daniel Lambreth,Tn
443. Yvonne Capps,Va
444. David Capps, Va
445. Susan Lambreth,TN
446. Charles F. Lambreth, TX
447. Linda McAllister, NC
448. Dawn Flood, NC
449. Vincent N. Sherard.NC
450. Shawn Brim, NC
451. Cynthia Ennis, NC
452. Lauretta Wilson
453. Steve Collins, NC
454. Gregory Bohmert -Oriental, NC
455. Cecilia Bohmert, NC
456. Jan Cannady, FL
457. Roy Cannad , FL
458. Bob Cannady, TX
459. Sandra Cannady, TX
462. LEE HAY, FL
466. William S. Collins, Fl
467. Michelle Bass, Fl
468. William K. Collins, Fl
469. Daryl Bass, Fl
470. Charles E. Hall
471. Martha D. Hall
472. Richard Diffenderfer
473. Sue Diffenderfer
474 James L. Hylman (Michigan)
475. Carol J. Hylman (Michigan)
476. Wilda Myers (PA)
477. Sabrina Myers
478. Ruby J. Cline (GA)
480. Chrissi Ford (TX)
481. Tina Ford (TX)
482 Craig Ford (TX)
483. Wyndell Ford (TX)
484. Sandy Hendricks (TX)
485. Jimmy Hendricks (TX)
486. Pam Gacia (TX)
487. Marianne Searcy (TX)
488. Caroline Burgess (MI)
489. Richard Burgess (MI)
490 Cindy Burgess (MI)
491. Laura Terry (MI)
492. Cassi Filer (MI)
493. Shirley Lahrman (Fl)
494. Donald Lahrman (Fl)
495. Bob Miles (IN)
496. Donna Mae Miles (IN)
497. Robert Kell Miles (IN)
498. Tammy R. Miles (IN)
499. Tyler Miles (IN)
500. Tanner Miles (IN)
501. James Ward (PA)
502. Lori Ward (PA)
503. Wendy Gehlbach (IN)
504. Art Gehlbach (IN)
505. Esther Hardy (IN)
506.; Chris Miller (IN)
