Letter to America & United Nations - November 06, 2001

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3 November 2001

The President at the White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear America
CC: President Bush, Congress, Senate & Media, Foreign Leaders.

RE: My support for the U.S. Military, U.S. Constitution and my Opposition to the "United Nations" supported War on Terrorism.

    I grew up in Apartheid South Africa, my mothers cousin was married to the son of Apartheid Prime Minister B.J. Voster. My interpretation of the current War on Terrorism is that if it continues it will simply become a bigger and uglier version of what -- if we were to be honest -- should be called a War for White Supremacy. That is to say unless it ends up in a big BANG, sort of like Armageddon! I don't think it is a coincidence that a new Homelands Department was created. In Apartheid South Africa this is exactly the same name the South African government called it's 'colonies' for black people -- homelands or bantustans. America, your government is informing YOU what it is going to be doing in YOUR NAME, if you remain silent. Hendrick Verwoerd, the 'founding father' of apartheid had the idea of 'homelands', where certain 'groups' of people, usually black or brown were forced to move to, where they could be controlled and kept under subjugation. Homelands, if that is what you wish to create, need not necessarily be a bad thing, as long as they are guaranteed equality and support and encourage the existence of the particular cultures traditions, language etc in a way that contributes to the diversity and equality of all the other groups. It is when one group wishes to assert authority or superiority over the others, that you set loose a minefield of a can of worms with molotov cocktails, suicide bombers and race riots, never mind suitcase nukes, and biological horrors. Those of you reading this letter who consider yourselves to be of European descent may not worry too much about such issues, since you may think that if it happens you will not be affected. My friends, you could not be more mistaken. YOU, your families and your children and your children's children will be affected in ways you cannot even begin to comprehend. Remember the Los Angeles or Detroit riots? Most of you sat watching those on your television screens, well if your current War on Terrorism continues, you will be watching such riots from your front porch, or hiding behind your couch.

    There will be curfews, tanks rolling through your cities, military checkpoints on all major roads, anyone speaking up against these actions will be able to be detained for an indefinate period of time based on minor suspicion. And make no mistake the longer this war continues the greater the suspicions will grow, the greater the fear will be, not only yours, but the poor policemen, soldiers, national guard and young men who will be conscripted and forced to participate in the enforcing of this 'war'. You will have your own sons and husbands being drafted to make war on your own communities. Such is the nature of a War on Terrorism, it eats it's own children. You will have Dachau's in Detroit, and Auschwitz in Alabama. You will have Siberian gulags in Salt Lake and who knows how much worse, considering that we've had forty years to perfect torturing and bio-chemical techniques since that 'terrorist' Hitler.

    America -- with the support of the United Nations -- has threatened countries around the world and told them that they are either on the side of terrorist America or they are on the side of terrorist Osama. If you were threatened by Hitler, what would you do? Making such a threat to the rest of the world however is an ACT OF TERRORISM. The American public who are being silent and who are supporting a War on Terrorism are in effect the match lighting the flame of fear around the world, forcing other nations and their leaders to make a choice between their own sovereignty and loyalty to their own people, or whether to be forced into supporting America's War on Terrorism. These countries have no wish to bomb innocent Afghanis and starve 7 million of them to death. They have no idea how long it will be before America charges someone within their country with being "The World's next Osama Bin Laden" and then they can expect America to carpet-bomb them into oblivion. Let me make it clear: I do NOT support terrorism, whether it is by Osama Bin Laden on his own people, Americans or anyone else, or by Americans threatening the entire world, or by Palestinians or Isreali's slaughtering one another. We are all human beings and it is -- in my humble opinion -- about time we grow up and start finding ways to get over our anger, fear and hate of one another and find ways to communicate and solve our problems without strapping dynamite to our bodies, or by exploiting other countries so that we can live in luxury at the expense of sweat-shop workers or by robbing the natural resources, whether it be oil, gold or diamonds of other countries.

