§3173. Processing of Approved Visitors.

(a) Approved visitors shall complete a visitor pass upon their arrival at the institution/facility visitor processing center and their approval to visit shall be verified.

(b) All adult visitors shall present picture identification before being permitted to visit. For each minor, a certified record of birth (official birth certificate, or county embossed abstract of birth) shall be presented during each visit.

(c) Acceptable proof of picture identification for visitors may be, but is not restricted to, the following valid documents:

(1) Driver's license with picture,

(2) Department of Motor Vehicles identification card with picture,

(3) Picture passport,

(4) Armed forces identification card with picture,

  (5) Picture identification cards issued by the United States Department of
Justice--Immigration and Naturalization Service, or

(6) Picture identification issued by the Mexican Consulate.

(d) Minors may be allowed to visit an inmate subject to the restrictions of
section 3173.1. If the accompanying adult is not the parent or legal guardian of the minor, a notarized written consent shall be required from a person with legal custody of the minor, authorizing the minor to visit while accompanied by a designated adult.

§3173.1. Visiting Restrictions with Minors.

Visiting with minors shall be prohibited for any inmate sentenced to prison
for violating Penal Code section(s) 261, 264.1, 266c, 273d, 285, 286, 288,
288a, 288.5, or 289 unless specifically authorized by a juvenile court,
pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code section 362.6. Inmates may be
prohibited from having contact or non-contact visits where substantial
evidence (e.g., court transcripts, police or probation officer reports or parole revocation hearing findings describing the misconduct) of the misconduct described in section 3177(b)(1) exists, with or without a criminal conviction.

  Authority cited: Section 5058, Penal Code. Reference: Sections 1202.05,
5054 and 5054.2, Penal Code; and Section 362.6, Welfare and Institutions


1. New section filed 2-18-2003; operative 3-20-2003 (Register 2003, No. 8).

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