The universal language of light is known throughout Gods creation as the primary form of communication. Although each race creates their own unique form of this language, the angelic script illustrated below is the original language of creation. It is also known as the Mother Tongue or the Language of the Angels. Each and every being is fluent in this language, for it is the language of the soul. It can be read or put into song, but will also transmit its power silently.

The Angelic greetings and script below can be used free of charge on your website. The vibration of this language will send out a resonant frequency, which will draw to you all those who would benefit by your energy. However, it must be used as-is or in a reduced form, and cannot be distorted in any way. Right-click on each of the 13 strips below, and "save image as" onto your computer, then use as desired. It is recommended that you use only 1-3 pieces at a time, as the transmissions are powerful and may, in some cases, overwhelm printed material.


Bryan de Flores


14 separate images: