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Dear Friends,

In 2003, thanks to the support and dedication of many patrons, Women in Transition was able to send heartfelt video taped messages to children with incarcerated parents. This is a number that is growing at an alarming rate across the Nation and in the Commonwealth of Virginia

The video taped messages have been sent all over the world as well as the US, for Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas.   They were messages of love. While some were filled with tears, others were filled with love and joy.   They touched everyone; the crews that filmed them, the Correctional Officers and other staff members that watched as these parents spoke to their children. The families that received the tapes were deeply moved.   The most important factors were the children and how they were affected by these messages of love and support.   We have received so many thank you notes and letters from family members who have told us that many of the children won't go to sleep at night until they have seen and heard MOM or DAD, or won't go to sleep until Mom or Dad reads to them.They have reported improvement in behavior among many of the children.

Last Christmas, Women In Transition, Inc marked another first for the project. Thanks to a generous donation each child received a book along with the taped message.

This year our goal is to distribute twice as many video taped messages as the year before. Your help is necessary to accomplish this. It costs approximately $12.00 per video taped message. Please sponsor one family- one child. These children need to know MOM or DAD is safe and that they are still loved.   We need your help to continue this project! 

WIT has partner with AdvoCare, Inc. If you wish to make a donation through AdvoCare, please indicate that your donation is for the Messages Project.For your convenience donations can also be made on line at or through AdvoCare, Inc., P.O. Box 133, Hancock MD 21750-0133,

Help us help the Children to know they are loved and cared about.


Carolyn LeCroy 
Women in Transition
1617 Sparrow Road, Suite D
Chesapeake VA 23325
(757) 587-3721


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