    Americans, by supporting the War on Terrorism you are in effect no different from a suicide bomber. Your ignorance of what is going on and being done in your name is your act of putting layer and layer of more ignorance and hate into your minds, and such hate and fear is as destructive to your hearts and souls, as a suicide bombers TNT strapped to his desperate, obsessed body when he lights the match. Your act of suicide only takes a little longer -- sort of like cancer. Your ignorance breeds a cancer of hate and fear in you, until it consumes you and kills you. There is one difference though. Most suicide bombers become terrorists because they have grown up in such poverty, and under such oppression and terror, that most Americans -- for the life of them -- cannot imagine living in such squalor in such fear. In many ways these oppressive conditions, which many American foreign policies actually encourage or support, either through the IMF/World Bank, sanctions or WTO policies have the effect of forcing other countries to adopt policies which are not in the best interests of their own people, but are in the interests of making America more prosperous. Many of these policies are enforced by the United Nations, some are for the benefit of people, many are not. Of course Americans enjoy your way of life, and your prosperity, and this is quite understandable. But at what price? How much are Americans willing to pay for the continued subjugation of the rest of the world, so that you can live as you do? You see, Osama Bin Laden may be the most evil terrorist currently roaming the planet, however he was trained and created by a more Evil Terrorist -- in my opinion. He was trained in torture and terror techniques by none other than YOU.

    Yes, you did not do it yourself, but your ignorance and your apathy and by allowing your tax-dollars to be spent in the creation of 'terrorist schools or Universities' such as the School of Americas has trained thousands of terrorists around the globe. You and your government have trained many thousands more terrorists than Osama Bin Laden, you have supported the overthrowing of legitimate governments, you have supported governments who commit terror against their own people. Osama is chump-change compared to American foreign policy when it comes to being an 'evil terrorist'. Can you imagine the thoughts going through all the 'terrorists' who were trained by the School of Americas? Now the target of America's wrath is Osama Bin Laden, how many of them are wondering how long it will be before some bright-spark in some Federal Office decides that one of them are the next terrorist, and then the American people like sheep led to the slaughter will be told to invade that country, and so on and so on. Any military person will tell you that the best defense is a surprise offense. America your actions of forcing the world to bow down on it's knees to your demands is spreading much fear and hatred of America. In many ways your support for the War on Terrorism is actually forcing these individuals who already do not like America much to feel that you give them no choice but to resort to what you have taught them to do, and in this case it is no longer against some poor peasants in their own country, but their anger and hatred will now be directed towards Americans -- you and your children!

    The declaration of a War on Terrorism against the rest of the world is equivalent to America playing Russian Roulette with 5.5 billion people, whom America has for the past 50 years trained in terror tactics, sold billions, if not trillions of weapons to, and whom you have basically treated as second if not third class global citizens. How would you feel? The only difference is that in Russian Roulette you are facing your adversary and you each get a turn at the 'game' of 'possible suicide'. In a War on Terrorism you are forcing many billions around the world who only wish to live their lives in peace to make a choice between America and it's threat against them, or their own families. Who would you choose? In South Africa our 'War on Terrorism' (Apartheid) resulted in the following: A media who were so restricted that they in effect became nothing more than the propaganda arm of the government. Everything was censored. For twenty-three years of my life I never even knew what Nelson Mandela looked like -- he was South Africas 'most evil terrorist'. Anything written by him or anyone criticizing the government was banned. I never knew what he stood for or what he wanted for his people. I believed that he hated white people and wanted to drive us into the sea. Indeed, such is the level of indoctrination a government can have over it's people, when those people can be convinced to hate or fear others simply because they are a different ethnicity, religion or socio-economic status. After many years of Martial Law, curfews, mall carbombings, necklaces, torture and much more, the South African media finally decided to inform the South African people what was happening, even when the South African government were actively censoring them. What did they do? They printed the news that they knew and where the government had censored something, they would print it in big black deletions. Finally South Africans knew, when we read newspapers with whole big sections of black deletions, that we were not being told something. We knew we were being lied to. Does the US media have the courage to do the same? Do the American people have the courage to demand the truth, to support your leaders to tell you the truth? Or would you rather reserve a bunk in your nearest concentration camp, coming to a town near you?