507. Richard Miller (IN)
508. Kevin Barnett (IN)
509. Lorri Barnett (IN
510. Carla Cole (IN)
511. David Cole (IN)
512. Rebekah Cole (IN)
513. Phillip Baker (IN)
514. Brandi Baker (IN)
515. Kelsea Baker (IN)
516. Morgan Baker (IN)
517. Austin Baker (IN)
518. Wendi Allison
519. Ayanna Griffith (IN)
520. Cassandra Brown (IN)
521. Diana Huck (IN)
522. Sandra McLain (IN)
523. William K. McAfee (IN)
524. Donna Halverson (IA)
525. Trish Crosser (IA)
526. Heidi De Oliveira
527. Ann Haines (MI)
528. Kathleen Wisz (IL)
529. Alberta Husch (CO)
530. Tony & Ellen Serr (SD)
531. Tammi Serr (SD)
532. Bernita Christenson (CO)
533. Phyllis Fisher (Pa)
534. Carol Gowatski (Pa)
535. Harvey Gowatski (Pa)
536. Suzi Trimboli (Pa.)
537. Mike Trimboli (Pa.)
538. Kaylan Trimboli (Pa.)
539. Candi Boykin (SC)
540. Gladys Turner, PA
541. Linda Olm! stead (PA)
542. Luann Way (PA)
543. Vickie Rossey (PA)
544. Jessica Rossey (PA)
545. Jason Rossey (PA)
546. John Rossey (PA)
547. Shannon Rossey (PA)
548. Jennifer Spangler (PA)
549. Eric Spangler (PA)
550. Deb Hogue (PA)
551. Shirley Hlafcsak (PA)
552. Linda Mercer (NC)
553. Robin Gage (NY)
554. Ladonna Willson (FL)
555. Krystal Coates (FL)
556. Brian Coates (FL)
557. Aaron Coates (FL)
558. Stephanie Doane (NY)
559. Cody Doane (NY)
560. Elaine Kotary (FL)
561. Gary Morrison (NC)
562. Becky Morrison (NC)
563. Shirley Freeman
564. Paul Freeman
565 Jerry Freeman
566 Debra Freeman
567 Donna Ashe
568 Peggy Ashe
569 Kimberly Michael
570 Loretta Horne
571 Margret Ring
572 Henry Banks
573 Thelma Johnson (NC)
574 Nolan Johnson (NC)
575 Marian Smith (NC)
576 Margaret Liborio (NC)
577 Barbara Burdett (NC)
578 Shirley McLeod (NC)
579 Donna Ackerman (NC)
580 Donna Baer (PA)
581 Kelly Sauvage
582 Rachel Kirchner
583 Arlene Nordstrom
584 Sara Palmer
585 Tyler Palmer
586 Jaime Robison, Fort Riley,KS
587 Matt & Darlene Geyer, Fort Riley, KS
588 Jonathan & Brittany Geyer, Ft. Riley, KS
589. Donna Wenell, FL
590. Jessica Moore
591 Robert Kerwin
592. Beth Kerwin
593. Mark Diehl
594. Leanna Jacobson (IA)
595. Donna Christiansen (IA)
596. Deborah Fokos
597. Cynthia Aguilar
598. Irene Koep
599. Deborah English
600. Melinda Scratch
601. Charlene Hanlon
602. Susie Tapley
603. Jeff Tapley
604. Mallory Tapley
605. Jeremy Tapley
606. Helen J Gomillion
607. Ollie L Gomillion
608. Jo Ann Barberi
609. Dan Barberi
610. Tim Cahill
611. Susan Clark
612. Fredrick T. Pope (AL)
613. Jeffrey O. Bridges Sr.
614. Stefan M. Schmitt
615. Joseph L.King
616. Tom Hancock
617. Richard L. Rothgeb, Sevierville, TN - 01/03/03
618. Diana Shumaker OH
619. Nancy Sturgis
620. Robert Muzzarelli NC
621. Mary Muzzarelli NC
622. Donna Porter FL
623. Earl PORTER FL
624. Jennie Richard
625. Ron Richard
626. Dan Siecker FL
627. Cloudia Siecker FL
628. Carlton Anderson, Lakeland Fla.
629. Carol Anderson, Lakeland, Fla
630. Edwin Dana (FL)
631. Mary Dana (FL)
632. Bobby Kelly (FL)
633. Shirley Kelly (FL)
634. Jerry Swanson, San Luis Obispo, CA
635. Nina Swanson, San Luis Obispo, CA
636. Tor y Adcock, TX
637. Ame' Adcock, TX
638. S. Garcia, TX