    As your War on Terrorism heats up, and more and more countries refuse to go along with it, as is now occuring, your safety and security will DECREASE, not increase. Your rights enshrined in your incredible Constitution will go up in flames, fanned by your own ignorance, fear and hate. Your government will have no option but to restrict your every move, spying on everyone, because that is the only way in which you can fight a War on Terrorism. You will in effect be giving your own government a blank check to wage war on your own family, your neighbours, your Constitution and eventually on your own sanity! You will be hiring your own government to annihilate YOU! If you wish to commit state-assisted suicide, why not just call Dr. Kervorkian? There is absolutely no way in which America can win a War on Terrorism without losing everything you hold dear, without putting father against son, wife against husband and without forcing your government to start lying to you and tearing up what this great country stands for, as enshrined in your Constitution. Just two days ago, Chinese news Services had a press conference where they stated that North Korea had threatened President Bush. Today Scottish Church leaders called for the end of the bombing of Afghanistan, and Egyptian religious leaders called on Muslims to resist the war against their fellow Muslims. People around the world are speaking up that they do not wish their countries to participate in this War on Terrorism. They are well aware that if it goes ahead, soon they could be the next one's being carpet-bombed. The only option America is giving the rest of the world is for the rest of the world to unite against America, or seal their own fates and become slaves to the American Corporate Empire. We have seen with the World Trade Center bombings what happens when you put people between a rock and a hard place, train them in violence and torture and refuse to address the causes of their suffering with communication, understanding and tolerance. Such people become desperate, very desperate and very angry, suicidally angry!

    In South Africa the apartheid oppression resulted in people becoming so desperate that anyone even vaguely considered to be participating in the oppression of their families, or supporting the state often found themselves with a car tyre around their neck which was then set alight and this was called a 'necklace', while the crowds cheered and danced, or they were detained for months if not years by the State Secret Police, and sometimes they were simply just murdered or disappeared. Americans may think this horrific, but in reality it is no different to the dancing and cheering of Americans watching your bombs land on hospitals, or civilians whether in Kosovo or Afghanistan. It is no different to the indifference Americans show to your governments support of sanctions against Iraq which has so far killed over 500,000 children through mass starvation. Unlike the poor suicide bomber or necklacer who through his anger and rage commits his own killing and murder, you pay your military and young men, such as Timothy McVeigh and thousands of others to go and do your necklacing and bombing for you. You pay them to drive Bradley killing vehicles bulldozing Iraqi's who were surrendering in mass live graves. And you have the audacity to accuse McVeigh of being Hitleresque! How is your support for the possible starvation of 7 million Afghanis any different to Hitler forcing Jews into gas chambers? You pay your soldiers (mercenaries) to annihilate entire villages of Vietnamese such as the actions of Mai Lai (sp), and then you reward them when they get home with medals and ribbons and ticket-tape parades. You say you are not doing it? Do you pay taxes? Do you make your voice heard about these issues? Do you demand that they not be done in your name? If you are or have been silent, then you are not much different to Osama Bin Laden who pays his 'taxes' -- ie the training of his army of suicide bombers. Do you not see the hypocrisy of your own actions? You critize him, and yet you have probably paid for the training of more terrorists than he could do in twenty lifetimes!

    Americans may not appreciate another country threatening your president, but in effect, when America declared its War on Terrorism, that is EXACTLY what you did to every single country on the planet. What do you expect other countries to do? Nobody likes to be threatened and forced to join a war wherein at any moment America can change it's mind and decide that now you are the enemy. It's like going on a cannibal expedition with Hannibal Lechter, you never know when he is going to change his mind and stab you in the middle of the night and bar-b-que you for breakfast. The rest of the world is not stupid, they are aware of the threat that has been made to them. Are Americans aware of what your government is doing in your name? Is the United Nations aware of what it is supporting/condoning?
You may think that I am over-reacting, and maybe I am. You may think that I am anti-American, or anti-white. I am not anti-American. I think America and it's constitution and Bill of Rights are one of the most incredible documents for freedom, equality and the pursuit of happiness on our planet. I think there are many things in America that are worth keeping and sharing with the world. The War on Terrorism is NOT one of them. As for being anti-white. No I am not anti-white. There are many things about being from a European heritage that I appreciate, being a farmgirl from South Africa of Boer descent. My great-grandparents both spent time in the English concentration camps during the Anglo-Boer War. My great-grandfather so much hated the English after the war that he refused to speak English for the rest of his entire life. I do not hate the English, I don't hate anyone. I do however not support any one group thinking they are superior or better than another. I think that any culture, from it's food, to it's history, to it's music, it's traditions, it's language is something worth appreciating and sharing with others who share that appreciation. It think that the more different cultures we have on our planet, the greater the diversity and the more beautiful the rainbow.