639. S. M. Garcia, TX
640. L. Garcia, TX
641. N. Garcia, TX
642. A. Contreras, TX
643. J. Contreras, TX
644. T. Contreras, TX
645. L. Contereas, TX
646. M Contreras, TX
647. Barbara Prieser, TX
648. Dale Prieser, TX
649. Jim Hearne, TX
650. Rose Hearne, TX
651. Jonathan Henson, GA
652. Patricia Henson, GA
653. Sandy Wagoner, GA
654. Mike Wagoner, GA
655. James Thrasher, IL.
656. John Dean, SD
657. Barbara Dean. SD
658. Kathleen Bowlin ID
659. Keith Middleton, WA
660. Laura Middleton, WA
661. Bill Middleton, WA
662. Cinda Middleton, WA
663. John Middleton, Tri-Cities, WA
664. Carli Morris, WA
665. Norman Webb
667. Elizabeth Mahaffey
668. Joan Hart
669. Frank Mahaffey
670. Barb Daming-Vanover
671. Wayne Vanover
672. Verlin Pickerill
673. Emilie Pickerill
674. Don Newcomb
675. Diane Newcomb
676. Betty Russell
677. Ronald Russell
678. Christopher Russell
679. Sharon Hatcher
680. Harriet Bennett
681. JudyMattison,FL.
682. Paul Mattison Sr.,FL.
683. Bonnie Lewis,NY
684. Edward Lewis, NY
685. Tammy Lewis, TX
686. Martha Land, TX
687. Debra Maxwell, TX
688. Elaine Campbell, TX
689. Becky Virtue, TX
690. Betsy Holden, TX
691. Lori Cotner, (Katy, TX)
692. Stacy Caster, TX
693. Rhonda West, TX
694 Melanie Albright, TX
695. Jeannine Noblin , TX
696. Jan Y. Taylor, MS
697 Elmo Bryant, Shreveport, Louisiana
698. Roggie Bryant, Shreveport, Louisiana
699. Ward Bryant, Shreveport, Louisiana
700. Dale Bryant, Shreveport, Louisiana
701. Stephanie Bryant, Shreveport, Louisiana
702. Stephanie Easterling Shreveport, Louisiana
703. David Easterling Shreveport, Louisiana
704. Pierce Easterling Shreveport, Louisiana
705. Riggs Easterling Shreveport, Louisiana
706. Edward Reed Louisiana
707. Brenda Reed Louisiana
708. Judy Landry -- Louisiana
709. Eva Dunaway -- Louisiana
710. Mike and Tanya Savell -- Ragley, Louisiana
711. Kim James-- Louisiana
712. Robert James--Louisiana
713. Shelba Stanley - Shreveport, LA
714. Bob Stanley - Shreveport, LA
715. Teresa L McConathy - Anacoco, LA
716. David McConathy - Anacoco, LA
717. Tina Averitt (Louisiana)
718. Gary Averitt (Louisiana)
719. Devin Averitt! (Louisiana)
720. Stephanie Averitt (Louisiana)
721. R.J. Fertitta-Louisiana
722. Danny Morgan - Anacoco, LA
723. Oene Morgan - Anacoco, LA
724. Melvin Raiford! - Shreveport, LA
725. Robbie Raiford - Shreveport, LA
726. Valmore Byles- Many, La.
727. Mary Byles- Many, La.
728. Bill White, many, la.
729. Sandra White many, la.
730. Willie Dell Weaver, LA
731. Oscar E Redding
732. E. P. Thomas
735. Robert G. Matthews, AK
736. A. Elaine Matthews, AK
737. W. L. Brown
738. Kathryn Brown
739. Sam Udall -AZ
740. Helen Udall - AZ
741. Karl Kleinman
742. Mary Kleinman
743. Virginia Hopkins MO
744. Russ Hopkins MO
745. Nancy Hawley IA
746. Gregg Hawley IA
747. Shari Hicks (AZ)
748. Ed Hicks (AZ)
749. Charlie Genung (IA.)
750. Sandy Genung ( IA.)
754 Gerry Zimmerman , Ia
755. Bonnie Zimmerman,IA
756. Betty Behnke, IA
757. Beatrice B. Copen
758. James A. Copen
757. Chuck Behnke, IA
758. Angie Behnke, IA
759. Nicole Newcomb, IA
760. Dave Sywassink, IA
761. Ronna Thuman, IA
762. Connie Patton, IA
763. Becky Chandler, Iowa
764. Angela Hotelling, Texas
765. Calli Hotelling, Texas
766. Logan Slater, Texas
767. Paul Hotelling, Texas
768. Cindy Hotelling, Texas
769. Christine Jobe, Texas
770. Kimberly Jobe, Texas
771. Samantha Jobe, Texas
772. Mitchell Jobe, Texas
773. Denyse Williams, Texas
774. Sue Green, Texas
775. Virginia Moore, TX--May God Bless our "One Nation, Under God"
776. Richard Moore, TX
777. John Klattenhoff, Tx.
778. Shirley Klattenhoff, Tx.
779. S. Holloman - TX
780. L. Harper, Tx.
781. J Harper, Tx.
782. E. New, Tx.
783. E. Nichols,Tx.
784. B. Nichols
785. Shirley Brown TX.
786. Don Brown ! TX! .
787. Brenda E. Jones , TX
788. S.Winn, Tx.
789. Ron Winn
790. George Ann McCue-Sims : Goodlettsville, Tn.
800. Betty Martin - TN
801. Helen Blevins - TN - In God We Trust
802. Bobby Keith, TN - Government opens with prayer and that is as public as it gets! (Mark 10:14)
803. Nancy Hale, TN
804. Foy &Sandra Miller Wv.
805. Danny &Sandy BaisdenWV
806. Jerry &Shirley Miller N.C.
807. Kathleen Miller, OH
808. Warren Pickerel, CO
809. Nancy Pickerel, CO
810. Connie Duran, CO
811. Jane Creighbaum, CO
812. Rebecca Payne, CO
813. Erin Reed, TX
814. Natalie Brewer, CA
815. Joshua Brewer, CA
816. Amanda Brewer, CA
817. Carol Pulley, CA
818. Steven Pulley, CA
819. Paul F. Brown, Ca.
820. Lyette M Brown, Ca.
821. Carol Chmiel, AK
822. Mary Jean Ivy, AK
823. Laine Morr! i! s, PA
824. Douglas Morris, PA
825. Lovetta McCall, Pa.
826. Tom McCall, Pa
827. John Robinson, PA
828. Tracie Robinson, PA
829. Robert Savage , PA
830. Kathy Savage,PA
831. Heath Savage, PA
832. Amanda McElhinney, PA
833. Mary Thompson Pa
834. Jackie Filippone, PA
835. Frank Filippone, PA
836. Linda Roman, PA
837. Tricia Phillips, PA
838. Brad Phillips, PA
839. Amber Murray, PA
840. Michelle Kriebel, PA
841. Paul Murray, PA
842. Martha J. Beals, PA.
843. Kenneth E. Beals, PA.
844. Cathy Clarke CO
845. Sharon Davis.OK !
846. Dallas Davis. OK
847. Douglas E. Bailes
848. Georgia Bailes
849. Raymond Shackelford
850. Verna Shackelford
851. James Karibo, Inverness, FL
852. Bobbie Karibo, Inverness, FL
853. Karen Reinhard, LA
854. Stacy Berlin
855. Chelsey Asbridge
856. Frank Berlin
857. Holly Paris
858. Ladell Paris
859. Tina Castleman Bentonville, AR
860. Danny Castleman Bentonville, AR
861. Martha Stultz Lewisville, AR
862. Nicole Davis, Houston, Texas
863. Carlos DeLeon
864. L. Leigh Kreybig
865. Sandra White
866. Donna Maxwell; Houston, Texas
867. Susan Haller, Houston, Texas
868. Bonnie Bartsch, CA.
869. Candice Bartsch, Oregon
870. Don Bartsch, Oregon
871. James Bartsch, Oregon
872. John Bartsch, Ohio
873. Daryl Mealer, CA.
874. Tarin Mealer, CA.
875. San! dy Regan, CA.
876. Kit Furnell, AZ
877. Susan Vessells AZ
878. Andi Smith, CA
879. Roland Burnham, AR
880. Dawn Burnham, AR
881. Brian Warren, Meridian, ID
881. Jackie Warren, Meridian, ID
882. Doris Curry
883. Shirley Perry, Ca.
884 .Barbara Fine, CA
885. Sandi Weaver, Ca.
886. Earlene Clark, CA
887. Barbara Bazzell
888. Walter E. Shaw
889. Carol Titov,CA