    To those who think I am over-reacting, let me share with you the thoughts of a very good friend of mine. His name is Jon Michael Dye. He spent 21 years in the United States Marine Corps, where he worked in American Embassies around the world. He also fought in the Vietnam War, was in Lebanon, as well as the Gulf War. He guarded the Ayatollah Khomeine (sp) as well as the Shah, paid for by the CIA, before these individuals were setup by America in Iran. It seems that America thought that Iran was getting too progressive, the possibility of democracy may have been achieved in these Muslim countries which would have made it more difficult for America to control and manipulate these countries and get them to do what America wanted (i.e. cheap oil and drugs).

    Jon reckons that unless the American public wake up and start to pay attention to what is going on right now, and do it very soon, America will not only be at war with the rest of the world, but you will have a serious civil and race war right here in America. This can be avoided. The greater the problem, the greater the window of opportunity. However if America simply sits back and denies the reality of current events and the anger you are generating by waging this War on Terrorism, then you will have nobody to blame but yourselves for the events your inaction will unleash on your own families and communities. There is still time to act, there is still time to change the course of events. There is still time for dialogue, for finding solutions to these problems. There is still time to save your Constitution and your Bill of Rights. In fact, this is a great opportunity for Americans to not only keep your Constitution, but to participate in the process of restoring it to what it once was. This is a great opportunity to support the many brave military men who are willing to fight to protect their country, but who see the futility and insanity of waging this war which gives them no option but to become the terrorists they allegedly are fighting against. This is a great time to make your voice heard. I don't think that Congress, the Senate, President Bush or the media are in some conspiracy to rob you of your rights. Others do, I don't. I think that they are just afraid, they were horribly shocked by the World Trade Center and Pentagon bombings, as any compassionate human being was and is. The answer to terrorism however, -- as we in South Africa finally after forty years realized -- is not in becoming worse terrorists than those we were allegedly chasing and attempting to annhilate, but in facing our fears and our hate of one another. It was in listening and communicating with those we had been torturing and slaughtering. It was in learning to forgive, learning to see the causes of our own fear, the causes of their fear and pain, and in addressing these causes in an open, honest way. It was in admitting that we were angry and getting over our anger without having to kill someone. It was in admitting how our political system was setup to benefit a few at the expense of many, and that such a system is itself a system of economic and political terror.

    It was in becoming involved in the politics of our communities and country. It was in looking in the mirror and acknowledging our fears. It was intaking responsibility for what had been done in our name, even if we did not request or know it had been done in our name. It was in finding ways to listen and try to understand others fears of us. It was in looking deep into our hearts and finding understanding. It was in making our voices heard to those who represent us.

    Yesterday (November 4) was the day of the dead as celebrated in many countries around the world. It is the day we remember those who died. It was also thirteen days to Ramedan, the Muslim Holy month, which starts on 17 November. For those of you who have never been in a Muslim country during Ramedan, it is a much more serious and deeply personal religious experience for Muslims than Christmas shopping is for the average Christian. Muslims spend Ramedan praying, wailing, crying, thanking, fasting and attoning for their sins, asking Allah's blessings. I was in Port Said (Egypt) during the Fulg War. You could hear the cries of the entire city for the dead. Thirteen days before Timothy McVeigh alleged exeuction, he -- out of anger I imagine -- planned to send me the following: a blackberry fruit tart, a home-made necklace, a rosary bead and a home-made military style ribbon. He was unsuccessful, somebody stopped him. If I had received those gifts, this is what I would have interpreted them to have meant: - the blackberry fruit tart: blackberry = black blood, fruit tart = negative opinion of me as a woman, to put it mildly. - home-made necklace: an insinuation to being from South Africa -- ie of the tyre set alight variety. - a rosary bead: instructions on how to be more pure - home-made military style ribbon: my 'reward or medal' for sending him to his death. I did not receive those gifts, I read about them a few weeks ago in the London Times. I always wondered why he never responded to my letters.