890. Mary Ann Jensen, CA
891. Susan Gryfakis
892. Belinda Lynn, (IN)
893. Sammie Tidwell
894. Shelly Phillips
895. Wayne Phillips
896. Elaine Clark (TX)
897. Arnold Clark (TX)
898. Pat Talley (Tx)
899. Bob Talley (Tx)
900. Fred Bratton (TX)
901. Dixie Bratton (TX)
902. Betty Connatser (TX)
903. Lu Baldauf (TX)
904. Bob Baldauf (TX)
905. Judy Newby (TX)
906. Boyd Newby (TX)
907. Loretta Kusek (San Antonio TX )
908. Thomas Kusek (San Antonio TX )
909. Pat Kauts - TX
910. Tracey Rae - TX
911. Nancy Trappe - TX
912. Randy Waldschmidt - TEXAS
913. Lawrence E. Hechler - San Antonio, TX
914. Alexia Nadler - San Antonio, Texas
915. Hans B . Nadler, S.A., Tx
916. Minerva Nadler, S.A., Tx
917. Carol Kroskey, Chicago, IL
918. Gerry Novotny
919. Nancy Thorson, IL
920. Joe and Judye Marino,Oakbrook terrace Il.
921. Jack McKenny (IL)
922. Sharon Grimmonpre' (IL)
923. Joan Hamilton (WA)
924. Joyce Menhennett, Miami, Fl
925. David E. Menhennett, Miami, Fl
926. Teresa DeLapp, Miami, Fl
927. Bernice Pittman Miami, Fl
928. Margaret Pittman, Miami, Fl
929. Mary Frances Parrish, Russellville, AL
930. Grady Parrish, Russellville, AL
931. Myrtle Winsted, Russellville, AL
932. Jeff Winsted, Russesllville, AL
933. Margrette DeVaney, Russellville, AL
934. Bertha Black, Russellville, AL
935. Fran Mattioda, Groveland, Fl.
936. Carol Jackson
937. Angie Melcher, Jay, Me
938. Clarence Chicoine, Jay,ME
939. Frances Chicoine, Jay, ME
940. Mary Lou McIver, Livermore, ME
950. Ann Albert, New Carlisle, Ohio
951. Chris Albert, Springfield, Ohio
952. Angel Wooten, Springfield, OH
953. Jeff Wooten, Springfield, OH
954. Jessica Wooten,Springfield, OH
954. Tom Medlock, Springfield, OH
955. Cynthia Koomler, Anderson, IN
956. Donna Leinart, Indianapolis, IN
957. Thelma Seward, Nineveh, IN
957. Tom Seward, Nineveh, IN
958. Mel Bolling, IN
959. Carol Bolling, IN
960. Tina Bockman, Savannah, GA
961. Rebecca Dorminy, Duluth, GA
962. Curtis & Curtis Franks, Jonesboro, GA
963. Laura Jones, GA
964. Chuck Jones, GA
965. Debra Gray Barnesville, GA
966. Fran Morgan. Jonesboro, GA
967. Nancy Roy, Davie, FL
968. MaryJane Ladwig
969. Chick Cicio, Weston, Florida
970. Jennie Cicio, Weston, Florida
971. Ellen F. Knight, (Lakeland, Florida)
972. Robert L. Knight (Lakeland, Florida)
973. Curt Grams (Lakeland, FL)
974. Curtis Grams, Jr. (Lakeland, FL)
975. Clinton Grams (Lakeland, FL)
976. Kris Grams (Lakeland, FL)
977. George Robillard ( Big Bear Lake .CA)
978. Tina Robillard ( Big Bear Lake, CA )
979 Carol Baldwin (AZ)
979. Edward Brumleu (CA)
980. Charlene Brumleu (CA)
981. Pati Marra (AL)
982. Ken Fletcher (AL)
983. Amelia Fletcher (AL)
984. Bethany Vinson (GA)
985. Barbara Watts (AL)
986. Brad Kersey (GA)
987. Matt Vinson (AL)
988. Tracy Vinson (AL)
989. Linda Webster (FL)
990. Mark Jaikes (FL)
991. Terry Hanners
992. Cathy Hanners
993. Wilson Myers
994. Cheryl Woods (TN)
995. Robbie Carter (AL)
996. Helen Norris (AL)
997. Roberta Franklin (AL)
998. Jurusha Robinson (AL)
999. Odelle Swiney (AL)
1000. Sherry Swiney (AL)

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