    Well, yesterday is thirteen days before Ramedan and it was the day of the dead. It was also the memorial for a man named Abdul Haq, the Lion of Afghanistan, allegedly executed by the Taliban. Many of you may think I am crazy, and that's okay, but if you had any idea of the synchronicities and the events that have occured in my life in the past two months, then you would not be so quick to dismiss messages from mother nature, God, aliens, garbage, dead and live animals and the moon. Howl at me all you like, but the messages I am getting, and I hope I am wrong, are that America has twelve days to decide whether you are going to stop bombing Afghanistan for Ramedan and Christmas, and if not images of Soddom and Ghomorrah come to mind. A few days ago I met a man in a parking lot from Couer de Lion, Idaho. Later I found out that Couer de Lion means Heart of a Lion. That man's name was Brian. On the same night my friend, Jon -- for no apparent reason -- decided to buy some frankensense (sp) and muhr (sp). A few days later a huge Lion stuffed animal was put on a garbage dump outside of Kinko's in Emeryville. On the same night, I also picked up a dead skunk, it had one
eye pierced out and one of it's feet had a nail-like hole through it. [For those of you who do not know, Native American lore says that when God made the world he told animals to wait until the earth dried before digging in it. The skunk disobeid, and God was angry. The skunk started to cry and wiped his eyes with his hands, which is why he got black eyes.]

    America, if Abdul Haq is dead, then I imagine God is telling us that the lion's one eye has been punctured, and one of our hands have been made ready for the Cross. America may wish to be sacrificied by God so that the rest of humanity may live, I don't know. Personally, I'd prefer to just find other ways of solving these problems, but it seems we have many hotheaded men running around the planet in search of virgins, suitcase nukes, sordid biological weapons of destruction and who knows what else. I am not afraid to die, I have had an incredible life filled with much love, much forgiveness, much pain and I have met incredible people around this planet. However, if given the choice I'd kinda like to stay around for a bit longer, there is a lonely ex-soldier with a lost soul and a broken heart whom I'd like to give a bit of love to before he dies or goes sailing. There is a cryptographer friend from many lifetimes ago, I'd love to spend some time with. There are many millions of beautiful, young children who if we go ahead with this nightmare of a war will only learn the option of joining some type of terrorist organization, with classes on biological terrorism and how to torture other human beings. If this is the way you wish to live, then quite frankly, it's probably better we just push a few of those little red buttons and blow ourselves up, and then we can be barren like the moon.

    We can blow ourselves out of our womb (our atmostphere and bubble of protection) and we can be just another human race that extinguished itself because we were too busy shopping, blaming one another and we were too afraid to look ourselves in the mirror and take responsibility for our lies and what we had done, or we can wake up. Anyone religous out there? Do you think God comes down for Judgement day? My friends, I have news for you. God's message was the World Trade Center bombing, at least how I read it. Judgement day is here and is not done by God, but by ourselves. We can either take stock of our lives, or we can simply ignore what happened and go on as usual. It's up to you. Me, I got my ducks in a row and I have made my peace and will continue to do it daily. I can only hope that others will question themselves and their hearts, and not delay. America and the world is at such a place right now. I can only hope that you will be wiser than we were in South Africa, and that you will speak up and make your voices heard, and not wait forty years to do so, that is if you have forty years. We in South Africa did not have nuclear bombs, and neither did that evil terrorist Nelson Mandela or the ANC. And by the way, the ANC had a terrorist manual too, just like Al-Queda, and guess what? The ANC when they were treated as human beings, not animals, responded to being treated as human beings and in the end set an example for the rest of us as to what forgiveness, courage and compassion was all about.

    I hope you will think about my words. I hope that I am wrong about my view of where current events may be heading if not interrupted. I hope that you will make the decision that is important to you and your family. I hope you will make your voice heard, over and over. Call, write, email, fax, protest, pray, sing, cry, laugh. Let the President and your Congress and Senate and the media know how you feel, over and over. Don't take NO for an answer! It's your children's lives. It's your Constitution. It's your
beautiful country, it's your RIGHT to demand that your voice be heard.

   May God Bless America. May Allah Bless Afghanistan. May Mother Nature bless us ALL. May we, as humanity find ways to bless one another with truth and forgiveness and find ways to live together without annihilating each other. I beg you, please make your voice heard while you still have it.


Lara Johnstone